September 30, 2015

Blush & Champagne Wedding Party Inspiration

*This post is in partnership with Weddington Way however all opinions are my own*

Maybe you're a current bride-to-be devoting each precious free time to finding the perfect dress and suits for the big day? Maybe you're just like me, you sure aren't engaged but you do have the ever growing wedding Pinterest board filled with inspiration. Whatever the case may be, I found your new best friend (yes maybe even better than pinterest… gasp I know) introducing... Weddington Way! They have a huge selection of gorgeous gowns for your girls to match each and every need. My personal favorite tool on the website is that you can even search gowns in a specific color by using "mix and match".. that makes picking dresses for each and every personality possible! And don't worry the dresses found here aren't 27 dresses worthy ;) They even just recently added a new Gent Shop filled with options that any groomsman would find appealing. Ranging from different colors, classic designs, and tie vs. bow ties…

After searching through the whole website, here is my favorite pairings for a wedding party. ((It was extremely hard, and I am not even actually planning by wedding at the moment… I feel for all you bride-to-bes and those who have been through it before.))

If you know me in real life you'll know that I have had the basic idea for my wedding for a long time. I want a beach wedding or an outside wedding. I want the color scheme to be blush and gold with a little ivory… the third color is being changed often. I want an outside reception, my hair down, and I even have an idea for who will do my makeup and photographer lol.

I just am well planned out (and picky). Which is why Weddington Way pleasantly surprised me, they had so many options for exactly what I was looking for. Let's talk the suit, I love the look of gray next to blush and for an outside wedding it gives off just enough casual but still some class and sophisticated vibes.. that's why I had to go with the Carter suit. The cuff links are my favorite addition to the look as well, because if you know me you know I love the beach and about 70% sure I will get married there. Choosing a suit was the easy part however, I agonized for hours on what to do about the bridesmaids. I had narrowed it down to five different dresses and didn't want to part from any of them. I finally chose these two because it provided a delicate balance. I love the wow factor of the Poppy dress, I've always wanted accents of gold somewhere in my wedding… and who would have thought I could have used my bridesmaids all this time! I chose Dove and Dahlia's Birdie as my second because the softness of the dress and color complemented the Poppy so well. Also how gorgeous would that back be for a beach wedding??? 

So never mind me, I'll just be day dreaming about my wedding and pinning to my Pinterest board like a mad woman… ;) ((You can even follow Weddington Way on PINTEREST- they are full of all kinds of inspiration and advice for those planning a wedding!))

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September 27, 2015

Instagram Round-Up + Life Lately

My instagram feed looks more like an ode to summer as my friend would say "The calendar says fall but your heart says summer" and I feel like we can all agree with that. With each day though I am getting more into the fall spirit, so don't worry by winter… my instagram feed will probably look like an ode to fall ;)

Lately, I've been trying to make the most out of the sun I can before it's back to being pale and obsessing over makeup. Lately though the reoccurring thought is why do I care so much about no makeup when I'm pale. It's still the same exact face, and do I need to be so self consumed that I actually am checking out my face daily to see how pale I am. No one needs that kind of self destructive behavior haunting them, we are still that same girl… tan or not. [end rant]

If you know me my idea of casual is typically everybody else's idea of dressed up. If this was a tv show it would have had flashbacks of me going out for coffee in AM with a dress, belt, necklace, etc. ((I even had on booties and opted out…)) lately though, I've been feeding into my inner college student self and lounging in Victoria Secret 247 (at least that's how it seems.) I honestly could probably spend all my money at Victoria Secret buying underwear, bras, and sweatshirts that I have to actively not go into the store… ((like how cute is this Varsity Crew)) I'll take one in every color please, (I wish!)

It still feels foreign to me that I'm not tagging anymore, I mean obviously it's the fall and soon with winter and the wind no one's going to want to be sitting on the beach… much less tagged. This just was the best summer. I grew so much and figured out the kind of person I need to be and just how much more of God I need to know. I learned to stand up for myself. That budgeting money is a necessity and I will get there eventually but I'm slowly learning. I also learned where my limits with alcohol are and that vodka just isn't my friend… Most importantly, that with amazing friends standing behind you and carrying you when you're down you can do anything. Also I learned that you can go through the what if's of life all you want, but you need to be glad for the right now. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and some of those reasons we never find out. But each step we take, thought we have, party we go to, or person we talk to changes us and we change them… and that's beautiful. [end rambling lol]

I hope you have one amazing weekend and that this Sunday is just the icing on top of the cake

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September 25, 2015

Call Me Outfit Repeater

Happy Friday lovelies, the best part about this weekend was waking up and realizing that shorts were a possibility today! I know it's now officially fall (all the salted caramel mochas I want) but I just am not ready to let go and shorts are letting me live that dream.

