August 31, 2016

Summer Is...

  • ...waking up to eggs and bacon in the morning.
  • ...the taste of lemonade.
  • ...beach filled days.
  • ...the smell of suncreen.
  • ...limoncello. 
  • ...malibu shots with chasers because you and your friend are "weak".
  • ...mourning the loss of Victoria Secret bathing suits.
  • ...throwing up in the bathroom at Mountain Bar (sorry mom and dad, I learned my lesson and will refrain).
  • ...spent in outdoor showers.
  • ...listening to Broccoli over and over.
  • ...learning you made the moves on a guy by accident (oops).
  • ...smoothies from Yianni's in Brigantine, NJ.
  • ...Kelli's House (AKA Little Momma's House of Hoodlums)
  • ...your friend accidentally hitting a pole while driving your car after a Luke Bryan concert.
  • ...Cayman Jack's margaritas.
  • ...gaining best friends out of co-workers.
  • ...finding ways to reach people you barely know even when you don't have a phone while at a party because sometimes you have to tackle a problem head on.,,
  • ...taking way too many photos for the perfect fire insta.
  • chats that drain your battery life.
  • ...learning lessons and God's love in the strangest ways possible, especially when you feel like you're practically in a hole screaming out for nothing.
  • ...loosing your phone to the ocean.
  • ...spent in the bad vibe room.
  • ...being phone-less for two weeks, during the most eventful moments of the summer.
  • ...having bad/good memories associated with outfits.
  • ...watching way too many re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress.
  • ...Wawa iced coffee.
  • ...lifeguard races.
  • ...getting lost in AC at the Golden Nugget, phone-less.
  • ...crying (hysterically) on the sidewalk at 2am with two friends.
  • ...nights filled with playing Kings.
  • ...loosing and winning Never Have I Ever.
  • ...secret parking lot parties.
  • ,,,THE DRANK.
  • ...when you lie to strangers that it's your 21st birthday for free shots (Looking at you Meg).
  • ...handlebar-in because you can't ride a bike.
  • ...late night wawa runs.
  • ...binge-watching Shameless.
  • ...all you can eat sushi.
  • ...discussing pinterest on your lunch break.
  • ...accidentally breaking your friends toothbrush holder, spilling wine all over her room, and somehow ruining her comforter while you're at it. (I love you Kelli) 
  • ...witnessing beach weddings.
  • ...dancing on the beach to Drake.
  • ...Amish bands.
  • ..."badges we don't need no stinkin badges."
  • ...gaining new nicknames that will probably follow you for life,
  • ...journaling on the beach.
  • ... life changing.

I can't begin to understand or explain how much this summer meant to be. Throughout this summer I inisted this was the worst summer ever and was my least favorite, but turns out this was my favorite summer ever.

I'll be honest, I wasn't always on my best behavior this summer and I made many mistakes- some bigger than others... but I learned in the most authentic, genuine way that God loves us despite our actions, sins, and mistakes. I was telling a friend the other day that sometimes I sit around and think about how much God really loves us. Think of all the life changing moments, mistakes, and good things too that have happened in your life over the span of your years... He knew everything. He knew you were going to lie about that bad grade, He knew you'd slip up and say the f word while experiencing road rage, and he knew I'd slip up but He still chose to die on the cross for my sins too.

When the sun shines, it feels like a hug from God- I've always sad that. I mean it too. He still is hugging me and leading me out of my mistakes, failures, and worries... I just have to listen and obey and learn.

Learning is hard and I'm struggling daily, and the enemy whispers lies all the time that make me dwell in my mistakes. I'm still learning... but I know the books not closed, so I will be just fine.

So thank you to the one person who helped me with this life revelation. You didn't set off to teach me about God and Jesus and religion, that I'm sure of but God used you and I'm glad. I'm glad I met you, and for a while I never thought I'd say that.

Thank you to every friend who helped clean up my messes this summer- rather that meant literally getting soap and water and scrubbing to holding me as I cried inaudible, you were there for every single moment and I can't express how much that means to me.

Thank you to Summer '16, Summer of Surprises... you'll be missed
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