October 29, 2015

Instagram Round Up + Life Lately

I decided to make more of an effort to upload photos using my canon more often then the iPhone itself onto my instagram. I have a nice blend going for this round up of iPhone and non iPhone photos for you!

Life's been weird, I was having a serious talk with one of my good friends about how I found myself guarded but yet not guarded enough. Isn't that funny? I don't want to let someone in yet get over attached at the same exact time. And then I end up with a mess of emotions and I'm crying into my Starbucks coffee cup. After getting denied in the major I wanted, loosing touch with who I thought would be my best friend forever… I am afraid to hope I think.

After somehow letting myself tear up while letting her into my fears and hatred of feelings (seriously that's what messes with us.. it's when you catch feelings for anything.) I ended up leaning on the one thing I could hold all my trust on… God. No matter how many people disappear from my life, no matter how bad my fear is that it will happen again.. God will never leave, will never fail, will stay constant. I found myself in the midst of an impromptu worship session with flooding tears it came to me stop fighting the current, and let it over take you. God will get you and direct you when needed but in the words of one of my favorite songs "If His grace is an ocean we're all sinking." He's got me. He is still good and worthy of praise. I may be afraid of failing, getting used to something and it leaving, or of feelings in general… I never need to be afraid of trusting my life with my God.

Lately I've been loving Demi's new song Stone Cold.
I had a buff chick salad sandwich and it changed my life (also if you ever go to Starbucks for breakfast get the gouda, bacon and cheese!!).
I finally switched from a more neutral shade to a dark burgundy on my nails and I am loving it (I also finally let them grow!!)
I'm loving the newest season of AHS, Evan Peters is blowing my mind.

Hope life is great, thanks for letting me rant ;)

October 28, 2015

Denim on Denim ((With A Touch of Pink))

That's right today I'm trying to denim on denim trend that is just as big as the suede skirt epidemic. I personally love the denim on denim with a pop of pink because to me it adds a little femininity to a more rugged look. If you haven't checked it out already, last night I posted a guest post about the importance of adding pink into all seasons and fashions.

Lately I've been binge watching Private Practice on netflix while catching up on my new favorite tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which is currently on CW, seriously is anybody else watching it!?!? I'm constantly crying from laughing and inspired when I watch that show.

I think I'm all about adding a little pink to my wardrobe ;)

October 27, 2015

GUEST POST: "Propagators of Pink"

Mary Jane Fashion looks at some of our favourite pink ensembles, with both men and women favouring the hue

Pink is, undeniably, a classic colour. Whilst traditionally it has been considered a colour for spring and summer, it has begun to transcend the seasons, with many designers opting for the shade in their winter collections. As a result, it is no longer a colour simply associated with sugary sweetness, but is increasingly polished and sophisticated. It is a colour that is loaded with connotation, and wearing pink can definitely be a cultural statement. More often than not, it is a colour associated with girls and all things feminine. Men, however, are being increasingly encouraged to wear it, with Ralph Lauren and Versace featuring pink suits and cable knits in their menswear collections. Men opt for pink to express their comfort with their masculinity, using fashion and clothing to break down societal preconceptions, making it an exciting and progressive hue to adopt for both men and women. We’ve compiled some of our favourite pink ensembles in celebration of this enduring and empowering colour.
  • Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Would-be lawyer Elle Woods, played by the divine Reese Witherspoon, is an unashamed fan of pink. In the stuffy, buttoned up world of Harvard Law School, she is a breath of fresh air. Her character and the film in its entirety makes the point that, ironically, girls and women who favour pink can often be stereotyped as superficial, vague and ‘dumb’; however those who impose such labels shed light on their own superficiality in doing so. Elle is continuously underestimated by her peers, referred to as ‘Malibu Barbie’, but eventually surpasses them all by representing her own client whilst still a student and graduates top of her class. Pink is a great source of power for Elle. When everything works against her, it is the one constant that she is always in control of, helping her to stay true to herself even when everything and everyone else doubts her. Her message at the end is that first impressions can be incorrect and that ‘you must always have faith in yourself’. Shop similar pink styles at this wholesale clothing distributor. 
  • Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, almost steals the entirety of the sartorial limelight from the likes of Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf and Blake Lively’s Serena Van Der Woodsen in this hit show. Chuck became an internet sensation and a fan favourite around the world thanks to his array of popping, colourful suits. Never afraid to adopt non-traditional colours, Chuck was seen sporting pastels like pale blue and lavender, as well as his bright orange trench coat and canary yellow golfing trousers. The one colour Chuck returned to time and again was pink, effortlessly incorporating pink ties, dickie bows, cravats and suits and even a rose pink pair of Hunter wellington boots into his wardrobe. Chuck did not see wearing pink as an affront to his masculinity; on the contrary, he was one of the most desirable bachelors on the Upper East Side. Pink is important for Chuck because, as his actions over the course of show demonstrate, he delights in lulling people into a false sense of security, letting them think what they like about him before coming down on them with his searing intellect and sharp wit. Pink is the perfect hue to create his suave image and he carries it off to perfection.
  • Oscar attendees

