November 4, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

^LOL, I couldn't resist posting this one even though what is my face *insert monkey emoji*^

^All these fabulous photos were shot by one of my oldest best friends Cristen, you can find her over at lookbook (!!!)^
^LOL, this is me doing the whole blogging thing correct right? ;)^

Is it seriously already almost November!? How is this even possible, I feel like yesterday I was sitting on the beach and now I can't walk in Target without seeing Christmas decor and wrapping paper (which I'm basically geeking out over tbh).

I decided to start a Youtube channel (!!!) which I am actually going to film my first video (a beauty haul) today so be sure to click the link and subscribe for all the LookBrooke goodness. . I finally went to a pumpkin patch (as evidenced by this post lol) me and Cristen decided to paint ours instead of carve them (a little too much wine and carving tools seemed like a hazard lol). So I still have yet to carve a pumpkin, maybe next year :P

I am falling in love with these pac sun jeans, I've been on the look out for the perfect white jeans and finally found this pair when they have a BOGO sale. I know you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day but let's be real here, if you aren't breaking a few rules you aren't living ;)

 They've been on repeat since the day I took them home. Lately, I've been loving the cold shoulder look too (like this top) I think it adds a little femininity to any outfit and helps when the weather can't decide if it's actually fall or spring.

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  1. BROOKE! Those are such cute pictures, you are so beautiful!! Also, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel!! I have always wanted to start my own channel and who knows, maybe you will give me the inspiration and motivation I need! I look forward to your videos and cant wait to see your channel progress like your blog! I hope you are doing well! xo


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