This shirt, you may recognize it from a previous post… I am obsessed. You know when you find that one perfect shirt and the next thing you know you're incorporating it in every outfit. That's how this shirt is for me, since buying it… I have used each excuse in the book to wear it. You may even notice that I recently changed the template of LookBrooke and have even added a what I'm currently loving on the sidebar, and no surprise this shirt makes the cut.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, mine will most likely be filled with the last bit of sun I can squeeze out of September, Grey's Anatomy, and plenty of coffee… :)

|Sweater: Old (The Loft) (similar)||Shirt|
|Scalloped Shorts: Old (Francesca's) (similar)|
|Booties: Old (DSW) (similar)|

More scalloped things:

September 22, 2015

Sneak Peek Into My Closet

I got an outfit on, did my hair… grabbed my canon and realized it was broken. Talk about a huge bummer, it looks like while I wait to either fix it or buy a new camera… the iPhone selfies are going to have to cut it. ;) Which brings me to the newest series on LookBrooke ((#lookscloset…? I'll work on it..)), here I will show you my outfits of the day and a sneak peek into my closet every week.

Outfit One// This is one of my favorite go to fall outfits, because it has just the right amount of color to bring a cheerful tone. I especially love the skirt because layers it is one of the absolute best when it comes to layering ((and it looks good with about anything)) The best part of this specific outfit is how easily you can dress it down or make it cozier for colder days… add a scarf, tights, and some tall boots and you have the perfect dressy outfit for any fall (or milder winter) days!
|Similar tank|Sweater|Belt off a Forever21 dress|Skirt|

Outfit Two// This is what I affectionately refer to as my "monday blues" outfit. I got this dress on sale at White Lotus, which is a chain of boutiques. ((They have an online store which honestly does not give the boutiques justice… if you're lucky enough to have one close to you.. visit ASAP.)) Ever since buying this dress it's a staple that I throw on quickly with little thought but know I'll still look like a hit. Those are the dream dresses, am I right? 
|Chambray: Hollister|Dress: White Lotus (similar material and color here)|

Outfit Three// Shout out to my dear friend Meg for this ensemble.. :) You know how important outfits can be, after about an hour of trying out countless outfits… she was able to give me her own clothes so I could make a decision. I wore this ensemble to Reggae Night at The Deck in Golden Nuget, in AC… any of you ever been there? It's an outfit venue that also doubles as a restaurant and has live music and a dance floor, it really is a fun place to go ((with no cover charge might I add.)) The thing I love about this outfit is that it's simple, but not in the timeless way but in actually being simple. I think it's so effortless though that it can't help but catch your eye. This maxi skirt is the most comfiest way to look cute and actually be able to move. The most perfect staple for any closet. 
|Crop Top|Similar skirt|

Until next week… well at least to shop my closet ;) 

September 20, 2015

((FALL)) Mood Board

I've decided to a start a new series (#looksmoodboard), with each upcoming season I will provide a mood board. Full of fashion, beauty, recipe, etc inspiration for that season. Feel free to share some of your favorite DIYs, recipes, etc in the comments below ;) 

Suede Skirts: I know if you follow any fashion blog you've been bombarded with suede skirts lately, but I am currently crushing on this trend. The look is simple yet feminine adding a little uniform to your  fall look. As I was window shopping in Express (shamefully a daily event lately..) I ran across a mannequin wearing this skirt and it's been on my wish list ever since, here are some other cheaper options (two currently on saleForever 21 black suede skirt, this skirt on sale for $16.99 (!!), and then this on sale for $14.99 (!!)

JeansI hate pants lol. If you know me, I'd rather wear a dress or skirt any day.. team no pants. With cold weather comes the pants though, and for the first time I am pretty excited to style some different jeans and different looks (and maybe even include them on LookBrooke…?) Thanks to Old Navy I just bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans so excuse me while my pinterest board is full of different ways to style them ;) ((some favorites include Dress CorilynnLittle Blonde Book, and Rachel Sayumi))

Boozy Salted Caramel French Toast: Can't you just imagine a Sunday morning full of Hazelnut coffee, french toast, and morning snuggles? Nothing better.

