April 29, 2015

Lace Filled Dreams

Cue the Taylor Swift music, cupcakes, and balloons... I am most definitely feeling twenty-two today. With that being said, around finals was exactly when I sat down and decided to give this whole blogging thing a second try two years ago (seriously how does time fly!?), so we can go ahead and celebrate an early Happy Birthday for LookBrooke too. 

I remember sitting watching The Bachelor (guilty pleasure yall) and my dear friend had let me know that my dream dress had just been added to Francesca's site, I followed the link and basically hyperventilated from that point on 'til it was in my closet. It's a classic style, the detailing of the lace is gorgeous and gives it a one of a kind feel. Within five minutes of going out in public I was already complimented. ((Not to mention I feel like Wendy from Peter Pan when I wear it, so it can't get better))

We all have those dresses that just capture us and look like it was made specifically for us, and the Wendy Lace Dress was exactly that for me. I have a feeling people will be seeing me in this a lot more... ;) 

Dress: Francesca's (currently unavailable) (also like this)
Earrings: Francesca's (also like this)
Shoes: Fioni
Ring: Pandora

Similar Products:

April 27, 2015

When You Go To Target...

Ya know how it goes, you walk into target for one thing and come out with like 20. It's the blessing and yet curse of Target. This weekend was my long awaited girls weekend in my favorite place (Lynchy) filled with vintage finds, food trucks, theater, and me in actual makeup for the first time in what feels like forever. Naturally I had to stock up on some new makeup and I procrastinated too much to order anything from ultra (and the nearest is still good two hours and some away) but that's what Target if for right. Stocking up and falling in love.... Seriously though I am in love with these products. Before I left for lynchy I ran across this blog post (shout out to Adaleta Avdic!!) so she influenced me a little bit when I was in the store... ;) 

|Perfecting Transparent Mattifier|
I don't think I could praise this primer enough honestly. It reminds me of Arbonne's Primer... it's silky, smooth, clear, and provides the best base for your makeup. Not to mention my skin feels so soft that on days I just wanted a little primer and mascara, this would be the go to. 

Similar Products:
|Makeup Extender Setting Spray|
I just started using setting spray about a year ago (I know how did I go nearly twenty-one years without it????) I have used a couple different ones, but my favorite was always the Urban Decay one. This is just as good. I never found myself worried about my makeup or wanting to look into the mirror to check up on it. I just feel freeeedommmmm. *singing that line will give the best affect*

Similar Products:
|Pro-Matte 24 Hour Stay Foundation||Pumped Up Colossal Mascara|

I am the pickiest when it comes to liking foundation, honestly usually even if I do like it... I still find at least two things I don't like about it. There have been two foundations that I have enjoyed the most, Make Up Forever and Arbonne's. This pro-matte foundation belongs right there in the running, not even kidding. The thing I loved the most about Arbonne was that it matched what I loved in the Make Up Forever and now I have a new option to just grab and go from Target. ((Isn't the world a beautiful place??))

Give me any Maybelline product and most likely I will fall in love and this mascara is no exception. I don't have the best lashes but even with an eyelash curler I still feel that they pop enough for me to be satisfied. I also adore big mascara brushes, and the packaging doesn't hurt either. 

Similar Products:

I am honestly surprised how much I really did love all of these products, I kid you not I felt so comfortable I even snapchatted a selfie lol. (You know that means business) 

 What are some drugstore favorites of your own? Have you tried any of these products?

April 23, 2015


Move over pinterest (lol jk ya know I love that site) but for the day dreamer inside all of us, I kind of think tumblr may be just what we need. I love logging on and being able to see photos of houses, interior, exterior, and countless living rooms (it's like my kryptonite) and just day dreaming of what my little house will look like one day. It's like the perfect tool to go along with my crazy Zillow habits of looking up different houses in different areas and imagining how life would be in them. (A girl can dream she's living in NYC right?)

One minute you find yourself day dreaming you live in that dreamy space, then you're swooning over a pup, and the next thing you know you are absolutely uplifted by a post that you can carry through with you the whole day. 

