January 21, 2016

Updated Makeup Routine ((Winter 2016))

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Lately I've been all about three things: avocado toast (!!!) seriously I want everything avocado, all the time and I'll start with it in the morning... thanksssss. Catching up on New Girl, this had been one of my all time favorites since the show first premiered but somehow I let myself get behind and stopped watching half way through season four. So if you need a show to watch and haven't actually sat down and watched the whole thing, I highly suggest it/ A lot of times I am just dying in my bedroom laughing til I can't breathe over the show. Lastly, makeup but then again when is that new? Lately I've been trying to find out the products that really work for me and being a little more adventurous with my eyeshadow than I used to be. I figured with all that being said, it was time for a brand new makeup routine.

In order of how I use them:
1. Apply Garnier BB Cream to a
Real Technique's Miracle Complexion Sponge and work into face evenly but sparingly. On days I want a little more coverage, I use ItCosmetic's CC Cream. I have a travel sized I keep with me incase I ever feel like I want that extra coverage (like meeting up with a boy or a fancy dinner)
2. Using my hands I work ItCosmetic's Bye Bye Undereye into my skin under my eyes making a triangle formation and blend.
3. I then contour my face using (similar) brush and using either the bronzer from the Naked Flushed palette or the Hoola bronzer. Highlighting my cheek bones, framing my face, and of course my neck. When I went a hard contour, I go for the Hoola. For a softer, everyday wear I reach for the Naked Flushed.
4. Next I add blush using the Real Technique's Contour Brush from this collection. I feel that the shape works the best for my face in creating the perfect blush. I use the color from the Naked Flushed Palette.
5. Next I do my eyebrows, because I just can't get the full effect without them. I actually use a shadow color from the Lorac Pro 2 palette, I also use the ELF small angled brush to achieve the look. In all honesty, I am super impressed with how well these two items work in achieving my eyebrows. I'm never disappointed and I never feel like they rub off amazingly enough.
6. If I decide to use a highlight, this is when I add it. I don't do it very often as I typically feel like I look like a pull of sweat if I do at times. I just use the highlight color from the Naked Flushed which is gorgeous, by the way.
7. I always prime my eyes with Lorac's eye primer, I have used sooo many eye primers and have never found one that worked as well as this (!!!)
8. I have all three of the naked palettes (not the smoky eye one) and I use them interchangeably all the time but I would say I use the second and third the most.
9. Next I layer my two all time favorite mascaras to achieve the eye look I want, Urban Decay's Perversion with ItCosmetic's Hello Lashes.
Honestly, I long for the day I am tan again and when a boy snapchats me after I take all my makeup off, I don't have to run around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to find the perfect lighting. NOT. ABOUT. THAT.
**None of this makeup is waterproof, so if you plan on bawling your eyes out like never before... then it will be all down your face. ((Actually happened to me when I found out I couldn't go home due to car troubles thanksgiving morning.)) But if maybe a little happy crying appears, you're safe ;) ((Also happened to me... you know when something clicks and you happy cry all the way home to A Wonderful Guy from South Pacific because you're just so genuinely happy and in shock...))**
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7 comments so far

  1. That BB cream is really the best! I was going to get the bronzer & blush trio palette but didn't might have to go back for it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm all about the UD palettes, my all time favs! And yes for the days of being tan again - I can't wait :-D
    Green Fashionista

  3. I'm always on the lookout for something to cover up those awful under eye bags. I think I will give your recommendation a try. Thanks!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  4. I always use the UD palettes interchangeably! They're the best! Also, I literally had bye bye undereye in my hand in line at Ulta and put it down last minute! I totally regret it, so I plan on going back to buy it!
    Lauren-lee Grace Beauty & Fashion

  5. The real technique sponge is a holy grail and the brushes are great too!

  6. great post brooke love the eye shadow palettes you chose

  7. These products look wonderful.



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