DIY Fall Decorations: There's just something special about decorations, and with me hoping to get a nannying job… I need creative ways to keep them occupied ;) DIYs like these just make me wish I was living in my own little apartment..

Fall Beauty Finds:

September 18, 2015

Fall Transitioning

The weather feels more like transition of spring into summer than becoming fall.  I've been warned and warned though about the bitter cold that is soon to come… so I'm happily holding on to the lingering summer weather with happy, open arms.

It's been such a long time since i've posted an actual outfit post, it hurts me to think about it. (( Now bear with me please, I used to have my sister take the photos for me but since I moved to Jersey it's just up to me. So I'm learning… one awful and blurry photo at a time ;) ))

There's something so simple about a little grey knit dress, with this specific dress I love the slits that add a little sexier vibe to a rather modest dress. (The only downside of this dress is that I think a) it's cuter than photography shows and b) It's looser in the front which leads to an awkward whale vibe when you walk (exhibit a: that second to last photo lol)) What I do love about this dress is the functionality of just throwing it on and looking like you put more thought into your appearance than you actually did. ((Let's be real here my only thought is the beach for my last month of bikini weather and the smell of tanning oil or sunscreen.)) 

I can't wait for the colder weather to come when I came pair this with some little booties and a sweater.

Happy Fall Y'all ;) 

|Midi Dress (similar herehere ((under $20!!)), and here)|Ray-Bans|
|Bow Ring (Old Navy) (similar)|Earrings (Old Navy) (similar) (also like these!!!)|
|Lip Color: L'Oreal (Julianne's Nude)|Nail Color: Essie (Angora Cardi)|

Other Grey Dress Options:

The Cat's Meow

Inspired by my best friend ((and current major shopping addiction)) I present to you a few of my favorite cat centered products of this season. If you're ever wondering where I am… check any mall or outlets and there's a good 99% chance you'll find me.

I have this insane habit right now to go to stores everyday (don't worry I'm not always buying anything) and I go around imagining different outfits that could be put together or decorating my dream home (shout out to TJ Maxx). I have one other bad habit though, you will usually find me snapping pictures of anything with a cat and sending it via text to my bestie Jessie.

((She is currently finishing her senior year at JMU in VA and anything cat related makes me feel like she's right there back in Jersey with me!)) 

I don't know about you but I am loving all the cat themed merchandise for sale lately, and I know Jessie is loving it too ;) 

September 14, 2015

2015 Fall Fashion Finds and Inspiration

((photos via pinterest and tumblr))

Let's pretend I'm not sitting here in a bathing suit about to make the most of September and the beach… I choose to pretend I'm sitting at the local Starbucks with a Salted Caramel Mocha in hand (Sorry PSL drinkers… that's my fall drink!) and I have on the coziest leggings and sweater to match. ((When in reality I am sitting in the living room wearing a bathing suit with a VS PINK sweatshirt (similar) as a coverup))

If you follow me on Pinterest then you know I'm all about the fashion aspect of fall (or anything really). I am constantly searching through Pinterest or even Instagram to check out the latest inspirations from my favorite style icons (shout out to Taylor Morgan of Little Blonde Book or Megan Runion of For All Things Lovely) and start adapting it to my personal style (which sometimes is exactly what they wear. It's like they get me!)

Here are some of my fall fashion favorites (so far!) of 2015! 









You can find my favorite fall booties here for the post I did for #Nationalbootieday

What are some of your fall favorites, or even your fav places to shop?? Come on, let's trade secrets ;) 

((And if we aren't already connected via insta or pinterest… let's change that too. Us beauty and fashion lovers need to stick together!))

