September 25, 2016

The Perfect Getting Ready Playlist with Airtime

There's something special when you and the girls gather one place and all trade and swap clothes, have the music blaring, take shots together, and post way too many photos in your snap story ((oops...)). Typically, it's those nights that begin with a full out getting ready party that end up being the most memorable.

So when the app Airtime reached out to me, I was excited to learn about an app that had video message, group message, and Spotify all in one! In today's day and age how many times have you sent "What are you wearing?? Should I look cute or casual?" only to show up and evidently peoples meanings of cute, casual, and dressy are vastly different?

I remember one night this summer in particular that seemingly started off as a girls night in. I got the text that Kelli was having people over and I could swing by too and spend the night. Naturally I picked up a bottle of wine and mike's margaritas (if you've never had them they're the thanks John B for the suggestion) Now if you think you're going to an innocent girls night and you ask one of your friends "Should I dress cute or casual?" and they respond that they're in basic gym attire... you would not be prepared to see boys.

So there I am in an over-sized t-shirt, no bra, and terry cloth booty shorts looking as hot as ever when my friend Skylar runs out and says the dreaded words "I invited lifeguards, they're coming." With only a thin coat of mascara and my hair in a pony-tail I was ready to barricade myself into a room and never come out. No amount of margaritas or countless rounds of kings would prepare me to meet a cute boy for the first time ever looking like I escaped prison.

Of course my other friends arrived in tank tops and cute shorts- evidently I was the only one who wanted people to wonder rather I was actually a boy or not. If we had had airtime on our phones, the video chat feature would have saved me from a lifetime of embarrassment.

Don't you worry though- I still rocked out to Broccoli and didn't let the blooper ruin a good time. Me and my friend used to joke that if a man still found you attractive even after seeing you in a fanny pack (a daily accessory for work), I think the same can be said for over sized t-shirts at a raging party. Don't worry that next Monday I made sure to notify all involved that I actually know how to dress and look presentable and I think that worked just fine.

I was inspired by Airtime and the apps tools to create my own getting ready playlist on Spotify that pump me up even to do the smallest of actions (like getting ready to take on a full day of nannying). It's full of songs that reminds me of friends and summer. Chance are most of these songs I heard daily because my friends loved them so much and i just really miss them alright?? (... so please check it out and let's all thank God for Summer 16... Summer of Surprises.

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