December 22, 2015

Satisfying Those Pinterest Inspired Cravings (with DressLily)

**This post is sponsored by DressLily**
If you're like me you probably spend a little too much time on pinterest and have an ever growing fashion board for inspiration. When I first was contacted by DressLily, the immediate thing I noticed was that I had actually seen a lot of their product before... mostly on my own pinterest! I'm talking dresses that I go to pin twice (I swear that happens to me twice a day.. anyone else??)

The thing I love the most about DressLily, aside from their price is the large selection they have ranging from coats, maxi dresses, all the way to all the way to handbags (!!!) Now I admit with cheap things comes skeptical minds but that's why I cling to always reading the reviews before buying something and I was pleasantly surprised with the reviews. Never dissing the products themselves, always stating if maybe something ran smaller or shorter than expected.

There was a lot to choose from to showcase to my readers, I went with some fall staples (and ok maybe that maxi dress was thrown in there because I'd rather be on a cruise than typing in 40 degree weather...). My personal favorite is the open laced back shirt, it's perfect for dressing up casual pants and decking out for a night of fun this winter season. I already have a feeling I'll need to be adding it to my closet to go with my coveted faux leather leggings ;)

I also have been on the look out for the perfect faux leather vest to add to different dresses in the winter, perfect for NYE coming up (hint, hint.)

Aside from already being pretty affordable, DressLily has some amazing sales going on often (currently that vest was just 50% off!) It's a perfect place to shop for your besties for their birthday and did I mention the best part? They aren't only women, they have men clothing too (!!!) Basically you can find anything here...
So take a look around and fuel your "pin-spiration" with DressLily, seriously I can guarantee you will find at least one thing you've pinned onto your own boards on the site. 

December 15, 2015

Last Minute Gift Guide: For Your Bestie

|1. Wall Calendar|2.Sam Edelman Pumps|3. Over The Knee Boots|4. Rose Earrings|5. Make Up Palette|6. Cashmere Scarf|7. Lip Balm|8. Notecards|9.Kate Spade Wallet|10. Perfume|11. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick|

Ugh a wug guys, before you know it's ten (ten) days before Christmas and you were just in October like I swear. Life has been so busy, I made my first trip back home to VA (guys my first by myself road trip *insert squeals*) so I was basically mia during that time catching up with my family, meeting my little sisters boyfriend (like I swear I still think she's this little 12 year old and I hate that she's growing up on me), learning I can't for the life of me use chopsticks "I think you have oddly shaped hands", and saying some sad but needed goodbyes to some great friends.

If you're like me basically anything you see you want and you know would be perfect for your bestie too (like my bestie loves cat things if you remember this post.. seriously if your shopping for a cat lover that post is the one for you...) The next thing I know it's ten days to christmas and I didn't actually pick up anything yet (yikes) so this is for all you last minute gifters out there who love your bestie dearly but aren't so great at timing ;)

Good luck shopping!!

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December 3, 2015

Open Letter To The Best Friend That Was (Part Two)

*First letter can be found here*

Dear Best Friend,

They say time heals all wounds, for some wounds I feel as though time reopens them. Then decides to stab you in the heart a little deeper each time. They also say that breakups between best friends hurt more than romantic relationships, and I think a big portion of that is due to time.

In our life we experience a ton of "firsts." Your first words, first tooth, first love, first heartache, first kiss, the list can go on and on. With boyfriends or girlfriends, your firsts get renewed. Your very first kiss with that boy you had a crush on all summer gets replaced when the right guy kisses you for the first time... and it feels like home. The problem is, when you finally meet that right guy.... your heart yearns for the friend you always thought would be jumping up and down beside you. You are that friend for me. The "firsts" and all the life changing moments to come, well I'm naturally going to want to call you and tell you all about it and that... that is when time open the wound it also so generously healed. 

Lately little things have been popping up that make me think of you. The little kids I nanny asked me who was going to be in my wedding randomly a couple weeks ago, your named wasn't included. I met a boy who's different, I don't really know if it means anything. Yet this memory of you always telling how you couldn't wait to see the guy I end up with ((not to mention that he'd 100% have to be cuddly because I show my love through physical touch)) and the realization is syncing in that when I find him you won't know him or what he's like. You won't know if he is super cuddly or not, you will know nothing but his name thanks to Facebook.. if that. Chances are you won't be there when I walk down the isle, and you'll never personally know my children if I'm lucky enough to have them one day. 

I used to spend a lot of time being angry, but I'm not. There's nothing to be angry over, again time happens (time seems to be a real bitch) and the next thing you know... you drift apart. Would I have liked you to fight for me? Probably. But did I fight for you? We're both to blame for that, but I'm not sad either- this is no time for a pity party. I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for the memories I do have and the role you played in making me the person I am today. I'm thankful that you pushed me to realize I actually do have a singing voice and that belting "Pulled" from The Addams Family Musical is always a good idea. Maybe the ending to our friendship isn't what we always envisioned, maybe it's not you hiding in my basement and me sneaking down to you every morning so my husband never saw me "ugly." Maybe it's not you being like an aunt to my children. Maybe it's not you doing my makeup for the wedding I've always dreamed about that you so generously always heard me day dream about over and over. What the ending is though is you giving me one more life lesson. Thank you for teaching me what it means to truly love, to fight for the friendships that mean the most in my life. Thanks for teaching me what it means to be a friend and to be there 100% for those around you. From the bottom of my heart thank you, you helped me make me the person I am today and even will still continue help me become the person I'm supposed to be even if you aren't in my life anymore. 

I hope you think about me sometimes and that memories like these rush to your head and make you smile. I hope you're not angry, I hope you're not sad... I hope you too are thankful for the time that we had. 

Your Best Friend
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