September 10, 2015

Five Reasons Why I Wish Life Was Like The Sims

The Sims was my game, I spent hours making everything perfect- the perfect house, clothes, and that perfect exact replica of your crush. As a freshman in college one of my quadmates always made fun of me because even on the sims I still managed never to get the guy I had a crush on then to ask me out. EVEN WHILE I WAS CONTROLLING HIM. Talk about not meant to be…

With my computer broken I have had to fight the urge to want to play the sims because when it rebooted everything was deleted. So while I wait to buy a whole new macbook and to get the sims back (lol can you say addicted) I have been thinking about how I wish life was as simple as it could be on the game…you

Money was simple and easy
If I could CTL + ALT + C my life and type in Kaching or Motherlode and automatically get money my life (and closet) would be so much better. Like when I somehow go into Victoria Secret, Lush, and Forever 21 and $300 dollars later are out of money…. (Sorry Mom, I will learn to budget this next paycheck I promise.) Also jobs!? You want a job? You're guaranteed on landing it the minute you click that button. I wish jobs were like that now, as I sit here slaving away at interviews and job applications. ((PS I have an interview for a possible nanny job tomorrow so be praying for your girl!))

Interior Decorating Was TJ Maxx On Crack
Can you guess what I did today? Day dreamed all day over at the home section of TJ Maxx (because ours here has the best home section.) My favorite part of The Sims 3 was always the way you could change the color of anything, it made decorating that much easier. With that being said, how easy was it to switch up your house? With a touch of a mouse you could change the color scheme and make the sofa feel brand new… or even use the newly produced "blueprint" function and have a completely new room in seconds. Just be sure to include the roof…. ;)

Read Three Books, Become An Expert on Cooking
I love cooking… er more so baking, but no matter how many pinterest recipes I read or blog posts I devour… I am not going to become like a trained pastry chef. But seriously how cool would that be? You're sitting there on the computer reading about making macaroons and bam you are now macaroon queen… serving the community one macaroon at a time. (Maybe I'm hungry and want macaroons…?)

Talk, Flirt, Hold Hands, Repeat… Til Marriage
If that was seriously how easy it was to get a guy to be interested in you, well I would actually be on the right track. Like imagine if that worked in real life because my current problems in the romance department would be settled. I have what I affectionately refer to as The Little Mermaid Syndrome. The one where she could barely walk, couldn't talk, her prince was a shy idiot… and yet it worked out (ok I'm missing that last part.) But seriously on the sims you can meet a cute guy at a bar, start randomly talking to him, subtly flirt with him out of the blue, hold hands…. and bam he's into you. ((I think I actually tried that philosophy while tipsy at a bar this summer.. hand holding and all.. then my friend asked him for sex (he said no) so I'll get back to you on that one…)) On the upside hugs and kissing don't lead to babies because I would be pregnant by now for sure.

This is for all you control freaks out there…. you can control everything. Have you ever made a huge mistake? Like oh I don't know gotten too drunk and your dad had to pick you up from a party where you drunkenly told your best friend you hated her for calling your dad and keeping you safe while also telling everyone that night about how you loved a specific lifeguard? (And I mean everyone.) On times like that you wish you could have just logged off the game of life and not pressed safe and got a whole new re-do. Or controlling your crush? Like making people connect in the sims was so simple. All you had to do was make them both go over by the water fountain and voilá you have made yourrself the perfect conditions for a budding friendship. ((Granted there was that one time I couldn't even make my sims version of my crush ask me out…)) Ummm perfect shape? Literally you could stare at tv barely moving and end up with the perfect pair of abs… if exercise was that easy I'd actually be hot. ((Not to mention the cheat codes were you could just naturally change the shape of your body…. yasssss. EAT ALL THE MACAROONS YOU WANT.))

[[photo source]]

Well I think it's time I clearly indulge myself and go get myself some macaroons… (Thanks Golden Nugget for actually selling them… praise.) Also hiding myself in my room because I clearly play way too much Sims in my free time :) 

September 9, 2015

Taking Stock

Making: an effort to get out of my comfort zone and do things that would make me usually faint and crawl in a whole. ((like ask a guy to grab a drink with me… though I never actually went through with that… blame CA.))

Cooking: Cupcakes so I get married duh. 

Drinking: WATER. Water. WATER. ((and the occasional Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbs cuz yassss.)

Reading: I can't get enough of the recent posts by my favorite blogger, Little Blonde Book.

Wanting: A new macbook, a job to work out (!!!), and a whole new wardrobe cuz fall clothes are my bread and butter…

Enjoying: Staying behind in Jersey and getting to see my Grandma everyday and just being able to talk with her. And phone conversations with long distance best friends, especially when you know how bad they are at texting and that they're hard core trying for you (shout out to Jessie!)

