March 20, 2016

Instagram Roundup + Life Lately

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Some Thoughts I've Had Lately

Girls Weekend. This past weekend I headed down to Chapel Hill, NC and spent a few days with a college bestie. We both attended Liberty University our freshman years and have stayed connected since. We're even planning a celebration in my hometown for my bday weekend and I can't be more excited (!!) This weekend she got to show me a little bit of her life though, filled with all the best food you could possibly eat and a tour of UNC Chapel Hill.
** round up of all the food places (and items) you need to try:
1. Spicy9 (located in Chapel Hill): ((They have a special where you can buy one roll and get another free)) 
I got the Sexy Girl Roll: ((Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado topped with masago and eel sauce))
and the Volcano Roll: ((Baked California Roll topped with spicy scallops))
-The atmosphere is very sleek and modern. They have a bar (and when we went they had $2.50 for draft beers, I had water but I noticed the sign.) You also have the option of sitting at the bar and see them making the food, which I have done at another sushi place before.
-I went during UNC's spring break.. so it wasn't crowded at all, but my friend mentioned repeatedly how odd it was to see it so empty, so obviously take that into consideration.
-They also have tvs surrounding the restaurant, which is a nice detail.

**If you know me I can't use chopsticks to save my life, like I was born to stay far away from them as possible. While trying to use them, I dropped the sushi in the soy sauce and splashed it everywhere. Me and my oddly shaped hands will go crawl under a rock now..**

2. Totopos (located in Cary, NC): I had the quesadilla ((flour tortilla, cheese, shredded chicken tinga, pico de gallo, lettuce, rice and beans)) which was amazing.. I honestly have no complaints except they do put this concoction of sour cream, sugar, and milk (I believe that's it) that was great but a little too sweet for me.
-Okay, this is more the meal you get when you don't want to eat for like five days after hahah. SO. MUCH. FOOD. 
- The atmosphere is fun and festive, plenty of mexican wrestler masks everywhere haha. Music blasting, it's a party in itself. ((And they just started opening on Mondays for lunch... so cure the Monday blues with a fiesta!))

3. I'm about to make you love Target even more guys, aside from swooning over every cute decor item or coffee cup available. The super targets, with all the great food, are providing another reason to fork over hundreds of dollars.
-Archer Farms Mini Crab Cakes: These dreamy little appetizers will have you stuffing your face with no cares in the world the second they get out of the oven. I'll have an order of 150 please.
-Archer Farms Spinach and Artichoke Purses: The only complaint is that they sometimes fall over, so the fact that they looked like roses (for say a bachelor finale viewing party) was a little ruined lol...
-Dang Toasted Caramel Coconut Chips- Me and my friend Lauren could be found stuffing our face with these while sipping wine- pure bliss. They have the perfect combination of crunchy and sweet (and would be perfect as an addition to any salad).

The Little Moments. I don't think I spend enough time truly being thankful for those little life moments that cause you to act like a crazy happy lunatic. You know those moments when you finally get a snap from the name you've been silently wishing would show up on your phone... and it does! The next thing you know you're legit pulling out old ballet moves and dancing around the room because you're that happy. That is pure gold. Maybe even your a little tipsy off wine and sobbing at the ending of Ben's season on The Bachelor (because hello I was so unbelievably #teamlauren from day one) and the moment I thought he wasn't going to pick her, I let out tears and swore I'd never believe in men ever again. (Because guys, he always treated her differently from the beginning and she made nervous noises at times and accidentally told him she wanted to meet his family on their first date- both I'd totally do or have done.) And he picked her, and all was right for the world... and I could breathe again, because fairy-tales come true and pixie dust is real. 

Spring. GUYS (!!!) it's the first day of spring, and while it might be cold enough for a coat right now, I am way too excited. The time of day dreaming of dreamy white and blush plus there is this romper I currently have my sets on) And with a new season comes a new Look's Mood Board, and I just can't wait to get into the spring spirit with yall!

Big Little Lies. While I visited my friend in NC, we did a book exchange where I gave her one of my favorites, Girls in White Dresses and she gave me Big Little Lies.".. is a brillant take on ex-husbands and second wives, mothers and daughters schoolyard scandal, and the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive." The book is about murder, but I'm over here catching some major baby fever...

AVOCADO PLEASE. I want it and I want it all the time, avocado toast is on repeat in the Broomell house people, and it tastes even better each time.

Be on the lookout for a new moodboard and a smoothie recipe soon to be live on the blog ;)

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  1. Big Little Lies sounds pretty interesting, sounds like my sort of book

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  2. Such fun photos!


  3. All these food photos are making me drool! Gotta love avocado with anything, haha.


    Looks by Lau

  4. great post brooke love the photos


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