May 25, 2016

Instagram Round Up + Life Lately

|Anthropologie Mug|Similar Blue Dress|Jelly Jack Rogers|Que Bella Rejuvenating Face Mask|Sinful Colors Nail Polish|Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans|Naked 2 Palette|Naked Flushed (my exact palette)|

Lately life has felt like a daze, in the best way possible. My twenty third birthday came and went (for those of you who don't know twenty-three is my lucky number... so it was a big deal) with that also comes the blog's birthday which is in a few days. Sometimes I still can't believe I type something on the internet and people who aren't my best friends read it, like that's insane to me hahaha. You can typically find me in some kind of dream-like state dreaming of the future, LookBrooke, or any other crazy idea that pops into my head. I'm currently dreaming my life away but at the same time staying present in my current surroundings- and I don't think I've been this happy. Constantly daze, and I'm loving every second- here are four things about my life lately...

1. I can't stop being thankful for everyone in my life. So many friends bent over backwards to help me feel loved, appreciated, and cared for on not only my birthday but every day of my life. I've also had a lot of chances to celebrate graduations, new beginnings, birthdays, etc with a few friends lately, and being able to show those around you how much they truly mean to you... priceless. All the sap, all the cliche.

2. Lately, you can also find me book in hand sipping on coffee. Summer hasn't even officially started for me yet, and I'm on book four of my summer reading list. There have been laughs, tears, ironic moments, and plenty of new favorites added to the list. I'm thinking of doing a summer reading round-up, and I can't wait to share it with you because these books are that good or that funny and creative! 

3. For a month I started nannying two of the craziest, loudest, sweetest littles I have ever met. Days filled with Mulan, disney music, and running around playing "Baby Chicken" were where I was most thriving lately. Today was actually the last day and it breaks my little heart, but I still remember driving to Lynchburg from my initial meeting calling my grandma so excited because they seemed like the best children. Goodbyes are bittersweet and sad, but if there's one thing I've learned this past month is to treasure them. There's something special about getting to say goodbye in person- even if your pride gets the better of you in some circumstances- you'll most likely end up breaking down on the ride home because you didn't get to say goodbye. Goodbyes through text message just don't work the same.

4. GIVEAWAY. Be sure to enter through instagram for a chance to win your very own laptop skin or phone case (!!!) 
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Cheers to dream like moments and all that follow

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May 15, 2016

What's In My Bag + GIVEAWAY (!!!)

If there's one post or youtube video I enjoy the most, it's any variation of the "What's In My Bag" concept. I often times find myself swooning over the different bags, wallets, etc and adding millions of things to my wishlist.

For the most part, I keep what I store in my bag relatively simple... the everyday basics of a phone, charger, lipsticks (I'm obsessed if you couldn't tell), and gum (I always try to have it stocked with one packet that's open and an un-opened packet so I'm never without gum hahah.)

I also feel like I should mention that I keep a brush, deodorant, sunscreen face stick, perfume (that a certain guy once commented on so I kept it at hand before going there hahah), and I keep mascara in case I ever feel I need a touch up while on the move in my car. (I may even keep some more lipsticks and some chapstick too... so to say I'm obsessed with lip product may be an understatement.)

When contacted me saying I could order or design my very own phone case, I was delighted! As you can see, I unfortunately had cracked it this summer (in a different phone case) so when the case came in I'll admit I was hesitant. I'm the girl that has managed to break both an otterbox and lifeproof. I've dropped my phone once or twice from daily activities, and my phone has been safe. I feel as though my phone is just as secure as it was in my otterbox I previously had it in. Caseapp has even been generous enough to provide my readers with 20% off of their next offer using the code LOOKBROOKE20.  As well as the discount code, we are giving away one free phone case or laptop skin to a reader as well (!!!)

To enter the giveaway: Please refer to my instagram and enter on the giveaway photo (you should recognize the pink phonecase). (Follow me on instagram, tag two friends in the post, and for an extra entry you can comment on the post)

My Purse Contents:
1. Oh, Yes Caseapp phone case
3. Lip Products: Buxom Lip Gloss: White RussianRevlon LipstickNYX Buttergloss: MadelineLoreal: Julianne's NudeToo Faced Lip Creme: Taffy, Color Whisper (my favorite products!!)
4. Essie: Guilty Pleasures
5. I always keep a journal, I love this one from Anthropologie.
6. I keep an extra pair of sunglasses in my purse, I love these.
7. I keep a pen, gum, and this mobile charger in my purse at all times. (The mobile charger is only $10!!)

Purses I Like:

Good luck on the giveaway (!!!)
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