April 15, 2015

Life Lately (An Insta and Link Round Up)

Happy Wednesday Lovelies, I admit my creativity lately seems to be lacking and I have sat down to write some posts deep from the heart and the writers block has got me bad. But we almost have a whole other week behind us, and with that we can lift up our cups of coffee and toast because much like the mid day pick me up, sometimes we need a mid week pick me up too.

1. How adorable did this cupcake turn out? There was a frozen cupcake kit at Sam's Club and well my mother knows me well.. I am a four year old in my heart. Sweet treats are all that are taking up space in my brain I sadly confess, and what's sweeter than dessert!? LOVE STORIES. I sobbed as I read this and am anxiously awaiting part two.
2. I tried to find a link to the mug for yall but most were unavailable but you can take a look at my go to tea of choice. This tea from Teavana changed my views on tea, no joke.
3. I can't contain my excitement for the fact it's dress season and you don't have to pair them with tights! Easter may be over, but here is a sweet collection of dresses I had put together. 
1. Summer is fast approaching and I received the papers for my summer job about a week ago. Can you believe how fast time has flown!? I swear last summer just ended, but I'm ready for a summer in Jersey and too see that Delaware bridge again ;)
2. ((Bracelet can be found here))
3. I am going to miss this little sanctuary I created here in my parents house, but I'm excited to be moving back to Lynchy and living in an apartment. ((in depth room reveal can be found here))
1. ((book can be found here)) I have my fair share of boy stories much like Katie Heaney which I have shared on my little corner of the internet. Need a pick me up laugh?? Look no further:
That one time I sent a voice memo to a guy and other technological savvy things I have done in the name of love
That time I left my number for my waiter
2. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the people who will literally run away from me and dart to the water to get out of a beach tag, the people who will pretend they don't have them and then let me stand there awkwardly for five minutes as I tell them about how it's required and then pull them out, the people who still think they're the first people to say "Badges we don't need no stinking badges." Oh boy.
3. Anyone else miss peppermint mochas? I know you can tech get them all year round but I miss when it's like an average thing ya know. 

1. I'm just going to quote my insta for this one: "A while ago life kind of shatter in a million pieces and hope was honestly hard to find. Oh and decision making!?!? That didn't seem like my forte... but here I am almost a year later and things are finally starting to look up and line up. Hope is abundant and renewed daily as you seek God and His crazy plan, even when it looks like your decisions keep blowing you off course. "The Jesus who spoke to His bewildered friends over broiled fish is the same Jesus who calls to us wherever we are today." Praise Jesus for that."
3. Phone calls with this lovely lady make my day, life, years... (Grandma Broom is my best friend, role model, and inspiration)

1. Summer is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited... Don't forget I already posted about some super cute bathing suits to add to your collection for this summer, you can find it here.
2. A couple weekends ago I went back to my high school to see their middle and elementary school production of Aladdin Jr. one of my dearest friend's was Aladdin and the production was insanely amazing for the age of the performers. It reminded me that sometimes home isn't a place but people. 
3. OOTD (Thanks Francesca's, Old Navy, and J Crew)

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  1. 1. LOVE this post!
    2. CONGRATS on getting your drivers licence!
    3. Can I be you!? Love hearing of all of your opportunities and am super jealous of your style and summer job!

    Hope all is well xoxo


  2. Yay for getting your driver's licence, road trips are in your future :)


  3. Congrats on getting your drivers licence!!! Your photography skills are amazing!! Love these photos xx


  4. Amazing pictures. I hope you have a new happy life in your new apartment :)


  5. Congrats doll on getting a drivers licence!!!
    Btw, great pics!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  6. Loved reading this post and I love your pictures! Congrats on your licence, how exciting!! x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. You have an amazing blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Follow me and I follow you back.

  8. fun round-up. and yay to wearing dresses without tights! =)


  9. OMG!! I love your JCrew finds :) Those fabrics look so pretty & delicate :)

    Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I just followed on GFC and will check you out on Twitter and other social media. xo

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  10. Congrats on that drivers license, hope fun future trips are in the works!


  11. such a lovely post! have a nice day xx


  12. So many pretty snaps!!! Woo hoo for your drivers license!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Amazing links and photos!
    April xx


  14. These are such great picks! Your grandma looks adorable :) Thanks for sharing!
    xo Kiki

  15. Loving that necklace! Francescas is one of my favorite places to shop for accessories!

  16. How cute is your Insta feed!! I really love your caption from your pic of the Bible study. I lovee the line about how the same Jesus that got to hang out with the disciples is the same one who I get to talk to everyday. Thanks so much for sharing:)


  17. Aww lovely photos and im lovin your feed! Congrats on your drivers license <3
    Anyway would you like to follow each other? Follow me and leave me a comment on my blog so that i can follow you back <3


  18. Congratulations on getting your drivers license! That's certainly exciting. And I love that Mrs. Potts mug, it's so cute!

    prosecco in the park

  19. I love a good IG feed. Yours is clearly on point. That swimsuit needs to get in my life. :) And wahoo to the DL!

  20. This is such a cute roundup of photos and links! Love it!



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