March 29, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was so kindly nominated by the fabulous Lauren of Lauren-Lee Grace: Beauty & Fashion for The Versatile Blogger Award. Both her and the blog that nominated her made their own logos, so naturally I had to jump on the bandwagon of course! As part of being nominated you share 7 facts about yourself and then nominate (what should be 15 people).

Seven Facts About Myself:

1. When I'm not trying to be a "normal" person and listen to pop, country, rap, etc... you can find me rocking out to the cast recordings of Parade, The Last Five Years, Mary Poppins, Bonnie and Clyde, and my all time favorite Ragtime. 

2. I am not a coke person, I am diet pepsi all the way... :o

3. I love making homemade notes and cards for those closest to me. You will usually find me at my giddiest with ink pens, stickers, glue, and tons of card stock in my hands. 

4. I hate "fur characters" or any character basically with a mask. It just freaks me out and I will run away lol. 

5. I talk to myself, half of it probably has to do with I am often times alone... but I totally talk to myself and it's to the point that sometimes I just don't realize it hahah.

6. Zillow and are like my bffs, I spend time day dreaming of houses in different cities. You know me, the boy, and the puppy... a girl can dream :)

7. I am currently going through this awful phase where anytime I feel overcome with emotion... I yawn. It's horrible, I can't tell you how many times I have been to serious plays where I sit in the front row and have yawned. I look like one horrible person...

The Fun Part, Nominations! 
There are honestly so many more blogs that I just am thinking of that I read on a daily basis that bring me so much joy and are a go to, but I tried to choose some blogs that are new to me that I enjoy, that could be new for you too. But it looks like a post of some go to blogs might be overdue... 

March 28, 2015

Tulle and Smiles (Little Girls Easter Picks)

As I previously mentioned in Adult Easter Dress Picks, I am a huge fan of the "easter dress" and if I am going to be honest, if I could just have blown up versions of children's dresses... I might be the happiest 21 year old in the world lol.

ONE: Patterned Dress (H&M)- I love the softness of the pink and the cute bunny pattern. Plus I am a total sucker for bows soooo... Plus bunny for Easter, *Miranda Priestly voice* groundbreaking.

TWO: Emme Fit & Flare Dress (Lilly Pulitzer)- Okay I am a sucker for a fit and flare dress because they make anyone look like a princess. Also this dress for some reason reminds me of the dresses from the live action Madeline movie when they go to Pepito's house for a party. Maybe it's just that I have wanted to be Madeline since I was like three (also had I came out with red hair, my name would be Madeline, a little fun fact.)

THREE: Nellystella's Chloe Dress (Crewcuts)- POM POMS ON THE SLEEVES. 'nough said :) 

FOUR: Little Lilly Shift Dress (print: Resort White Back It Up) (Lilly Pulitzer)- I feel like this is the most "grown up" of the selections. But I love the fun print and it basically just makes me wish I was in resort somewhere tropical. So the name of the print is basically perf.

FIVE: Cotton Dress (H&M)- I really am so pleasantly surprised at how adorable everything is at H&M when it came to the kids, I find for myself I am weeding through the site or store for hoursss. It's such a simple, sleek design and for me (I have no clue why) it just screams Easter Sunday or maybe Alice in Wonderland as well lol.

SIX: Organdy Dress with Contrast Bow (Crewcuts)- So I have an obsession with what I call the "Wendy Dress" if it slightly resembles the look of Wendy's nightgown (Peter Pan) and this is basically a dream, also my bow obsession.... so there's that.

SEVEN: Cotton Dress (H&M)- I thought the print was fun (it's lemons) which might be a little odd, but you might as well get away with wearing lemons on your dress while you can right?

EIGHT: Morgana Dress (Lilly Pulitzer)- I love the color pink, am obsessed with gold, and well who doesn't like polka dots? So mash them all together, and Lilly's got herself a pretty amazing dress.

What are some of your favorites that you've seen so far??

