Monday, June 18, 2018

Here's A Photo Of Me, Go Like It Please!

Monday, June 18, 2018

  • blogger | ˈbläɡər/noun
a person who regularly writes material for a blog.
  • lifestyle blogger
one who creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests and daily activities. 

I think people see us as a caricature: here we are screaming HERE'S MY FACE NOW GO LIKE IT. PRAISE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO SAY. BUY MY PRODUCTS AND HELP ME LIVE OF RAMEN AND CRUSHED DREAMS HEHE. We have devil horns that only show once we break 300 likes and we secretly hate everything we promote on our instagram. When really we just work hard to bring these posts... to be honest I put more thought into a single instagram post, than I do in what I wear. 

In late 2017, one of my high school teachers once posted a tweet that hit me in the gut like a dodgeball I wasn't prepared for in gym. 

"Just a heads up young people!! If you scroll down through someone's insta and all they have is mostly selfies...!?!! -run! Stay away. Just say no!!! There is no room in their world for you anyway!" 

Maybe I'm guilty? Scratch that, I know I'm guilty.. 
if you're a follower of mine *insert shameless insta plug here* then you know 

a) I have NO friends, and those that I do live far away so typically when I see them it's more important to enjoy living life with them than a photoshoot (not that we don't partake in that too).
b) I am a lifestyle blogger which means instagram holds a whole new meaning, it's full of stress and agonizing on if you should indeed post before 9PM, staying up editing photos through four different editing programs to reach the right level of aesthetic you're looking for, and not to mention before we post we have to check the diagram to make sure it blends with the story we're telling.
c) Please define "selfies" because evidently it's a new trend to include full body shots or photos of you other people took and to be honest that just seems like attacking to me. Like I said, I HAVE NO FRIENDS??? There's only so many likes a photo of chips and guac will get (shout out to El Jefe though because their chips always bring the likes)

It means grabbing coffee with your bestie after a year hiatus and sitting there wondering why your photo of a gorgeous Cape Cod beach can't break 200 likes and a photo of literal tree bark could reach 2927.

The thing is: even with the stress of algorithms, the plateau of likes when you finally find your groove and have to start all over again, and the comparison game to those who only have 200 more followers than you- I wouldn't trade this "blogger" life.

I get to do what I do best: scream my passions from the rooftop even if it's just my best friend who is listening. I know I'm guilty of forgetting that sometimes. That this... is all it really is, it's sharing your passions with the world because maybe you'll be changing someone else's life with a product that changed your own.

It's about sitting down with a cup of coffee and having an open dialogue between you and your readers and I think I lost that for a while. I forgot how much fun it is to gush over your favorite makeup products and omg! FOOD- (guys, TATES COOKIES ARE THE BOMB.COM THEY'RE SO GOOD THAT I JUST EMBARRASSED MYSELF SAYING THAT!!) it's like having a sleepover with each of you and we're gushing over the cute boy in our history class. 

I love that I get to sit here in my little corner of the internet and gush over things like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, my undying love for mac and cheese, and my favorite deodorant lol. I love that I willingly embarrass myself by writing out real life embarrassing stories (like that time my friend chased my big fat giant crush down the streets of NYC) that are now immortalized forever on the world wide web!! Here's to 25, to better content, to more entertaining stories, and to YOU my faithful readers who have came back time and time again to this little site. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you *all the heart eyes*  

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