May 29, 2015

Happy Birthday LookBrooke!!!!

I can't believe it's been three years on this little corner of the internet I call mine! I remember when I caved and decided to blog again, which basically were ramblings and avoiding things like studying for finals and white glove. (Seriously it's a scary thought how bad I was at blogging lol) I for years blogged and practically told no one, I used it as a way to get out frustrations or as an alternative journal... I really never thought I'd be blogging things and letting people read them. Cue about a year later I started just blogging about life and my best friend thought it was hilarious and before I knew it I was singing up for bloglovin and starting to comment on other blogs.

About a month ago I decided to cave and start actually broadcasting I had a blog, actually utilizing social media (I mean it was a scary thought) but it's been so worth it to see how this blog is growing and making new friendships and feeling like I have a voice than can be heard ((even if it's usually be broadcasting how awkward I am with the male species haha))

I just really want to take this time to thank each and every one of you. The silent readers who never comment, the fly on the walls who will pretend they don't know the blog exists, the followers on GFC who basically were there from the beginning, the followers on bloglovin, my friends and family who read my blog and support me 110% even though I wake up and often feel like I am playing pretend daily trying to write this thing, and every reader who stops by. Thank you. 

I know 64 followers on bloglovin or 34 on GFC doesn't seem like a lot but it truly baffles me daily. Thank you for wanting to be a part of my life and deal with my ramblings, insanity, and awkward outfit posts.... as I am starting out and finding my voice for this crazy blog.

Your comments, your tweets, your emails, and shoutouts... I appreciate I can't thank you enough. I wish I could hug each person that visits LookBrooke. And now my email, twitter, anything is always open.

Thank you so much for making this experience enjoyable, surprising, and I can't wait for year four (!!!!)

Some of my favorite past posts:

May 28, 2015

For The Snacker Inside All of Us

*Product c/o Natural Balance Foods, however all opinions are mine*

Mail day is the best day, I jumped for joy when these cereal bars arrived in the mail. I seriously couldn't wait to open them... I started ripping into the package before even getting back into the kitchen. (No. Shame.) I am always on the look for snacks- sad but true... and when they're no sugar added, wheat and gluten free, as well as vegan friendly... well ya know you just might not feel bad about eating them....

The set includes: 
Caffè Mocha (!!!!)
Cocoa Mint (!!!!)
Banana Crunch
Cocoa Delight (!!!!)
Pecan Pie
Apple Crunch
Berry Delight
Cocoa Crunch (!!!!)
Cashew Cookie
Ginger Bred
Rhubarb and Custard
Strawberry Crunch (!!!!)
Cocoa Orange
((**(!!!!) indicates they were a favorite**))

If you know anything about me... chocolate is practically my drug (I mean my go to coffee choice!? Give me a mocha please!).... so it's not a surprise I gravitated towards basically every chocolate bar (they even sale their own box set of the chocolate bars and well we know what I'll be ordering from now on!!!!) The best way to honestly describe the chocolate bars would be a healthy brownie. And if I can indulge in my love for chocolate and fill guilt free? Then you know I am going to be a big fan. I honestly enjoyed them a lot more than I originally thought I would, (I mean they go by cereal bars... and cereal isn't my cup of tea) but they really felt like something I would take to work or on the go in an everyday setting. And the berry ones? They taste like an organic fruit roll up... seriously they taste pretty amazing. 

Natural Balance Foods is currently working on bringing these bars to the US and I honestly can't begin to explain just how excited I am for that day to happen... and just saying they are the perfect thing to snack on while watching The Bachelorette ;) (I was totally team Kaitlin by the way... and the dentist?? Dreamy... Also Joe... I am such a sucker for southern accents... okay I am seriously going on a rant lol)

My absolute favorite bar was the cocoa mint, which actually started out as my least favorite and turned into my favorite halfway through the bar hahah. Do any of them sound interesting to you, or have you ever tried Nākd bars?