March 26, 2015

Floral and Brights (Easter Dress Time)

|ONE (Rosie Square Neck Shift Dress- Lilly Pulitzer)|TWO (Wendy Lace Dress- Francesca's)|
|THREE (Madelyn Lace Dress- Francesca's)|FOUR (Fluttered Blooms Swing Dress- Anthropologie)|
|FIVE (Silk Overlay Cami Mini Dress- Madewell)|SIX (Geo-Lace Eyelet Dress- Madewell)|
|SEVEN (Blushed Blooms Dress- Anthropolgie)|EIGHT (Halle Bell Sleeve Dress-Revolve Clothing)|
|NINE (Anna Dress- JCrew)*25% with code HAPPYSPRING*|TEN (Crosstown Dress- Revolve Clothing)|
I admit it, I knew easter was soon but not like this soon. Wow oh wow!
I also have to say I have always loved easter and celebrated Christ's death and resurrection (seeing as I am religious- which I have addressed and mentioned many times on the blog) but this year it just feels real to me. I am just overwhelmed with the love someone could have for each of us that he would face such torture and excruciating pain for an everyday, average sinner like me. I keep thinking of all the anxiety and worries that are building up around me, but I then get this time to focus on the cross and suddenly my issues melt away. This year has been hard (and it started right before last Easter) but I feel the weight being thrown off my shoulder little by little leading up to easter sunday.. and what better way to celebrate than with dress binging lol.... (my fave) As a child I almost got more excited over the easter dress than the basket or chocolate bunnies, a post of my favorite children's picks will be up soon!

(Here I am in all old easter glory...)

March 18, 2015

The House That Built Me

Cue the mellow music, cue the tears... I am getting sentimental over here. I have been on a recent country kick lately (it happens when the sun starts shining... I'll just be over here singing about sunshine and whiskey and whatever else) but lately my spotify has been replaying one song over and over. Miranda Lambert's The House That Built Me. If you don't know this song I suggest you give it a listen, even if you're not a country fan. My parents are currently preparing to rent out our house in Lynchburg, VA but while a house is not a home... this was and I learned a lot there.

It's where me and my best friend had many fights and many reconciliation....

It's where I once had a bible study party in college on the day of my birthday because well exams ya know... they ruin any good social life...

In the backyard is where I took my first headshot for theatre....

It's where I celebrated my 21st birthday. LOL no crazy party girl over here... 

It's where my dream playhouse sits in the backyard gathering dust and making me wish I was six all over again...

It's the house I came home to after each summer in New Jersey...

It's where me and my best friend used to lay on the floor in the hallway talking about life...

It's where big life decisions were made...

It's where I found my sanctuary when my whole world was crashing around me...

It's where my best friend took my phone until I told her who I had a crush on...

It's where I stood in the living room singing out loud for the first time in preparation for an audition...

It's where I once tried to break into to watch Pretty Little Liars, but found out there really was no way...

It's where even I could never get the front door to open, so I had to call my guy friend to always help me get in...

It's where my friends threw me a surprise party and we played murder murder, real life mafia- whatever you like to call it...

It's where I once had a party where all we did was sing showtunes for hours (wild party)

It's where I lived with two great friends while I was in college...

It's on the porch that I recited my sophomore hearing monologue before actually going to audition...

It's where I saw Magic Mike and was scarred for life...

It's where me and my best friend would live for two weeks during the winter and summer til my parents got back into town so I wasn't alone...

It's where I grew up, it's where I realized who I was and wasn't, it's where I grew to love God, and it's also where I first sat down to start this blog... 

It's the house that built me.

March 16, 2015

Now Give Me The Beach

Maybe it's all the spring break snapchats, the fashion blogging cruise posts, or my absolute obsession with Pinterest (like my whole board dedicated to summer lol) But I'm in complete shutdown mode til summer, so naturally I have been daydreaming and filling my days with tons of swimsuits. Here a few of my absolute favorites:

Well for now I will just keep daydreaming of bathing suits, beach, and a tan....

March 13, 2015

How Much is My Face Worth?

*Inspired by the "How Much Is Your Face Worth?" tag & the blog post over at Lauren-Lee Grace*

I remember in middle school we were playing dodgeball (I always had a plan when it came to dodgeball... I would always stand outside the boundaries so I'd be sent to the bench before anyone would really actually throw something at me) I was on the bench and a good friend said they couldn't hit her in the face... her face was expensive. Granted she was kidding as though she had gotten work done on her face, but thanks to makeup... a person's face is freaking expensive. So I shall tally up the cost of my everyday wear (some lipsticks and such I alternate but we will just tally it all up). 

