February 6, 2017


Can you believe it's almost February!? I remember last year's Valentines Day a little too well, I was sitting in a parking lot inside my car bawling my eyes out. I went to pick up my sister during a snow storm and the car hydroplaned and I naturally freaked out. With a long line of cars trailing behind me, I called my parents sobbing unsure of the next action, I ended up being able to turn around and safely get myself to a Family Dollar parking lot where I sat waiting for my Dad to rescue me lol. The best part was I remember being full of butterflies and ready to burst from excitement because my crush sent me a heart emoji- on Valentine's Day hahahaha. Yep, aiming high guys. It doesn't take much to please me...

With February comes chocolate, flowers, lingerie, cute dates, and an unlimited supply of Vodka...? Ha don't worry this post isn't for the single or the relationship girl- this is for every girl who wants to feel a little sexy regardless of your relationship status or plans February 14th.

I know there are days I love wearing sports bras and comfy underwear (like have you tried Victoria Secret's Body by Victoria underwear because I swear they're the best thing I have ever put on my body). Other days I work my outfit around how I can get away with wearing something extra lacy in an everyday setting. You don't have to wear a g-string to feel sexy or wear a bralette and feel less than perfect.

Last year I collaborated with Adore Me on the campaign #everydaylingerie which presented the idea that every person deserves to feel sexy every day. For me it's always a mental thing and to remind myself that someone's heart, the way they treat others, and their personality is what truly makes them beautiful and standout. The cute lingerie underneath is just a secret booster, we need to remind us of our worth during the tough moments. That we are sexy, smart, confident, and will look hella good dancing around the kitchen in our undies ladies!

Cute underwear changes everything: 

- So you just accidentally backed into a mailbox and your driving is already a joke... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- Okay, so if you're being honest with yourself you did just cry in Target because you're single as you passed the Valentine's section... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You just spit out Captain on a guys leg by accident because you choked... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-The girl you stalked for months found your blog post about it and loved it on your blog's Facebook page... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You actually got to stressed out about possibly loosing a snap streak you're breaking out on your chin LOL... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- You embarrassingly sat in a wawa parking lot for the lighting to respond to a guys snapchat because the lighting was bomb.... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- You just took a screenshot of an old crush's story by accident... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- You are so clumsy you just walked into a random guy in the grocery store... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- You accidentally sent a guy the egg plant and the chili pepper emojis... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

- Your favorite pair of leggings got a small hole in them and you just made it larger by running your foot through it by accident... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-This guy will only correspond through fb messenger with you and it's been months AND YOU'VE HUNG OUT IN PERSON... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

So the next time you stalk a guy for months via FB and accidentally tell him, send a snap to the wrong person, or hit a mailbox with your car remember that you are never alone. We've all been there, have cute underwear, and will make it through these dark times.

Here is a round up of some of my favorites (from lazy day lounge wear to the newly crowned sexiest thing in your closet): 

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