April 24, 2016

23 Favorite Things

More often than I'd like to admit, I take things for granted. There are so many little joys in my everyday life that I don't give enough recognition to. In honor of turning 23 on Friday, I thought I'd write out 23 of my favorite things that make my life... mine. 

1. The sound of my sister's laugh coming from the other bedroom, it's a reminder that joy is everywhere.

2. Going to a play with someone who knows nothing about it but you know practically every word, with each laugh I get more and more giddy and I have no clue why but it's the best feeling to let them in on your own little secret world (at least that's how it feels sometimes.)

3. When you're walking outside while the sun beats down on you, and for a split second it feels like a hug from Jesus.

4. That feeling you get when you listen to an overture and it fills you with this insane feeling that anything is possible. As the music builds, so does your hope.

5. The smell of sunscreen, for me it transport me right back to the beach and all those summers I never had to wonder if anyone had my back,,, my Dad was always there for me. This summer will be weird without you Dad.

6. Twirling in your new favorite dress and instantly feeling like a fairy princess.

7. The fact that I have friends who love me unconditionally and let me over analyze the same text message, meeting, and scenario fifty different ways.. each time listening to me and treating it like a real issue. Thanks for letting me send you texts like "He has moved closer." "Wait he has pulled out chapstick." "????" "I'm very confused right now" Thank you, for the unconditional love.

8. The fact that I was lucky enough to be sent to a Christian high school and attend a Christian college for a while. I have never felt like I couldn't talk about my faith, have my questions answered, or felt alone while I figured out my walk with Jesus. I wouldn't trade those years of my life for anything, and I mean anything. They are why I am who I am today, and sometimes I fail to see the positive and just dwell on the negative of that situation. That time was more than academics, more than mandatory, and more than a pass or fail... it was growth even when it felt like it wasn't.

9. The smell of hot coffee in the morning, particularly when you're super drowsy.

10. When the waters calm and you lay on your back and just float... it reminds me that there are moments in life where this can happen too and even if a huge wave comes, you can always find another time to float again.

11. Those times in life where you almost can sense yourself mentally taking a photo of that exact moment, as you usually think to yourself I wish I could re-live this all my life. You sit there knowing you'd be content riding next to this person in the car forever, eating that slice of chocolate cake all your life, or meeting Laura Osnes after a performance of Cinderella on broadway (that still makes you tear up as you think about it.)

12. The bittersweet moment where you finish a book, you feel like you've lost a best friend and yet you're thankful for the journey it took you on.

13. I take this one for granted the most, but when the whole family can sit down to eat or watch a movie... you almost feel like this is exactly how life is supposed to be.

14. That rush of butterflies that fill up your stomach in an instant as that guy finally pulls you into a kiss.

15. When your best friend's name pops up on your phone and you haven't talked to her in forever due to life.

16. The car rides where you start belting out Let It Go and anything from The Little Mermaid, and we can't forget any of Hilary Duff's songs... the way the words come out of your mouth without trying, and how it instantly takes you back to another time- favorite.

17. Moments in life that make you happy dance in Walmart, cry while singing A Wonderful Guy from South Pacific in the car ride home, or when you just can't stop blushing and smiling. Those are the little things that make me feel like no matter what, life is a fairy tale.

18. When a friend loves you enough to tell you the guy is an asshole or to not judge you as you sit there crying because you've caught feelings for the guy you swore you wouldn't. I am so incredibly thankful for the friends I have in my life, you keep me protected and listen to me and don't ever say I told you so, when you easily could.

19. Waking up cuddled up in your sheets, completely content.

20. Each phone call with my grandma and the face to face conversations we can have about anything, thank you for always having my back. You have been a best friend to me since I can remember, I don't think there isn't a life event or anything that makes me happy that I haven't wanted to tell you first,

21. When you hear somebody sing along to the radio or just sing to you. If everyone broke out into song around me, I don't think I'd ever be sad.

22. This blog has taught me so much about myself, my writing style, my humor, and has even gifted me with more confidence than I used to have. Some of my favorite blog posts I've ever written were because I felt accepted and felt like LookBrooke could be my safe place- so thank you to each and every reader for believing in me and for coming back a second, third, and fourth time.

23. When you get to show someone something that makes you happy cry, made you who you are, or something that you've always loved and they get to understand you a little better. Vice versa, when you get to understand someone else a little better. By seeing the things they love, what made them who they are, or my personal favorite...made them happy cry.

April 19, 2016

Pom Pom Loving

Can you believe about a week ago I was driving up to Jersey and it was snowing!? It's so weird to now have 80 degree weather and to be laying out every morning... I am so ready for summer it's not even funny.

I have been on the search for the perfect romper for over a year now, I always loved them but never felt like they were wearable for me. I often found myself feeling like an elephant, rocking some camel toe, or looking like a frumpy mess. There was one romper I tried on that I felt looked decent but I still didn't take the plunge, that was until now. Thanks to Marshalls, I now can proudly become part of the romper fan club. This particular romper is Trixxi, and unfortunately can't be found online but I did find a great double from ASOS.