**Also for those wondering, my mug can be found here**

May 25, 2015

Comfy Casual

A couple weeks ago I was out shopping with a friend and she mentioned how she was really into the lace shorts trend, but was't sure how she would style them and I made the comment that I really only wore them to the beach. ((And that is such a waste of lace shorts... that I knew I needed to find a way to incorporate them better into my wardrobe... and help others.))

I am not a t-shirt and jeans person, for some reason I just never have been so my version of casual is often times a lot less casual than others, but I am learning-and trying to change! (Like I just bought a boyfriend tee today) For me if I can pop up a simple tank and a cute pair of shorts and sandals... I'm ready to go. Especially in the summer when I just have spent all day in the sun, taken a shower, and am honestly feeling pretty lazy at this point of the day.

((Also how adorable is this living doll top with the bow... anything with bows basically can be defined as my obsession but this tank may take the cake.)) Immediately when thinking of what to pair with the pants that wasn't the average basic like black tee, I thought of how the bow tank could automatically dress it up a bit but still leave it looking casual.

Plus these lace shorts feel like pajamas, and if I can get away with feeling like I am wearing pajamas for most of the day while running errands... well you best believe I will take that chance.

Pajamas all day everyday in the summer and no one will notice... yes please ;) 

Tank: Living Doll (Similar here and here)
Shorts: Francesca's (Similar here and here)
Necklace: Francesca's (similar here)
Earrings: Francesca's (similar here and here)
Sunnies: Raybans (similar here)
Shoes: Target (similar here and here)
Lipgloss: Baby Lips
Nailpolish: Bump Up The Breaks

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May 24, 2015

Channeling Our Inner Mermaid


I'm having flashbacks of that one amazing summer my Dad made me buy a one piece for a swimming lesson with a guy hahah. Looking back on it, I actually don't think it was over protective parenting of a nineteen year old... it was the fact that I look like an ice-cream sandwich or neapolitan ice-cream  in the summer thanks to Beach tag checking. (Seriously pair the tan I get with the fact I'm wearing soffee shorts, an often times oversized tank top, and the addition of a fanny pack... and I am a walking joke in a two piece) I rummaged through piles and piles of one pieces that summer and found virtually nothing... I wish some of these were available two summers ago when I went through my one-piece panic. (like number six helloooo) 

So rather your looking for a one piece because you too are twenty-two years old and can't swim and your father is making you wear a one piece, you need it because of school and/or church function, or maybe you just like one-pieces... I've got you covered. 

I guess the theme of this post is like cover up your skin? hahah I don't know but sometimes a good coverup can make all the difference. I would know, I don't think anyone has really ever seen me in my bathing suit, I just typically don't let people but I am all about coverups! Out of these ten, I would have to say my favorite is the second! But probably because it looks like something I would wear period, so i will feel 100% comfortable walking down the beach in it. ((And I say this like every summer but I am going to actually try to be seen in my two piece... we shall see))

here's the infamous
one-piece in all it's glory.
And see I wasn't kidding
about the tan line...

And all you bikini loving people, I haven't forgotten you (heck I wear bikinis everyday at work underneath the uniform that serves like a chastity belt... ;) ) I wrote a post around March on some bikini picks, but an updated version just may be in the works... let me know if it's something you're interested in! 

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May 23, 2015

What Does Wholesale Have To Do With You?

*This post is sponsored by ApparelCandy however all opinions are my own*

If you're like me the mention of wholesale has your head spinning, what is it? Could it be beneficial for me? What do I need with about 8 different sizes of the same product? I originally could only see it as an investment if I was to loose my clothing and also loose or gain so many pounds I switched sizes. ((Did I mention I'm not always one for thinking logically?)) When I came across ApparelCandy for the first time I was immediately impressed by the selection of wholesale tops they had. It reminded me of the different times me and my friends ran out to stores trying to get the same shirts, skirts, or pants for things like halloween or scavenger hunt uniforms...

