September 30, 2015

Blush & Champagne Wedding Party Inspiration

*This post is in partnership with Weddington Way however all opinions are my own*

Maybe you're a current bride-to-be devoting each precious free time to finding the perfect dress and suits for the big day? Maybe you're just like me, you sure aren't engaged but you do have the ever growing wedding Pinterest board filled with inspiration. Whatever the case may be, I found your new best friend (yes maybe even better than pinterest… gasp I know) introducing... Weddington Way! They have a huge selection of gorgeous gowns for your girls to match each and every need. My personal favorite tool on the website is that you can even search gowns in a specific color by using "mix and match".. that makes picking dresses for each and every personality possible! And don't worry the dresses found here aren't 27 dresses worthy ;) They even just recently added a new Gent Shop filled with options that any groomsman would find appealing. Ranging from different colors, classic designs, and tie vs. bow ties…

After searching through the whole website, here is my favorite pairings for a wedding party. ((It was extremely hard, and I am not even actually planning by wedding at the moment… I feel for all you bride-to-bes and those who have been through it before.))

If you know me in real life you'll know that I have had the basic idea for my wedding for a long time. I want a beach wedding or an outside wedding. I want the color scheme to be blush and gold with a little ivory… the third color is being changed often. I want an outside reception, my hair down, and I even have an idea for who will do my makeup and photographer lol.

I just am well planned out (and picky). Which is why Weddington Way pleasantly surprised me, they had so many options for exactly what I was looking for. Let's talk the suit, I love the look of gray next to blush and for an outside wedding it gives off just enough casual but still some class and sophisticated vibes.. that's why I had to go with the Carter suit. The cuff links are my favorite addition to the look as well, because if you know me you know I love the beach and about 70% sure I will get married there. Choosing a suit was the easy part however, I agonized for hours on what to do about the bridesmaids. I had narrowed it down to five different dresses and didn't want to part from any of them. I finally chose these two because it provided a delicate balance. I love the wow factor of the Poppy dress, I've always wanted accents of gold somewhere in my wedding… and who would have thought I could have used my bridesmaids all this time! I chose Dove and Dahlia's Birdie as my second because the softness of the dress and color complemented the Poppy so well. Also how gorgeous would that back be for a beach wedding??? 

So never mind me, I'll just be day dreaming about my wedding and pinning to my Pinterest board like a mad woman… ;) ((You can even follow Weddington Way on PINTEREST- they are full of all kinds of inspiration and advice for those planning a wedding!))

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  1. Lovely & inspirational post! =) I particularly love the shoes, so gorgeous! Not planning on getting married anytime soon, but I really like posts like that so thank you for sharing =) <3


  2. So inspirational and good post! I just love posts like this and to dream about perfect wedding! :) PS: Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog. x

    Fashion Spell

  3. Lovely picks, champagne and blush are perfect colours for a wedding!

  4. How beautiful they look! Great picks x

  5. What gorgeous dresses! Great picks Brooke, thanks for sharing:)


  6. Love these looks you put together - especially love the middle pink dress!

  7. Nice selection. Stunning colors
    I love your blog. I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

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  9. Those style wedding party dresses are very nice, no matter what is blush bridesmaid dresses or champagne prom dresses, those are very nice.


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