July 23, 2015

This is a story about cupcakes...

If you've been reading this blog, know me in real life, or have stalked me on any social media... I am a walking ball of awkwardness in front of guys. In case you thought it's changed... It hasn't. Here's the newest installment of "Help I Can't Talk To Guys" (you can view previous posts here, here and here.)

It all started when me and my two friends decided to go to the beach after work to swim (that's right... your girl has been going into the ocean and learning to swim and without a one piece I might add... scandalous)

After belly flop contests, my swimsuit almost falling off me, and getting knocked down by a wave (lolz)... I somehow agreed to bringing the whole stand cookies. (As a thank you for holding my sunnies and phone... And the countless band-aids, water, and sunscreen they- ok one guard- gives me.)  Next thing I know cookies turn into cupcakes that I'll make myself. 

Remember how I said my brain turns into mush around boys well... I just agreed to bring cupcakes... And at my summer home I have no oven. That's right I just agreed to make cupcakes with no oven. What was I to do!? Drive over to the nearest Toys R Us and buy an Easy Bake Oven!? Like IM RUNNIN OUTTA TIME OVER HERE! 

So naturally I'm calling my grandma and aunt cuz they're actually normal and own an oven. "Can I use your oven to make cupcakes? I sorta forgot I don't have one." Desperate times call for desperate measures, it's cool I just won't make cupcakes and won't get married. That's all... Nbd. 

Don't worry aunt came in clutch and granted the use of her oven. So cue the wedding bells, the cupcakes are being made! Now if you've been following me- you'll know I love Pinterest! So if you've looked for chicken recipes there- you've probably came across "Man Catching Chicken" well I'm about to blow that out of the water. I'm talking about Man Catching Cupcakes

• box of dark chocolate cake mix
• mini chocolate chips 
• chocolate fudge icing 

WARNING: these cupcakes will ensure plenty of hugs. One might even hold your hand and sing to you. They shall cause men to actually say "I love you. I want to marry you." (Just be sure to bring out a written contract for him to sign... That is where I went wrong.) 

But I mean if a guy cleans your sunglasses for you on his own, I guess he deserves the cupcakes and you should struggle to find an oven ;) 

July 9, 2015

Life Lately (an insta and link round-up)

I am so sorry I have been so MIA lately (I feel like I may be apologizing a ton over the summer...) Along with starting my summer job (beach tagging) I also had my computer crash on me... So blogging has been pretty tough. I'm on the mobile app right now... So we see how this goes. Here is my Instagram (and iPhone gallery) round up and link up :) I've missed LookBrooke!!!

((Update: in order to do links… I had to use a computer and somehow (a miraculous God given miracle mine turned on.. for now) sooo yayyy))

1. Did you know it's Shark Week? Personally I'm not a huge fan of the week and have never watched anything Shark Week related. This year it's occasionally on in the Beach Fee Office, so now I can say that I actually tried to get into it this year. I'm growing up ya know! ((Also how adorable is this drawing my co-worker Sammy drew!?!?) 

2. With a view like this, it makes even the nastiest people worth it. ((There's always a reason for positivity.)) 

3. [shoes found here] Before I left for Jersey I spent a day at Ivy Lake in Lynchburg. ((PSA: The only flip flops you need in the summer are rainbows. They last for years. Don't have funky colors, so they can go with anything. Lastly, they're super comfortable.)) 

1. I basically single handedly funded Starbucks all because I am obsessed with the look of their cookies. 

2. I feel like if you follow me on Instagram (@brooklyn_terry) or on snapchat: btbroomell then it looks like I don't ever do my nails. But I promise I actually do like to do my nails ((and Essie is the bomb)) If you know of any nail polishes or specific colors, please leave a shout out below and help a girl out! 

3. [cheekys found here] Guys I'm bathingsuit obsessed right now. I am probably going to start having dreams that I'm bathingsuit shopping... Yep it's that bad. So if yall wanna flood my inbox with adorable bathing suits like I won't complain. But for reals, my tan line is atrocious and I may scare people on the beach so pray for them and me? K. Like I really want to order this one piece incase I ever get swim lessons again. 

1. I have a confession. These aren't even my ray bans, I lost mine in the lake... They're my dads. Phew, glad I got that off my chest. 

2. [current favorite product from them] Basically my newest clothing obsession is Jadelynn Brooke and it kills me my paycheck didn't arrive in time to wear one of their adorable America shirts for the fourth. But expect a ton of their stuff to be popping up in the future cuz their my new fav ;)

3. Other than my computer issues, work has just wen taking up my time. ((Ok work, waiting for hours for my dad to get off life guarding, and the binge netflix watching if I'm going to be honest)) but between the tagging, almost falling in the ocean, sunburns, and trying to live out my childhood dream of being aquamarine ((ummm laugh and pass and the fluff and retreat??.. Talking to cute boys can be hard)) I have missed this little place I so thankfully get to call mine

1. [shirt found here] I actually adore this shirt. I would probably wear it everyday if I could. It's my go to "throw on after work" or as a beach cover up! ((Plus I actually am totally a seer-sucker for a bow in a bow tie))

2. My mom, sister, and her best friend came to visit this past weekend and it was the greatest. I never realized how close me and my sister got over this past year til I moved away from her again. While we have our differences, are total opposites, and often times never agree... I am so thankful that God blessed me with a sister like Caroline. I only hope I'm the big sister she deserves. 

3. [shirt found here] Ya know those shirts you find and never take off again? You keep finding ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe because it's that good?? This is one of those shirts. I'm on my way to becoming Lizzie McGuire with the amount of times I've repeated this outfit, shirt, and even the amount of times I've thought about it long and hard. Forever 21 does it again folks. 

1. My Starbucks addiction subsides when I'm hear and my life is ran by Dunkin and Wawa iced coffee.... 

2. [shirt found here] Atlantic City just opened this new group of bars in Caesar's called "The Playground" (a little bit of a sketchy name... I know) but anyway me and my friend went and what we learned was: 
A. We are not and never will be club people. 
B. Wine, pjs, and a movie seem more our speed
C. We were made to be restaurant hoppers not bar hoppers.
D. We are secretly grandmas who want to be asleep by like 10. It's cool. 

3. I went to philly about a month ago, and fell in love. I only spent about an hour there... But the fast paced atmosphere is to die for. Take. Me. Back. 

Well that's about all I've been up to. My life is a great but significantly boring one as of lately hahah. ((Be sure to keep up on Instagram: @brooklyn_terry))

Happy Thursday lovelies ;) 
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