June 7, 2015

The Lilly Lover's Black Friday

GUYS. Is this real life? I spent a whirlwind of a little over twenty four hours on a spur of the moment decision to drive all the way to Philly from Southern Virginia. Why the madness? The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale.  Before going me and my friend researched heavily, and to be completely honest much of the information we received was extremely misleading. Which is why I decided to recap our experience on the blog.

We left to head to Philly around 5pm and made it there around 12-12:30am. (with a stop in Bethesda for dinner... Tyber Bierhaus, random I know..) When we arrived at the warehouse people we just arriving like us and many we're already camped out. ((I highly suggest that if you decide to ever do the sale in Philly to seriously consider camping out)) The sale opened that Thursday morning at 5am, so when we arrived to the sale we decided a cat nap in the car was the way to go. (While this isn't the safest route to go about things... I will say this isn't any different that camping out. I felt safe because of all the people camping out and arrive to and from the warehouse parking lot... if you choose to drive up last minute like we did, sleeping in your car shouldn't be a concern.) We woke up a little before 4am and changed ((You want to wear something warm. I can't stress this enough.)) I have the habit of never packing what I actually need (like dry shampoo or umm anything not shorts.) While I honestly was okay (my only concern was leg hair growing..) I have a high tolerance for cold.... my friend had on yoga pants and suggested that she should have worn leggings underneath sweatpants.

We got in line and started the adventure (it was already looped all the way to the back of the building by 4am!) We were fortunate enough to have some really nice people around us, everyone around was pretty down to earth and not rude at all. Directly in front of us were a mother and daughter who came all the way from Nashville (!!!!) a real class act, who honesty made the endless waiting enjoyable. Within twenty minutes (maybe even sooner honestly) we started moving, which completely shocked me. We also moved fast. We were all talking about how we bet we'd make it into the sale by 6:30am (yes, that's how fast it was moving at the beginning) Oh and did I mention my friend had work... in Virginia... at 5pm... that night??

It took maybe 35-40 minutes to get to the water tower, which is about the halfway point to being inside the building. Once getting to the water tower, up a ways is a white tent ((this tent is pure torture.)) The thing is the tent makes you feel like you're almost there... I mean you have to be. The tent is hoping, they even have speakers playing a DJ's mix, and there is discarded trash and half drank champagne bottles and food everywhere (which while gross... makes you think the partying stopped for a good reason.) ((Seriously evidently, at some point before 4am the tent is where the party is at.)) The tent moves painfully slow... we were set back about an hour. We kept pushing the time back for when we'd actually get in the sale, moving from 7am to 7:30am... I believe it took us about forty five minutes to an hour to finally get through the tent. Also while in the tent, the CEO comes out ((fun fact, if you ask he will gladly pose for a photo op.. I saw this done many times.)) You are also given wavers which I knew nothing about. Nothing serious or scary just that you won't rip off your clothes (ugh way to ruin the party), fight other girls over the last Lilly dress, take photos while inside, or buy the items for wholesale. ((Bring a pen, you may not always be next to a nice lady who will let you borrow hers.)) 

Once you get past the tent you are finally on the front side of the building (you can see the door!!!) This is when people start getting a little less chatty and a whole lot of why am I even here. I start resenting the workers who mom's bring them coffee, contemplate leaving, and start to wonder if the people who leave their chairs by the side of the building ever come back for them?? (I am looking at you Merlin, did you go back and get that nice chair of yours!?!?) By now you can stare at either the Lilly jeep or the people coming out with five bags in hand and seriously consider just knocking them down and running with their clothes (totally kidding... just sometimes no coffee can make a girl crazy) It took us about thirty minutes to finally get to the door, where there is a door man (seriously, not prepared for that.) But with a doorman, them only letting in a few at a time, and visibly no line inside from what you can see it seems like you.are.almost.there ((Don't be fooled, lines is the main theme of the day!))

