August 27, 2015

Summer Lovin

Finally a moment to actually sit down with a coke in hand (Coca Cola's "Life" coke is giving me life rn) to actually recap this summer. This summer was without a doubt one of the best, and even with these snapshots I can't begin to even explain how important this summer was or how much I grew.

When I first got into Jersey I found out that my best friend, who was originally one of the main reasons I actually agreed to coming back for the summer had decided to quit tagging. I was heartbroken and antsy. Meeting new people isn't my strong suit… or at least that's what I used to think. I forever thought I was shy and awkward and not very friendly (lolol boy was I wrong… I just am socially awkward around boys I like and find attractive oh ok good.) God blessed me with some of the best people to have ever set foot in Brigantine, NJ. I am not even remotely sarcastic with that statement. I loved each and every girl I worked with and they each taught me in unique ways that they themselves probably don't even understand nor know. I wish I could go on and on about them and how they changed my life… but that's a) a totally different post and b) meant for my diary. I leave you with some key moments of this summer instead...

•Work has been interesting, I have plenty of stories to tell for ages and even got tweeted about ((feeling like a major celeb tbh.)) 
•I made the super tough decision of staying behind in Jersey while my Dad went back home to VA. The southern girl in me is a little lost, but jersey honestly feels like home to me right now. 
•It's also the first summer I've stayed behind while my friends all left for school. The goodbyes are uncomfortable and hard, but I've been so happy knowing I've had more time with them than I would have had in the past. 
•I learned just how much of a daddy's girl I am, and how much of a daddy's girl I shall stay.
•I haven't been posting on here a lot but my pinning is still alive and running and beach weddings are my obsession honestly. 
•GUYS. 11 days are left of summer what happened to this summer!?!? It flew by! 
•Do you guys know the band Pepper cuz basically it's my newest obsession and is on repeat in my car. ((OH YA. Guys, you can see me driving around in a white Hyundai Accent!!!)) 
•How beautiful is Brigantine? Like I was always biased but it seriously is so beautiful. 
•I ditched my show tunes for a night and saw Sublime with Rome live and surprisingly had a blast. Like I don't even play showtunes as often as I used to... ((Rap may just be my guilty pleasure but I think we knew that.))
•I'm waiting to hear about a job interview and am also thinking about getting back into Arbonne. Exciting things are happening!!

I feel like I've been on an on going vacay and honestly I just don't want it to end. ((Boo real world)) like working on the beach in brig makes me feel like Ariel. And if I can go through life feeling like a Disney princess well then life is pretty good. 

Here's to summer 2015. Thanks for being a great one :)

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