There are so many successful, high-flying women who have worn pink to the Oscars that we couldn’t pick just one to represent them all. As we all know, the Oscars are the film industry’s biggest night of the year. It’s the ultimate celebration of achievement in film and everyone dresses accordingly, with actresses wearing stunning dresses to talk on the red carpet about the powerful and engaging performances their peers have given. Some of our favourites include Girls’ Allison Williams wearing a long-sleeved, backless dress by British designer Emilia Wickstead in rosy pink at the 2014 Vanity Fair party; Jennifer Lawrence wore an epically romantic Dior gown to pick up her Best Actress gong in 2013; Viola Davis wore a stunning pale pink gown by Zac Posen in 2015 that effortlessly complemented her skin tone; Penelope Cruz finishes our selection in her iconic 2007 dress designed by Versace, which featured a dramatic feathered skirt and train. None of these dresses were saccharine or sickly sweet affairs. The design of all of these dresses is dramatic yet sophisticated in direct contrast with the delicacy of the hue. They cement that pink is a colour that is here to stay thanks to the way in which it can be adapted to convey whatever the wearer wants to covney. 

**hint look out for the upcoming blog post tomorrow of how I add a pop of pink to a current fall trend**

October 25, 2015

It's Officially Scarf Weather (!!!)

 |Dress- Forever21((similar))|Scarf-H&M (old) ((similar))Loafers-out of my color ((Similar color loafers))|Lip Color: L'Oreal's Julianne's Nude|Nail Color: Essie's Brides To Be|

When I found this dress late this summer while shopping for fall I knew I had to have it in my closet (for size reference I got a size bigger than normal to get the baby doll like feel). I could already see the outfit: the dress, a scarf, a sweater (when it's super chilly), knee highs, and little booties (hint these are currently on sale ;D). Now while I realize I'm not wearing knee highs or little booties in this shoot, bear with me… I went out shopping yesterday and totally rubbed my foot raw. ((Ouch))

It is officially scarf weather over here in the 609 people, let the shouts and singing of praise commence. We've had some glorious, summer like weather bursts lately (which I know I'll be clinging to the memory of when January and February come rolling along) but when I woke up this weekend and the air was chilly… it felt like I had woken up in disney. So if it's scarf weather near you, celebrate and walk run to your closest Starbucks and order a Caramel Apple Spice (you'll thank me later). 

Hope you had a lovely weekend *cue the heart emoji*

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October 21, 2015

A Yacht to Offer

Lately I have been coming down with a huge case of homesickness. I miss being able to drive down the road and no one automatically assumes I don't know where I'm going because of my license plate. I miss homecoming games with my family, haunted houses for halloween, or having a chipotle closer than an hour and thirty minutes away. I need my chipotle. 

So when I found out about Lily Grace, I was immediately impressed with their cute designs and southern charm. The tagline they used to explain their style to me was "when the girl who dresses up wants to dress down without compromising style." If you know me well you'll know that dressing down isn't me. Just recently I have found a new love for sweatshirts and victoria secret leggings (seriously, the best… I wear them all the time which is why they needed to be washed and weren't in this shoot… oops!) but this shirt might be beating the sweatshirts pretty soon. Not only is it comfy and cozy, they come in all kinds of designs and bright colors to match any personality. The moment I saw one that had a sailboat and said "I like boys with a yacht to offer" I knew that one was made for me… it's so clever and cute to be ignored. The shirts do come a little bigger (I am wearing a medium) but I personally love that about them, oversized shirts are my jam haha.

So if you're like me and missing the south or you need a little southern charm in your life, Lily Grace is the place to go.

October 15, 2015


 |Sweater Knit Top|Jeans|Necklace (Old Navy)((Similar))Sunglasses(Francesca's)((Similar))|Loafers|
I'm all about cozy lately: from running around with kiddos I nanny, my non stop TJ Maxx trips ((#sorrynotsorry)), or the countless wawa coffee trips I take daily… cozy and functional is a must have.

When I tried on this sweater at Old Navy I knew immediately it was going to be a staple in my wardrobe this season, and the best thing is it's so light that it can transfer over to my personal favorite kind of nights. The ones in summer where its chilly but enough to just be covered in something small like a sweater.. this is perfect for that! In addition, it can be dressed down with a pair of leggings and tennis shoes or spiced up with faux leather leggings (currently searching for a pair to add to my closet as you read this) and your best heel.