 I think the real beauty is that tumblr creates such a safe place that people truly are themselves and it's a refreshing change of pace. The inner soul of a person is a beautiful thing... :) 

My Top 5 Favorite Tumblrs:
(She brings together my love of beautiful things and theatre so it's basically my own dream space) 

You call find me on tumblr here: Look-Brooke

April 21, 2015

Channeling My Inner Dorothy

It's been a while since I really wrote out my heart, and to be honest I have tried for a couple weeks and so this may be a jumbled mess of thoughts but lollipops for you if you make it through the mess haha, I also apologize in advance... now here is my collection of thoughts lol.

Home. What exactly is home?

"Home is where the heart is" 
       "There is no place like home."
                  "Home is not where you live but where they understand you."
                          "Home is a shelter from storms- all sorts of storms."
                                 "Where we love is home-home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

For a while I sat in my house feeling as though I had no home. I would think and think but nothing felt like one. I would feel as though I was a tourist waiting for the next bus to hop onto in hopes that one day I would land home, and it would click. I made the decision almost exactly a year ago to take a break from school when I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life next (and quite honestly I am still confused and taking it day by day because the Lord shows a little bit of me and my passions slowly day by day to me.) It was a huge change, I don't think I even realized how big it truly was in the moment of making the decisions. I had moved to Lynchburg when I was about hmmm... 12 years old, and that's the place I had called home since. My parents worked and my sister attended a school an hour away, so for high school I was mostly left by myself. I wasn't alone, I was majorly involved in my school's theatre program. For college I attended Liberty University, which was twenty minutes from my house and my parents and sister moved to where they had their life (work and school). I lived in campus and all was great. Lynchburg was home. I recently wrote a sappy but true post about how much I love my dear home, the house that built me. Cut to this year and all the mess of last... and I am here with my parents and this place does not feel like home for me. It all makes sense though, I left this place when I was twelve and I never looked back. My best friends, my lessons learned, and where I truly found myself and God... wasn't here. My life stopped here but my families continued on in this place.

For some people home may be an actual place, maybe it's that pretty living room you slaved for days trying to look it's best. Maybe it's the huge house with the room for your kids to play and for their kids to eventually play in as well. Perhaps one day, I will find the actual building that will be home. For now though, I know my home isn't an actual place. It's people. I had quickly mentioned this during my insta roundup earlier, about gosh probably a month ago now I went back to my high school to see a performance of Aladdin Jr. I had never felt as loved, for a good while, as I did then at that moment. The hugs, the running up to me, the catching up, the genuine interest and worry for my life... was what I had been lacking. (Don't get my wrong my family gives me plenty of hugs and loves me.. that's not what I am saying.) But these are the people who had seen me grow too, who I had spent my summer's helping them with their plays, who I had ice-cream dates with and sang along to disney to. It was the reminder that your support group goes further than your family and the hard things, they won't break you... unless you let them.

I just am overwhelmed, and my thoughts are so over the place that I feel horrible for my readers because I am not sure if there is a point other than extreme thankfulness that there is such a thing as friendship, connection, and community. God has continually shown me his love through the friendships he places in my life... and some don't last as that's life but I have so many people I can rely on when things get hard, and they got extremely hard when I failed my chance at majoring in what I wanted and continually made plans that fell through after that. If you don't have that person in your life well then I am telling you right now without a doubt I will be that person, shoot me an email... tweet me... comment below whatever.

I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you to my actual family who picked me up when I was so low on the ground I didn't think I would ever stand again. Thank you for showing me at a young age my passions and for feeding into them. Thank you for the dance lessons, the musical watching, the sing alongs, and the the endless support. Thank you for understanding when I needed to take a break and felt (and sometimes still do) like a complete failure and for understanding when I get nervous when I know I just have to face even one person that was in that department. Thank you for pointing me to Christ with each step and bad dream.

