January 11, 2017

Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top

Hey yall!! Remember how two days ago I talked about goals and new directions for LookBrooke- well now I need your help achieving it!

I have a lot of ideas rolling around (like finally getting that youtube channel up and running) and I want to know what you want to see and what content keeps you coming back here.

So please take time from your busy schedules to help fuel my dream by filling out this quick survey (It takes about three minutes and very straight forward)

So pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, fill out this survey and make me the happiest girl in Southern VA *insert monkey covering it's eyes*


I owe you, xoxo

(Also while it has the date on the photo you can fill out the survey at any time)

Fresh Layers

Isn't it still so weird how it's already January? I can't get over it. Along with a new year, the resolutions come flooding in. I'm typically not one to make them- I feel like it's the natural you start off strong and life gets in the way and you forget but this year I'm trying to focus on positive thinking and goals that are beneficial.

We all have dreams and mindsets we need to be embracing and I thought I'd share some of mine (taking a page out of one of my favorite bloggers books Little Blonde Book)

- I want to be as devoted to my blog as possible. I have a lot of plans but tend to get overwhelmed with life and all my ideas that the good ones slip through the cracks. I want to get back to networking, uploading relevant contact, and not loosing my voice in the process.

-Embracing winter style, I have never been a fan of winter since I was little- mostly because I am not a fan of baggy clothes, layers, and hiding your cute outfit with a giant coat. This year I want to make the effort to try to find my own style in winter and focus on the positives. I'm not a pants person or a sweater person- but here's to finding what I can work with and like!!

-With that being said, I tend to be too hard on myself and tend to dislike my body in the winter. I recently realized I suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, and I'm trying to make 2017 the year I embrace my body with loving arms. Working out and eating well always leaves me feeling better on the inside but I step in front of the mirror and obsess over every little thing lately- no more... easier said than done, but I am not going out without a fight.

-BUDGETING. Oh my, I am so bad at this and I'm currently thankful that life has taken a turn where I really am going to learn how in the world to budget. I'll be honest- sometimes it comes down to simply not letting myself inside the mall because I'll find any excuse to run into PacSun and justify buying that crop top (in the dead of winter- someone help me) and no Brooke you don't need that $5 candle from Target (???).

-This year I really want to start spending more time with the Lord. I'm great at the conversation side of the relationship and I can honestly say we have an open dialogue. But I'm lacking on the getting to learn more and grow in the bible, If you have any good bible study recommendations- send them my way! Late in 2016, I started getting better with this goal- truly taking the time to focus on bible studies (this one was one of my favorites this year!) then (shamefully) life got in the way and I finished the study and Proverbs31 slid under my radar once again.

-Truly focus on my future, for a while I sat in a rut ashamed because I had no clue where to pick up my broken pieces and find out the next step. After years of soul searching and talking with God I know what I'm meant to do and now it's time to truly focus on executing that plan.

-I want to get back into writing, I always said I wanted to write a humorous book on all my adventures of just how much I embarrass myself when it comes to opposite sex. It's time to really hash it out and let the tales flow.

What are some of your goals, leave it in the comments below!! I'm sure I'll be updating you over the year how they're going *insert monkey emoji*

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