May 28, 2015

For The Snacker Inside All of Us

*Product c/o Natural Balance Foods, however all opinions are mine*

Mail day is the best day, I jumped for joy when these cereal bars arrived in the mail. I seriously couldn't wait to open them... I started ripping into the package before even getting back into the kitchen. (No. Shame.) I am always on the look for snacks- sad but true... and when they're no sugar added, wheat and gluten free, as well as vegan friendly... well ya know you just might not feel bad about eating them....

The set includes: 
Caffè Mocha (!!!!)
Cocoa Mint (!!!!)
Banana Crunch
Cocoa Delight (!!!!)
Pecan Pie
Apple Crunch
Berry Delight
Cocoa Crunch (!!!!)
Cashew Cookie
Ginger Bred
Rhubarb and Custard
Strawberry Crunch (!!!!)
Cocoa Orange
((**(!!!!) indicates they were a favorite**))

If you know anything about me... chocolate is practically my drug (I mean my go to coffee choice!? Give me a mocha please!).... so it's not a surprise I gravitated towards basically every chocolate bar (they even sale their own box set of the chocolate bars and well we know what I'll be ordering from now on!!!!) The best way to honestly describe the chocolate bars would be a healthy brownie. And if I can indulge in my love for chocolate and fill guilt free? Then you know I am going to be a big fan. I honestly enjoyed them a lot more than I originally thought I would, (I mean they go by cereal bars... and cereal isn't my cup of tea) but they really felt like something I would take to work or on the go in an everyday setting. And the berry ones? They taste like an organic fruit roll up... seriously they taste pretty amazing. 

Natural Balance Foods is currently working on bringing these bars to the US and I honestly can't begin to explain just how excited I am for that day to happen... and just saying they are the perfect thing to snack on while watching The Bachelorette ;) (I was totally team Kaitlin by the way... and the dentist?? Dreamy... Also Joe... I am such a sucker for southern accents... okay I am seriously going on a rant lol)

My absolute favorite bar was the cocoa mint, which actually started out as my least favorite and turned into my favorite halfway through the bar hahah. Do any of them sound interesting to you, or have you ever tried Nākd bars?

**Also for those wondering, my mug can be found here**

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  1. I really want to try these! I have heard they are lovely! I'm a sucker for snacking so these would be perfect! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. You should, I was really surprised once I tried them how much I loved them right away!!!

  2. These sound awesome!! I've recently tried laying off snacking except for healthy bars, these sound amazing!

    Kendal | Life With Kendal

    1. Seriously the perfect thing to settle your cravings!!

  3. I actually randomly picked up one of these before and I remember liking it. I cannot remember what flavor but I know I got it at Wegmans haha. I'll have to try them again soon!

  4. These look so good and I love your mug! From where did you buy it?

    Sarah |

  5. Those sound amazing!

    xx Leah / Eat Pray Wear Love

  6. nice post as always :)
    Kisses :)

  7. Yum! These sounds awesome. I haven't heard of them before, so thanks for the brand introduction! I'm always looking for new healthy snacks.


  8. Oh, I would love to try these! They look delicious! I've found snack bars to be such easy, on the go snacks :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  9. This post made me so hungry. I love that list of snacks. Yummy!

    Jessica |

  10. Delicious..... I need a snack just now!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  11. I love this, look so yummy! ♥

  12. I'm so bad when it comes to snacking, I can't help myself! These sound perfect though, so I'm definitely going to check them out! Especially the chocolate and berry versions! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  13. These sounds absolutely amazing! I literally am always snacking, so a new and healthy option like this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing:)


  14. it's so amazing..

  15. These look super yummy! I'd probably love all the chocolate ones too, being a chocolate fanatic myself!


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