Thank you to my friends who have became a family (both in real life and in blog land) who continually supported me when I wanted to give up on a dream of ever feeling like I was going somewhere with my life. Thank you for the late night phone calls, sitting through the sobbing, and for never once treating me different once my world had crashed down around me. Thank you for still believing in me and for never once judging me like so many on lookers did and do. Thanks for being my home, and the place I can go back to and know I am still the same girl I once was.. and can be directed in the path I need next.

I channel my inner Dorothy, (Wizard of Oz was always a favorite of mine) I put on those shiny red shoes, and I chant There's No Place Like Home because I finally found it. It's community, it's friendship, and it's right where I need to be.

I'm sorry for this long winded, crazy... maybe it made no sense post but sometimes home is exactly the people you have surrounded yourself with and those who lift you up when your down.. and I think that's better than any mansion could possibly be. (Even the Baudelaire Mansion and like I was obsessed with that house k. lol)

April 20, 2015

Weekend Wishlisting

If you managed to go out and face the huge lines, crazy women, and adrenaline driven sunday morning for #lillyfortarget well then I commend you and owe you a starbucks treat because I don't know how you did it. When I checked out the lookbook I was pleasantly surprised with how many of the things I did find cute, and I really liked the blue and white shift... but fighting (literally fighting) for it... didn't seem worth it. And the people who bought everything to only sell it on eBay for quadruple the price!?!? Holy cow, crazy... but even worse that these people actually have bids. If I was going to pay that much for a Lilly for Target... well I'd rather have the normal Janice Shift and call it a day ya know?

Anyway I had a sister date Sunday where we drove into town and headed for Target (and saw the four Lilly nail polishes available from the whole Lilly line lol) and shopped around. Since getting my license my sister has been way nicer and actually wants to spend time with me... hmmm ;) 

My sister got some clothes but I unfortunately didn't really see anything that I wanted to snag at that moment (let's be real here... most of my wardrobe comes from Francesca's or Forever 21 and those don't exist in town) but I did grab some new nail polish and body wash from Marshalls. AND GUYS this body wash smells like heaven, I imagine this is the stuff God himself pumps through Heaven. I get giddy thinking about it, unfortunately it was limited edition and all that is left is a body butter BUT I AM SURE IT SMELLS JUST AS AMAZINGGGG. 

Sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves and take a break from the insane stress of hearings, finals, the future, or that boy not worth your time and put all your energy into shopping duhhh. Below are some of my absolute favorites, and a few of the goodies I got over the weekend. 

What are some of your go to de-stress goodies??
P.S. Have you tried out the new Tiramisu frappe, cuz I may be a little obsessed btdubssss...

April 15, 2015

Life Lately (An Insta and Link Round Up)

Happy Wednesday Lovelies, I admit my creativity lately seems to be lacking and I have sat down to write some posts deep from the heart and the writers block has got me bad. But we almost have a whole other week behind us, and with that we can lift up our cups of coffee and toast because much like the mid day pick me up, sometimes we need a mid week pick me up too.

1. How adorable did this cupcake turn out? There was a frozen cupcake kit at Sam's Club and well my mother knows me well.. I am a four year old in my heart. Sweet treats are all that are taking up space in my brain I sadly confess, and what's sweeter than dessert!? LOVE STORIES. I sobbed as I read this and am anxiously awaiting part two.
2. I tried to find a link to the mug for yall but most were unavailable but you can take a look at my go to tea of choice. This tea from Teavana changed my views on tea, no joke.
3. I can't contain my excitement for the fact it's dress season and you don't have to pair them with tights! Easter may be over, but here is a sweet collection of dresses I had put together. 
1. Summer is fast approaching and I received the papers for my summer job about a week ago. Can you believe how fast time has flown!? I swear last summer just ended, but I'm ready for a summer in Jersey and too see that Delaware bridge again ;)
2. ((Bracelet can be found here))
3. I am going to miss this little sanctuary I created here in my parents house, but I'm excited to be moving back to Lynchy and living in an apartment. ((in depth room reveal can be found here))
1. ((book can be found here)) I have my fair share of boy stories much like Katie Heaney which I have shared on my little corner of the internet. Need a pick me up laugh?? Look no further:
That one time I sent a voice memo to a guy and other technological savvy things I have done in the name of love
That time I left my number for my waiter
2. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the people who will literally run away from me and dart to the water to get out of a beach tag, the people who will pretend they don't have them and then let me stand there awkwardly for five minutes as I tell them about how it's required and then pull them out, the people who still think they're the first people to say "Badges we don't need no stinking badges." Oh boy.
3. Anyone else miss peppermint mochas? I know you can tech get them all year round but I miss when it's like an average thing ya know. 