Here are a few of my favorite tops from ApparelCandy:

Now even then I know you may still be sitting here not seeing how wholesale can be the right thing for you, (where is this chick going with this...??) but if you keep looking around the site you will notice that wholesale clothing isn't the only thing ApparelCandy is all about... they also sell cosmetics, sunnies, jewelry, and even fragrances! This is where the ball got rolling, growing up I always knew I would have killer birthday parties. Like once I had custom m&ms that said my name and happy 13th birthday. (Thanks mom and dad!!) My mom even once made goodie bags out of paper bags that looked exactly like Madeline's house. Hey when you were younger your parties were almost more about the goodie bag than the party itself! And in todays economy and the generations to come and go... it can be hard supply your kids party with the coolest goodie bags around and thanks to Apparel Candy.. you just may be able to salvage the goodie bag.

Here are a few of my favorite goodie bag options:

Accessory wise, you just might want to think your look on wholesale, it can be a good way to have a girly and cute goodie bag without breaking the bank. Pair this with a creative looking goodie bag, some candy, and a great party... and you have a recipe for success, and don't forget to check out ApparelCandy

Who knew? 

May 17, 2015

Newest Obsession

Hide your wallets, you're about to fall in love too.

The best decision I ever made for my closet (and the worst decision I ever made for my bank account) was signing up for ShopStyle. Sure it seemed like your typical it will send you millions of emails and you wait for that one good sale... but it's turned out to be more than that.  The appeal for me is there personal tailored shop which is actually tailored to you. And while I know some products and websites say that, I accidentally got two different shop style profiles and both shops we're different, so it's specifically catered to your needs and wants. And as your style changes or you find more companies you adore, you can edit the brands and see if shop style has them in their selection. 

I think it's fun to see the different picks each day, often times I wish you could just refresh and refresh   as many times as you wish and new things would pop up. But each brand new day it's like a fun video game for the fashion obsessed... ;)

For a couple of days I gathered a couple favorites that had been featured in my tailored shop :)

(I am pretty sure I have pinned and seen that Anthropologie color-blocked tank countless times. Isn't it crazy how well it can know you?)
Skirts, Shorts, And Pants:
(I even actually own the J Crew Factory Chino Shorts in that exact color...)

Dresses and Rompers:
(I again actually own the J Crew Factory Sheer Striped Dress... and have even blogged about it)

(I am basically bow obsessed, so anything with a bow is an absolute win in my book. And I kid you not I took a photo of the Michael Kors wedges and sent them to my friend Lauren saying I was obsessed, three days later they were on my tailored shop.) 

I'm obsessed, just obsessed is all. From how well this little algorithm could know me (shopstyle is seriously onto something) and from how many cute things there are for me to buy... I just am floored.

Did you have any favorites out of my tailored shop? Do you think you'll sign up to see what goodies lie ahead for you to swoon over?

May 15, 2015

A Coffee Date and Ramblings

Grab your coffee and let's chat...
My ears are practically bleeding, my heart is racing, my face looks like a smelled something bad, and my mouth refuses to utter that eight letter word. (Okay that may have been a tad dramatic, but what's new) I'd like to say patience isn't in my vocabulary, living in the ignorance that I don't need it.. I am doing just fine. The fact is patience isn't in my vocabulary because I am often too stubborn to want to learn the lesson of patience. I remember always hearing about how if you pray for patience... oh boy your prayer would get answer with the longest, most grueling, you're going to want to rip your hair out waiting period of your life. So patience, ha that wouldn't be spoken during a single prayer because that wasn't on the agenda. I suppose that thinking caught up to me because here I am in what feels like the daily headaches from worrying, overthinking, and even... crying. Patience, is being added to my vocabulary and for a while I was the living definition of bitter. Patience just isn't a virtue I had seemed to possess. Rather it was texting... and not getting a text back within the first minute and assuming all hope is practically gone. Remember... dramatic, it's my thing.