Once you finally are allowed inside you get the pleasure of waiting in another line, by now it's 8am (remember when we originally thought we'd be in the sale by 6:30am LOLZ) The only good thing about this line is the fact that they have a stand where food and coffee is being sold. I jumped out about bought two donuts and two coffees that totaled up to $10. ((The coffee was horrible... but you take what you can get.)) It took about another hour to get through that line, making it 9am when we finally got into the actual sale. Remember how my friend had work at 5pm in VA?? Right before entering the sale, someone covered her shift!!! (Praise Jesus, He is faithful.. even in the small things.) 

It's crazy inside, but an organized crazy. Plenty of organized boxes with size and patterns above. Nothing really too crazy out of order and for the most part all dresses were on the right racks. Now I was under the impression (thanks to many different blog posts) that the prices weren't similar to the two online sales (one in January and one in August) more like dresses for $30 and great deals on shirts and plenty of things for $15-20. Now doesn't that all sound too good to be true? That's because it absolutely was. ((The warehouse sale is the same exact sale and discount you will get while doing the online sales.)) Now yes, there is the one exception to the rule... Samples and Seconds. That is where the best deals are found (and honestly only where you can find those above prices in my experience.) This is where you found products that had been returned, samples that never made it to production, or the clothes used in visual displays. Now there were some great deals, I am talking $15-20 dollar shorts.. the only catch was you needed to be a size double zero. I am guessing that those who camped out got the actual samples and seconds goodies that would make anyone swoon?

While there seriously are amazing deals going on (I mean $89 for a Lilly dress... you can't complain) these amazing deals do happen on the online sale. I say unless you live in a two hour radius (ehh even then), plan super in advance and camp out, or are just really bored and want something to do.... save yourself the trouble, get a cup of coffee and shop online next time. 

Was it an experience? Absolutely. Do I regret it? No way. Would I do it again? Probably never, honestly. In conclusion, here is what I learned:

  • Unless you are within a two to three hour radius, skip it and go back to sleep.
  • This is not a shotgun decision to be taken lightly, while it's doable... you want more thought put into it.
  • In addition to that, wearing leggings under your sweatpants and a t-shirt under your sweatshirt will be helpful for trying on your clothes and skipping the forever line for the dressing rooms (while not breaking your waver.)
  • Bring snacks, you truly never know how long the line will be and you WILL envy everyone with snacks and coffee.
  • Bring a pen, you will need one. No one wants to be stressing over finding a pen at the last minute before getting into the sale (finally.)
  • This is not the place to bring a one-month old baby or a puppy. It just isn't, think of the baby or puppy. Especially a newborn... they shouldn't be out more than five hours a day and a crazy warehouse sale isn't the place. 
  • Seriously consider the online sale, it's the way to go.
  • Also at the end of the sale they give you 10% off coupon for the Lilly store in King of Prussia's mall (the shorts were discounted the exact same as the warehouse sale.) EXACTLY THE SAME. 

Lilly Picks I'm Currently Loving (Can You Tell I Love "Resort White Red Right Return"):

What's on your Lilly wish list? Have you ever experienced the craziness that is the Lilly Warehouse Sale? And seriously, were the deals ever that amazing because I looked and did not find them. Like did I even go to the same sale?? lol. 

For those of you wondering my snapchat is btbroomell :)

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  1. I didn't know about this until after!! I live outside of Philly, where do you live!?


    1. I live near Roanoke, VA! So quite a hike lol!

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  3. Oh my goodness what an experience! I would have been so cranky during all of this so it's better if I just wait till August and shop online!



  4. Omg this was probably worse than the Target lines when they launched Lilly!
    Glamour State Of Mind

  5. How fun! I would've gone if I didn't have work, but I think that I will just wait for the online sales from now on. This doesn't sound like my kind of party haha

    Thanks for an honest recap!

  6. I don't even know what lilly pulitzer is but WOW that is crazy!

  7. Wow that sounds crazy!! I love the rules they gave you:) I'll go add you on Snapchat!

    1. Haha right the rules were presented in such a great way!


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