1. I'm just going to quote my insta for this one: "A while ago life kind of shatter in a million pieces and hope was honestly hard to find. Oh and decision making!?!? That didn't seem like my forte... but here I am almost a year later and things are finally starting to look up and line up. Hope is abundant and renewed daily as you seek God and His crazy plan, even when it looks like your decisions keep blowing you off course. "The Jesus who spoke to His bewildered friends over broiled fish is the same Jesus who calls to us wherever we are today." Praise Jesus for that."
3. Phone calls with this lovely lady make my day, life, years... (Grandma Broom is my best friend, role model, and inspiration)

1. Summer is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited... Don't forget I already posted about some super cute bathing suits to add to your collection for this summer, you can find it here.
2. A couple weekends ago I went back to my high school to see their middle and elementary school production of Aladdin Jr. one of my dearest friend's was Aladdin and the production was insanely amazing for the age of the performers. It reminded me that sometimes home isn't a place but people. 
3. OOTD (Thanks Francesca's, Old Navy, and J Crew)

April 10, 2015

I Was The Kind of Kid Who...

**A link up with The Daily Tay**

  • Who would run to the merry-go-round prop myself like Ariel and sing her signature "aah aah ahhhhh ah aah aaaaaaah"
  • Who taught all my little friends who Judy Garland was.
  • Who thought a magical land (thanks Narnia) was in my closed up fireplace. I swore there was a key hole...
  • Who would do my homework by pretending I was teaching my animals and dolls.
  • Who went around the play ground trying to tell my friends about Grease haha.
  • Who named their goldfish Gretel, after The Sound of Music.
  • Who loved Recess! 
  • Who had a really strong southern accent, which I actually don't have anymore lol.
  • Who kept a journal since she was like seven. 
  • Whose "go to" movies were the Disney Sing Alongs.
  • Thought the song "Mickey" was about Mickey Mouse...
  • Who played basketball for a year and was probably going to the other direction than the ball....
  • Who couldn't swim or ride a bike (and that hasn't changed)
  • Who thought my little sister would come out my age... hahahaha.
  • Who loved Madeline!
  • Who cheered for two years in middle school. 
  • Who saved up her money to buy sea monkeys, only to become super scared of them when I brought them home and refused to sleep in the same room as them.
  • Who loved American Girls probably more than princesses in all honesty.
  • Who always had a bow in her hair for the most part.
  • Who once tried to be super cool and wear Samantha's (American Girl doll) bow in my hair, and was caught by a girl on the bus that yelled out "Isn't that Samantha's bow!?" 
  • Who loved playing house.

  • Once in third grade our whole class played this EPIC game that lasted a while of Dinosaur and there were mother Dinosaurs and children and husbands. And everyone wanted me to be their mommy, so I think I win.
  • Who put on plays with her friends for her class and during her tea birthday party lol.
  • Who used to play in a cardboard box for fun pretending it was a shower... my imagination knows no bounds lol.
  • Who had a Wizard of Oz theme party and I was the only girl who dressed up. 
  • Who wanted to grow up and be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, which still is my favorite movie. 
  • Who was obsessed and I mean obsessed with Lizzie Mcguire lol. 
  • I had her clothing, books, dvds, umm anything I could possibly get. I even think I had a plush doll of her like subconscious drawling thing.
  • I was terribly shy, so my parents sent me to a children's acting camp in hopes I would be a tiny bit more outgoing. 
  • WHO REMEMBERS GROOVY GIRLS!? Cuz they were the bomb...

