March 4, 2019

It's All A Balancing Act

Lately, I've felt uninspired to write anything worth while. I wanted to get back to the roots of why I created LookBrooke... to write out what God was teaching me day by day. Don't get me wrong I'm a self proclaimed beauty lover, but there's only so many beauty favs posts I can write out before it feels like fluff.

I recently got promoted in my job, and now deal with customers in a more hands-on manner than before (though if you've worked retail- then you know customers are people you must deal with no matter the title.) I almost feel like it's helped me be a better human being all around.

It all comes down to a balancing act. One I'm constantly perfecting day to day. Some days are easier than others, the scales just naturally lean towards the right way. Some days though, I have an overwhelming need to cry out to Jesus from frustration. The battle between pride, guilt, love, and appreciation. It's the line between caring for your work but making sure that sense of pride isn't shadowing your love for others. Same can be reversed too, and that your love for others isn't jeopardizing the work. That's when my scale just falls completely over and crash bang ow! it's on the floor and we're back to ground zero.

This all applies to life too, I strive to my live life with arms wide open and my heart eager to pour into others. I'm still learning and striving to get it somewhat perfected. Having pride in not only my work but my response to others, as well.

So let's raise our coffee, wine, beer, or mimosa high in the air and balance our scales. Cheers to another perfectly imperfect learning curve of a day! *weee*

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