Wednesday, February 7, 2018

These Are The Days

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's funny how we don't quite realize the defining moments of life while we are in them, it's only when we look back that we see their true significance. 
- - - -

These are the days, I'm constantly reminding myself lately, when life is tough that I'll look back on and squirm around in pure bliss over.

-When your mother surprises you with your $80.00 newly crowned 'All-Time Favorite Sweater' for Christmas (but come on, those sleeves- dreamy)

-When your phone won't charge anymore, so you spend your last 45% screenshotting all those texts you never want to forget about.

-The simple joys of an at-home milk frother, so you instantly transport yourself to a trendy cafe with each cup of coffee.

-When he agrees to take sometimes on the weekend to shoot for you and the blog, cue the instagram husband meme.

- Taking time to cultivate the perfect Spotify playlist (and of course the seasons and moods change as soon as you finish it)

- Our first Christmas, it won't be the materialistic gifts that you'll remember but sitting on the floor with the pandora christmas station playing in the background. The laptop desktop set to a snowy background, sitting on the floor, and the small lit tree with no ornaments on it. Knowing you wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

-When two days off in a row mean you get to paint your nails for the first time in months, hello essie's chinchilly- I missed you.

-Breaking the newly appointed only water and coffee rule for a diet pepsi (in a can) because  
A. if you're going to break your diet that's the way to go... it just tastes better.                         
B. we're celebrating new beginnings and beer just isn't my style.

-Spending too much money, but geeking at the sight of your makeup collection.

-When Bailey (the puppy who hates puppies) growls at the vet's office and barks for the first time. Suddenly the two sisters who hate attention, have all eyes on them.

-When you bite the bullet and order your first pair of joggers, and now you're eyeing all of them *cue all the heart eyes*

-When you discover Jersey Mikes for the first time, and it's the closest you'll get to sitting back on the beach in Brig for now.

I whisper to myself, these are the days.


  1. Love this! So personal, but so relatable! xo

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