I absolutely adore this link up, it's so fun to think of who you were as a little kid. I also think it's good to get back in tune with it: as children our faith, hope, and imagination are so active... and as adults we loose that a lot. The child in us is important, and we shouldn't let them die. 

Please, I would absolutely love for you to join in on this link up or if you don't have a blog leave a comment below about the kid you were! Let's reminisce together!!! :) 

Okay I thought that was the COOLEST purse, it was velcro and you
could match with the weather by sticking the proper picture lolol.
I was stylish.

April 8, 2015

What's In My Bag?

My bag is unfortunately no longer available through the Kate Spade website, but I did find it here I also like (this and this)
I have been a little MIA in the blogging world recently, I have been preparing to get my license (lol.. fashionably late right?) and with easter life has just been hectic...

I am absolutely obsessed with my Kate Spade. Basically it is my motivation to even leave the house because I want to use the bag, but I also don't want to take in public because like it's my baby and nothing can happen to it... the struggle ya know! But I figured since I haven't done one before, I could do a what's in my bag post :) 

  • Lilly Pulitzer Iphone 5/5S & 6/6Plus Mobile Charger (print: Multi Hot Spot)
  • THE BEST BOOK YOU'LL EVER READ (AKA Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date by Katie Heaney) Okay I just have to talk about this book for a little bit because it seriously may be the best thing in my life and I often reread different chapters ever so often. Her hilarious writing style and personality comes through each page and her take on her life with boys will boost your ego no matter who you are. If you too have tons of awkward stories with boys, you will know you're not alone. If you are perfect with boys, well you can start counting your blessings and feel like an angel sent from heaven....
  • Wildbloom Perfume by Banana Republic
  • NYX Lipstick (Color: )
  • Baby Lips (Quench, it's my go to chapstick... perfect for summer. I use it when I tag (so on the beach 247)) 
  • Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (Lilly Pulitzer is officially out, but I found one on Amazon)
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER's Microfinish Powder (swear by this stuff)
  • Orbit gum (I could link to you to like the office depot huge box but I will spare you)
  • I always need a good hand sanitizer
  • I also like to keep at least one statement necklace in my purse incase I will need it lol, the one I currently keep is from Forever21 but I found these cute ones: (herehere, and here)
  • My sunglasses are from JCrew but I couldn't find them on the site. 
  • So after taking all the photos and uploading them I realized I never even took a photo of my wallet lol

What are some of your go to items for your purse!?

Other Purses I Like:

April 1, 2015

To The Mother...

Happy Birthday...

To the mother who taught me my love for english and teaching all at a young age.

To the mother who told my Dad that they needed to support me 100% in my decision to want to major in Theatre Performance. That piece of advice which to this day still warms my heart and teaches me true love and sacrifice.

To the mother who introduced me to my first love, New York City and let my little head fill with dreams.

To the mother who would take time out of her birthday weekend to drive me to Lynchy to see some old friends and get recharged with a new focus and let my cup fill over with love.

To the mother who would gladly give up the last Diet Coke for me even though she knows I am a pepsi person and am just being selfish at this point.

To the mother who has sat through countless musicals (though it's not her thing) just so that I had someone to go with.

To the mother who showed me it's never too late to dream big and to go after it.

To the mother who inspires me daily with how much she truly enjoys her job, and fuels me to get to that point one day.

To the mother who I can go to about a boy, a fight I had with a friend, or will proof read my essays for me if I give her enough time in advance (and mind you... I'm 21 years old).

To the mother who forgives me when I haven't had my morning coffee and act out selfishly and snap at her.

To the mother who will never agree with my sense of style, but will still let me know I look nice.

To the mother who taught me the importance of the candy gram cards, scrapbooking, or goodie bags that look like Madeline's house.

To the mother who drove me to dance for seven years.

To the mother who has taught me what it's like to be a Godly wife, mother, and friend.

To the mother who constantly encourages me to be the best, who picks me up when I fall down, and who is a great role model.

I love you with all my heart mommy, have the best day.

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