January 11, 2017

Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top

Hey yall!! Remember how two days ago I talked about goals and new directions for LookBrooke- well now I need your help achieving it!

I have a lot of ideas rolling around (like finally getting that youtube channel up and running) and I want to know what you want to see and what content keeps you coming back here.

So please take time from your busy schedules to help fuel my dream by filling out this quick survey (It takes about three minutes and very straight forward)

So pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, fill out this survey and make me the happiest girl in Southern VA *insert monkey covering it's eyes*


I owe you, xoxo

(Also while it has the date on the photo you can fill out the survey at any time)

2 comments so far

  1. I already answer your survey! Good luck ♥


  2. perfect!

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