May 24, 2015

Channeling Our Inner Mermaid


I'm having flashbacks of that one amazing summer my Dad made me buy a one piece for a swimming lesson with a guy hahah. Looking back on it, I actually don't think it was over protective parenting of a nineteen year old... it was the fact that I look like an ice-cream sandwich or neapolitan ice-cream  in the summer thanks to Beach tag checking. (Seriously pair the tan I get with the fact I'm wearing soffee shorts, an often times oversized tank top, and the addition of a fanny pack... and I am a walking joke in a two piece) I rummaged through piles and piles of one pieces that summer and found virtually nothing... I wish some of these were available two summers ago when I went through my one-piece panic. (like number six helloooo) 

So rather your looking for a one piece because you too are twenty-two years old and can't swim and your father is making you wear a one piece, you need it because of school and/or church function, or maybe you just like one-pieces... I've got you covered. 

I guess the theme of this post is like cover up your skin? hahah I don't know but sometimes a good coverup can make all the difference. I would know, I don't think anyone has really ever seen me in my bathing suit, I just typically don't let people but I am all about coverups! Out of these ten, I would have to say my favorite is the second! But probably because it looks like something I would wear period, so i will feel 100% comfortable walking down the beach in it. ((And I say this like every summer but I am going to actually try to be seen in my two piece... we shall see))

here's the infamous
one-piece in all it's glory.
And see I wasn't kidding
about the tan line...

And all you bikini loving people, I haven't forgotten you (heck I wear bikinis everyday at work underneath the uniform that serves like a chastity belt... ;) ) I wrote a post around March on some bikini picks, but an updated version just may be in the works... let me know if it's something you're interested in! 

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  1. They are all amazing! I really love number 9 at the top! :) - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. Lovely collection that you picked out. I really like number 2 and 7 of the one-piece picks, both have a vintage look to them. Very flattering.

    Diary of Elegance

  3. I can't wait to bust out the bikinis! Do you have any recommendations for online stores that ship worldwide with pretty one-piece swimsuits at affordable prices? Let's say... $30?

    1. Hey girl, I will get right on that and email you some links!! :)

  4. These swinsuits ars so fab!!!!
    Maybe we can support each other via GFC & bloglovin etc. Let me know :)
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  5. so many great picks! they're all cute :)

  6. They are all so cute:)


  7. I really like your selections :) Great choices :)

  8. Those one pieces are amazing! The flamingo & purple one are my favorites! Amazing post :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  9. I love options number 5 & 9 for the one pieces, those are so pretty!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. Love your picks and all the flamingos! Kate Spade can do no wrong!

    Christine |

  11. AnonymousMay 25, 2015

    Such cute picks! And I love your story haha. I think the picture of you is super cute, although I totally get where you're coming from on the tan line issue... sigh. Love the post!

  12. Haha I'm totally 22 years old and have never learned how to swim! But that doesn't mean I don't love shopping for a great bathing suit and cover up like the next girl. Your one piece suit picks are amazing and honestly I love a classic one piece and those cover ups are the cutest!

  13. For bathing suits I love love 2, 7 and 9. For those coverups I really like 2 but I usually wear a kimono like 9! A good cover up is important for someone living in jersey like me because I drive to the beach in my bathing suit already and when I stop at Wawa or rest stops along the way I need to be somewhat covered haha

    1. Hahah yesss, it really is the struggle!!


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