Listening: 2015 Broadway Cast Recording of The King and I lol. As well as, Pepper all day everyday cuz newest obsession…

Liking: This lush face mask for my after work skin. This target blanket sweater (I have a feeling this will be on an outfit post soon..)

Bookmarking: Ummm does just my whole pinterest account count? I just can't wait to actually start doing and not day dreaming ya know?

Watching: I am jumping on the bandwagon and watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix finally!

Needing: More time in the day to talk to everyone, blog, and fit in sleeping… :)

Smelling: My car because it smells like paradise thanks to Scentportables

Wearing: All shorts and VS sweatshirts 247, because when I need to be comfy I need comfy. ((Like this one))

Thinking: About the future of what's to come for LookBrooke (I am excited)

Feeling: Honestly sad, the goodbyes were hard and I miss summer already. This was truly the best summer in a long time. Each and every tagger taught me a story and life lesson just through who they are as a person. Each have beautiful stories to tell that I hope I can only contribute to.

Maybe I need to get sappy and really post about the summer…?

September 7, 2015

Cup O' Coffee Lush Review + Beauty Wishlist

It's the official last day of summer (AND HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!) and I'm trying super hard to live in denial. I said my final goodbyes, put away the fanny pack til next June, and am savoring that last sip of Wawa's Mocha Mint iced coffee that just tastes better in the summer.

With summer comes tan skin, occasional dry patches, and sun burn… and if you're like me a few weeks ago you are sick of feeling like your skin just doesn't look the way it used to. ((I mean don't get me wrong I am loving this tan but I feel a tad self conscious about the dryness and rough patches the sun brings me.)) That is, til I found the Cup O' Coffee face and body mask. Personally, I don't really use it on my body but I use it on my face and it works wonders. 

First of all, it smells amazingggg. I could probably sit and just smell it all day long but that would be weird so I promise I don't. It not only smells of coffee goodness, but it has that healthy smell to it. Like you can smell it and know it's okay to put on your face? Do I sound crazy lol? Maybe. Along with it's amazing smell, it has fresh coffee grounds in it which makes for the best exfoliator. I am a huge fan of exfoliating… if a skin care product has that ability, I will most likely buy it. Immediately after one use… I noticed my skin was shinier and healthier looking. The dry patches that were caused by the sun were about 45% gone and around my cheek bones were instantly smoother. I even went out that night with a friend and she wanted to know what foundation I was using because my skin seemed so flawless (I wasn't wearing any.)

I think it comes off fairly easy, which wasn't something I was expecting honestly. I mean it is hard work to get it off, it's not like a makeup remover wipe. My preferred method is scrubbing it using my hands and water and then patting it dry with a towel. Within a day you start to see results, which basically is the done deal for me. If you are in the sun at all or just suffer with dry patches, this was made for you. 

((Also let me know is a skincare routine post something you'd be interested in? Comment below!))

Now here comes the fun part… as much as I love my tan… I really only wear makeup once I get pale and for the makeup lover in me that is worth the rapidly approaching season of fall. After months of saving money and daydreaming I present to you my Fall Beauty Wishlist 2015.

**soon to be 50% off on 9/25 for Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty

What's on your beauty wishlist, also is a makeup tutorial something you'd be interested in? Comment below! 

September 3, 2015


|purple caged peep-toe|grey scrunch booties|black suede heeled booties|patent leather booties|brown zipped ankle booties|

Nothing says summer is almost over (cue the sad tears and true denial from yours truly) like getting into my favorite part about fall…. BOOTIES. They go with any outfit, any color, and are my favorite fall fashion staple. Did I mention I left all mine in Virginia… so shopping is deff in order. What better way to kick of #nationalbootieday then with a shopping spree. ((And no I didn't make up this hashtag or day… it was brought to my attention via instagram.)) So let's all sit together via our computers while we sip PSLs and start planning our fall wardrobe…. because it's coming before we know it. 

In the meanwhile I'll be sitting over here being salty because the North end wawa where I work finally swapped out the Salted Carmel coffee (my fav) for Pumpkin Spice and Bradley Cooper was in Richman's in Brigantine and literally the one day I don't get ice-cream he shows up… kk. 

Well this is me signing off for now, I'm on the search for Bradley Cooper…. ((like seriously I think he needs to take a beach day and relax…))

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