I went for a more casual look, an in-between if you will, with some flats and jeans because let's be real… that's the uniform lately. Except even I am usually swapping out the jeans for leggings because let's be real here if you can get away with feeling like your wearing pajamas pants all day, then it's a given… ;)

Have you guys been watching the new fall premieres for shows? Personally I am loving the new CW tv show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's something new and refreshing and the premise is a girl who is in love with her old camp boyfriend and decides to uproot her life for the change to rekindle things one more time. It seriously is hilarious and includes musical numbers, which basically is everything I've ever wanted out of life. Give it a try if you need a new show or just need a distraction from life.

This upcoming weekend will pretty much consist of catching up on tv shows and most importantly, sleep. Last weekend a good pal came all the way from Virginia to meet me in the good ole 609. It was a weekend filled with too many hours shopping, sketchy hotels, and probably a few too many vodka cranberries… :))

We're just one more day from the weekend, we got this! 

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October 13, 2015

Look's Holy Grail of Hair + Skin Care Products

I was completely amazed by all the sweet comments on my fall transitioning post about my hair, like holy moo I felt so special! I thought I would share my holy grail of hair and skin products because they make all the difference and with the bitter cold coming up and the summer damage taking it's toll we will all need the help we can get.

Haircare: It took me a loooong time to figure out what shampoo and conditioner really did work for me. The biggest problem I wanted to solve hair wise was undoing the damage caused from daily sun exposure every summer. I like being able to run my hand through my hair and not feel embarrassed over the texture. For my twenty-first birthday my dear friend gave me Juicy Couture's Conditioner and it has changed my life ever since. I would only ever use it for special occasions but it left my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling great. A great alternative to this is L'Oreal's Total Repair Conditioner, in fact I was feeling like my hair wasn't that soft (I actually had an accident this weekend at a hotel and gashed my head open on a nightstand thanks to the dark and so my poor head and hair had been through a lot this weekend..) so I grabbed this from the local grocery store and have already seen an improvement.. it's been one use.

Skincare: It took me a pretty long time to start to love my skin and find products that I felt were helping it and I felt like I was getting the results I wanted. Honestly the big turn around was when I discovered this face mask, I started feeling more confident with my bare face. People were complimenting me on my foundation and I wasn't wearing any. I finally felt like I was getting that perfect balance of glow and dryness, which for me my skin was always more on the oily side so it's been nice to be able to ditch the copious amounts of translucent powder in my purses and breathe ;)

Suncare: Since my summer job consists of being on the beach 247 it's important to have the best sunscreen available and the best lip care. For me, I have been using coppertone sport all my life since my Dad's been a lifeguard for most of it. My favorite face stick is Sun Bums, it smells (to me) like banana's so how can you pass that one up!?! Honestly, this is one of the most important steps to follow is you spend a lot of time in the sun, good sunscreen and lip care routines can save your skin.

Just a reminder that everyone's hair and skin is different so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but there are seriously so many amazing options out there that without a doubt you can find something. My hair is on the middle of thin and thick, never dyed. My skin is combination but slowly coming off the more oily side.

((Please leave below any holy grails of your own!!))

October 8, 2015


I have been wanting to do a third installment of #tumblrcrushthursday for a while now and finally got to it. I always am so surprised how hard it is to make a final decision on the images because if I could I probably would end up showing my entire tumblr feed. 

I've been waiting for this specific thursday for a while now, it means my friend's coming into town tomorrow and finally get to cure a little homesick I have been feeling lately. I never thought it would be this hard to be away from my family, especially since I had been at college away from them. With them being eight hours away though, it just puts it into perspective I suppose. 

As of late tumblr has been like an escape for me, with all the beautiful imagery it's easy to imagine myself right there in the photo. It's like living through a short story each photo you scroll upon, am I crazy or do people feel this way too? I don't why but it's like I can see a piece of clothing on tumblr and actually imagine myself in it while on pinterest I just see the clothing itself (and want it… don't get me wrong!!) 

Inspiration is a beautiful thing my friends, and if we can find different areas that spark different things for us then we need to hold tight. 

Five Favorite Tumblrs:

You can find me on tumblr here: look-brooke

October 4, 2015

Just Mean Muggin

We always talk about fall fashion, food, DIYs, but I think we forget the most important part of fall… mugs. That's right, they hold our precious homemade pumpkin spice lattes and we often forget to give them the recognition they deserve (hey even I was guilty during my fall mood board)

I unfortunately left my ever growing mug collection back in Virginia so the temptation to buy all the cute coffee cups I see is an every day battle. Above are nine of my current favorites for this fall… it makes me want to curl up in my favorite old sweatshirt and binge watch Grey's Anatomy… but then again when do I not want to ;)

So let's change this unintentional snub and treat mugs like the true lifesavers they are because they sooo make the season ;)

Wish me luck as I do my best to beat the temptation of buying each of these cute mugs…. well at least not until after a girls weekend (!!!) this coming weekend ((#doac))
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