I am a huge advocate of fairytales, it's not the romance or the prince though that really makes me swoon. It's hope, it's the fact that when they were pushed down.. feeling useless... discouraged... or confused there was always hope. I hope to live life like a disney princess... feeling hope and seeing the good all around me.

There is a lot that keeps me up at night... not really knowing 100% what I want to do, having to fly by faith as far as a place to live and a plan for next year because every door opens and seems to close right when I get to it. I look in the mirror and feel as though I am a joke. The girl who wasted a scholarship who could have graduated last Saturday. I feel like I am no longer seen for who I am, but as a risk. My doubts end up becoming my enemy... that's the thing though they're just doubts, worries, just a product of overthinking and way too much time on my hands. Patience in this situation could be my best friend, but I often want to treat it like an enemy.

I would rather punch the problem or situation in the face til it complies (I promise I am also not a violent person hahah) but patience tells you to breathe... tells you to remember that "we do not wait in vain, we wait for our God." I had other plans for a different post for LookBrooke but that can wait... as I sat down with my coffee and the newest She Reads Truth devotional, I knew God laid patience on my heart. (The years of avoiding that prayer had come to a complete stop, I could hear the crescendo of music in the background.) Andrea Lucado wrote "My life was not bearing the fruit of patience because somewhere deep down inside of me I didn’t trust my God. And somewhere even deeper inside of me, I had lost hope and convinced myself I was alone." I for a while was going through the motions I would feel discouraged but think well it could always be worse, things aren't so bad.. God has a plan but I admit... I never believed super deep down. I just felt like it was the right, honest thing to do. But she also writes in this article how the word Long-suffering in the New Testament almost always was written in the context of hope. And just like that... I was reminded how patience can be achieved because much like a fairytale we have something even better than a fairy godmother and just like Ariel we too can turn our life around if we make a mistake like selling our soul to a seawitch... we have a God advocating for us each day even when we don't physically see it. Why? Because "He's the God who has promised and secured our full redemption through Jesus Christ." 

Here's to patience, community, and the future. I am not saying there won't be days I'll want to pull my hair out, days I will feel like hiding under the covers, or even days where tears will flow down... but it's what I choose to do after those moments that will matter. There's so much beauty in the world and in life that we will miss focusing too much on ourselves and doubts... so look up and let yourself smile and feel. The sunshine, it's shinning for each of you.

May 6, 2015

You Know The Dril... April Showers, They Bring May Flowers

**Currently link up thanks to Anne and Jenna**

Seriously, I feel like I was just setting up Christmas directions yesterday and now it's May and I am planning summer and moving and whattttt.... my mind can't handle. April was a great month: full of realizations, my 22nd birthday, a girls weekend in my fav place, and I fell in love with some new makeup, it's cool guys... i'm obsessed is all. Anyway let's grab our peach champagne, coffee, or water and toast to a whole new month full of possibilities....

Designing// I don't think this really counts but I've been trying to revamp my social medias and let this little space of mine be known more.... from insta posts to tweets, I am letting my freak flag fly... :)

Enjoying// Oh my, so many things! Some gorgeous cupcakes that were baked for my birthday ((with bows on them!!)) if you follow me on insta, you've seen them! I also was the girl who had a pretty strong disdain for jean jackets but this weekend out of necessity (sweaters can only go so far when searching for the perfect outfit) I bought this one from Old Navy (this and this are similar) and basically I haven't taken it off since and plan all my outfits around it....

Ordering// Let's be real here... I have a shopping addiction and have been stopping myself from ordering things online but if I was to order one thing... it would seriously be these lace trimmed crepe shorts (seriously so adorable and the perfect thing to wear in the summer when you want to dress up but not feeling a dress....)

Tasting// To balance out all the birthday cupcakes, for lunch I have been making the most glorious salad. A spring mix with mozzarella (I forgot the feta...), honey roasted sliced almonds, strawberries, and a red wine vinaigrette! Sooo delish, go try it now!! ((Chicken would also be a fabulous edition... ;D)

Don't forget to head over and link up and share what's going on with you currently!! 

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