Cheers to it finally being warm enough to bring out the bathing suits and not feel crazy, and cheers to that perfect romper- we all need at least one in our life.

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April 16, 2016

((SPRING)) Mood Board

I know, I know I missed winter's #LooksMoodBoard because life was so hectic and I abruptly moved from Jersey back home to Virginia and helllloooo Spring has been here for quite a while now. I couldn't just let this mood board pass though, I love Spring argumentatively more than all the other seasons. With Spring comes the sense of newness and being reborn (between the reminder of having new life in Jesus Christ each year when Easter rolls around, the trees finally starting to bloom, and the best and worst part of Spring... Spring Cleaning.), it also happens to be the season of a very special birthday in my life... LookBrooke's. It also happens to be my personal birthday as well, so shout out to turning twenty three (eeep, my lucky number)... Taylor Swift was always right, and I am currently feeling oh so twenty-two.

So here's is the Spring Mood Board: full of fashion, beauty, recipes, etc...

|(Very Similar Dress in Blue.. needs the ribbon) (I also adore this), too faced lipstick, taffyForever Sexy Body Spray|BCBGeneration Sandals (obsessed)|

My Current Spring Style Inspirations:

My Spring Beauty Picks:

1. I typically just moisturize my face with Garnier's Ultra-Lift. I used to use primers all the time, and this may be like committing some kind of sin in the beauty world but I just don't anymore. 
2. Most days I use the Garnier BB Cream, on days I want the feeling and look of more coverage I use ItCosmetic's CC Cream
3. I typically steal this product daily from my sister (Sorry Caroline) especially if I want to make an impression. I thought I would hate this product in all honesty, but it's my favorite for contouring and adding a little highlight after the whole make up process. NYX Wonder Stick
4. Everyday use I don't but on concealer, when I do I use ItCosmetic's Bye Bye Undereye and if I have a pimple I cover over it with this Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette.
5. For eye shadow I alternate between the Naked 2 and Naked 3 to create different looks daily. I also use liquid eyeliner (which I typically also steal from my sister... oops) 
6. I swear by ItCosmetic's Hello Lashes for mascara.
7. For lips, I use any pink lipstick with Buxom's White Russian.

** Don't be shy to post your own mood boards and fill them up with your favorite beauty, recipes, etc... just be sure to share using the hashtag #LooksMoodBoard so I can see everyone's creations**

Happy Spring, XOXO

April 5, 2016


Everybody deserves to feel pretty, sexy, and like they can take on the world no matter what is thrown at them. I know for me personally, I get an automatic boost of confidence when I'm wearing a favorite pair of underwear and a pretty bra, it makes you feel at your prettiest even if it means you're wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants over top of them.

One of my favorite things about the company Adore Me, is their belief that every woman deserves to feel sexy every single day. While I love clothing and beauty, don't get me wrong... those things don't define who we are or provide the standard of what makes us beautiful. I think it's our personality, the way we treat others, and our open hearts that provide the basis for who we are... but when we feel like our clothes match the way we feel about ourselves (or how we want to feel) I think something beautiful happens.

Yall, I'm not kidding sexy underwear changes everything:
-You just flung a spider and it landed right next to your crush and he looks at you like you're a caveman... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You sent a snapchat with the caption "drowning my sorrows in mcflurries" to the very reason your sad... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You just accidentally sent a thumbs up via fb messenger randomly to a guy when your last message was about three months ago... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You wake up and remember last night you demanded a boy to hurry up and kiss you already... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You just jokingly told this guy that you're only into gay men without realizing you basically just said I'm not into you or I secretly think you too are gay. Yeah, you really inserted your foot into your mouth with that one Brooke... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!) 

-You actually start crying in a bathtub because you developed feelings for a boy... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You got up in the middle of the night and smashed your head on a nightstand and now are bleeding profusely from your head... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-That moment you have to decide if stuffing gum into your mouth and offering him a piece would be too obvious a statement of, I WANT YOU TO KISS ME GOODNIGHT GOSH DANG IT so you're at a standstill... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You just tripped on nothing while walking... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You just sent a voice memo to a guy while talking about him... Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

-You drunkenly decide to run away and hide from a guy and end up accidentally finding solace in the boys bathroom...  Who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!)

Really, the possibilities are endless and no matter what you face who cares, you have cute underwear (!!!) and guys, I'm really awkward around boys...

Another reason to adore this company? They are currently hosting a giveaway for two free sets of lingerie ((!!!)) and it's so easy to enter! All you have to do is create your very own flat lay (like the photo at the top of this post) featuring a piece of lingerie, be sure to tag them on instagram here, Adore Me Instagram, and use #everydaylingerie in the caption.

Life's too short not to feel like we can take on the world and are unstoppable, know your worth (with or without pretty underwear)

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