June 8, 2016

May Favorites

It's been a crazy week (and it's only Wednesday!). I have been spending most of my day packing, I am preparing for a girls weekend in Charlotte with one of my best friends, and I leave for Jersey in five days (!!!)

Also, who here watches The Bachelorette? This season is insane. I have so many questions, like what in the world does JoJo see in Evan!? Why can't I stop staring at Jordan every time he's remotely on my tv? And how in the world are there people rooting for Chad, because I feel like he's going to be the star in my nightmares from now on... anyway, back to my favorites lol

1. CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara: If you've been a reader for a while then you know if I love something (especially mascara) I gush, I admit I never thought I'd find a mascara I liked more than ItCosmetic's Hello Lashes. With recommendation from a dear friend (and a total envy crush on her lashes) I bought this mascara, and (no joke) two more people in my life have asked for the name and have gone out and bought it. When your lashes still look amazing via a crappy dusty iphone snap... then you know you find the one *insert hand making the ok gesture emoji*

2. Maybelline Master Pro Contour Palette: It's always such a depressing moment when your favorite high-end palette smashes into a million tiny pieces. I picked up this one instead because well a target is a lot closer than a sephora or ulta. I absolutely adore the highlight in this palette, I want to go around adding it to everyone I see lol.

3. Buxom's Lip Gloss in "White Russian": I won't lie, I originally only bought this because Taylor Morgan raved about it in her snap and blog. The next thing you know it's a staple in my everyday makeup routine. 

4. Secret Deodorant in "Macaroon Delight": Okay so I realize it might be slightly crazy and delirious  to include a deodorant and perhaps you're about to click that little red x above but I love the scent of this deodorant. I also love macaroons, so really it's quite a win win.

1. Victoria Secret Getaway Halter: I'm still mourning the fact that Victoria Secret will be discontinuing their swim line (I'm not okay...). I adore the color of this top, it's comfy and even being halter... I find myself picking it out of the collection more than I thought I would. I know it will be a go-to at work on the beach.

2. Swan Pool Float: If you're on basically any social media (Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr) then you know that pool floats are everywhere but there's something about the swan that keeps me going back to it.

3. Sun Bum Chapstick: I believe I've talked about this chapstick a lot on LookBrooke, but it's my absolute favorite. It leaves my lips feeling smooth, re-hydrated, and it leaves this sugary-sweet taste (just being honest.) 

4.  Ray Bans Aviators: Literally my favorite sunglasses ever, my dad actually bought me a pair for Christmas (they were Wayfarers) and they fell off my head during a boat ride and my life was shattered. (Okay, a tad bit dramatic...) One day while working at the beach though I saw something in the sand and pulled up aviators.

1. Guac This Way shirt: Lately, I've been wanting to add a bunch of crazy random shirts to my closet. I used to hate t-shirts but I feel like this is a fun way to add a statement and still be super comfy.

2. H&M Shorts: You always need a good pair of distressed jeans to take on the day, and with the price tag being $20, I'm swooning hard.... ;)

3. Steve Madden Nude Sandal: I barely own any heeled sandals and obviously a good nude sandal is the place to start, I can already imagine all the different outfits I could pair these shoes with! 

1. She's The Man: I know, I know this movie came out when I was like in 8th grade so how possibly could it be on my favorites but some movies you just become ya know? Like basically how we are the generation that might tear up a little bit if we hear the words High School Musical (I still remember feeling like a true star in the making when I was told to come to the board and write out how to correctly spell Zac Efron... yeah claim to fame right there lol) Anyway. I'm pretty sure everybody and their grandmas (except one poor unfortunate 24 year old male soul who now has been redeemed thanks to moi!) know this movie but I recently watched it for the first time in a while and forgot how genuinely funny it is. Also, any gif from the movie is the perfect reaction for boys on tinder ("Girls with asses like mine, don't talk to boys with faces like yours.") 

2. Yogurt Parfaits: If you follow me on instagram then you know the other day I sat down with a yogurt parfait and Southern Charm and began my morning (pure bliss!). Lately, I've been loving adding this salted caramel greek yogurt mousse to the bowl and topping it off with sliced strawberries, blackberries, and a little bit of honey roasted granola!

3. MUSIC: If you've been around a while then you know I'm a theatre nerd. A huge one in fact and if you're new to the party, I am so sorry. Lately there are two soundtracks I seem to have on repeat daily. Those are Spring Awakening and Hamilton, if you happen not to live under a rock then you know or have at least heard of Hamilton. When I'm happy, sad, tired, or just need background noise these two are the way to go. ((Also both have Jonathan Groff, so win win!!)) 

What are some of your favorites??

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  1. Love this post! I've been listening to Hamilton non-stop (yes pun intended). It's incredible! I loved seeing your take on the favorites design too!


  2. I just got that swan, and cannot wait to use it this summer!!



  3. I just got that swan, and cannot wait to use it this summer!!



  4. I need the Steve Madden sandals

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  5. Those brown heels are just too amazing! Would love to follow each other and keep in touch, let me know if you want to! x


  6. I quite like that covergirl mascara! It never smudged although the volume wasn't allllll the way there.

    Macarons and Mischief

  7. I had absolutely no idea that VS are discontinuing the swim line, it's always so gorgeous and flattering, such a shame! Love the Guac top, so cute.


  8. I am absolutely in love with those Steve Madden Nude Sandals!!!


  9. Love your picks especially those nude sandals.

  10. Ooh, such wonderful picks! White Russian is such a funny lip gloss name but I would love to pick it up, sounds like a perfect nude-pink. Also. HAMILTON. I love Hamilton! It is my current obsession right now, I LOVE IT. I'm listening to the whole album right now! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  11. Great post!


  12. Great selection! xx



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