1. I always start off with a good primer, recently I've been using Revlon's Photo Ready Perfecting Primer $13.99
2. Next I go in with my trusty Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette for any blemishes $10.49
3. Next I go for Garnier's BB Cream (I just started using it this summer and it's my new fav) $12.99
4. My go to concealer is Cover Girl's TruBlend Fixstick (it's a life changer) $7.99
5. In the spring/summer I use bronzer, Benefit's Hoola Bronzer $28.00
6. If I still feel like I look tired or need a little brightener, I take Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment $8.99
**If I don't feel like wearing full coverage, I only use this with the Fixstick Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer $6.99**
7. Every girl needs a pop of color, I use Visible Lift Blush in Peach Gold Lift $9.99
8. To help it stay, I brush a little NYX Blush in Pale Peach over it $4.99
9. For my eyebrows, I use the shade Cool Gray from the Lorac Pro Palette 2, I also use the eye primer from it $42.00
10. I use the Naked 3 Palette for a base and the Naked Palette (sidecar is my personal fav) for any additions, both are $54.00
13. If I want an extra boost, I use CoverGirl's Lash Blast Volume $8.99
14. For lips, I like to use BabyLips (Tho unfortunately my favorite was a limited time edition) $4.49
15. If I want a more "adult" look, I line it with The Paris Colour Riche Collection Lipstick (620) $8.99

So the grand total? Well, an embarrassing total of: $304.88

Well the only justification I can make it the fact the most expensive products last a pretty long amount of time... hahahaha. How much does YOUR face cost?? 

March 11, 2015

New York Rewind

All my LU friends are all on spring break having the time of their lives and it's making me wish I was chilling in florida, visiting Charleston, or reliving my last two spring break adventures in New York City. So I thought I'd share some past photos and a list of some of my favorite things.

  • Go to Central Park. I absolutely love Central Park. It's beautiful, never ending, and you never know what you'll run into. In a gift shop in the middle of the park there is also an adorable pillow I need to buy next visit lol. (I tried to find it online... no such luck)
  • FAO Schwarz. Any Big fans in the house!? Of course they have the giant piano still, which each time I am too embarrassed to actually go on with all the little kids lol. Even if you don't have kids in tow with you, it's worth seeing.
  • Laduree. I couldn't possibly give this place enough praise... I would live there if that was possible. I have only ever had their macaroons but man are they perf. They are what I imagine heaven would taste like, but why would you eat heaven, I know.
  • A Broadway Show!! I have seen Phantom of The Opera, 2014 Broadway Revival of Les Miserables, Newsies, and Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Les Mis and POTO are still running, sadly the other two closed. Out of what's available I would recommend seeing: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder or On The Town. (I also would recommend Hamilton (coming soon to broadway) and Gigi (also coming soon to broadway)) Also if you are into that sort of thing STAGE DOOR after your show. You can thank the actors (who come out) for their performance, have them sign your playbill, or even take photos with them. I have gotten to meet many of my idols that way. 
  • John's Pizzeria. New York City, Pizza... what is there not to love!?? The atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous and the pizza is great. I went there once later at night after seeing a broadway show, well worth it. 
  • Serendipity 3. I have actually never been there, but it's on my bucket list. Time just never seems to permit (in reality I probably am just too busy stuffing my face with macaroons) But helloooo frozen hot chocolate, yes please!
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner. This is not for the faint of heart. If you hate singing, dancing, or just plain happiness... then I would stay clear of this place. The different waiters and waitresses take turns singing to you as you dine, mostly showtunes... but they do radio music as well. It's really enjoyable, and I have gone every time I have been in the city. 
  • Shopping. I am totally lame and my two favorite places (other than sephora and M.A.C.) are going to the disney store and forever 21. Mostly because I could waste hours in any forever 21, much less a huge like(... three floor??) forever 21. Heck I could probably spend a year. And disney stores, for the princess wannabe inside me, it's self explanatory.
  • Schmackary's. If you haven't noticed... I am a huge foodie haha. I personally wasn't crazy about their cookies (tho most people totally are) they put out different flavors each day, so the longer you're around... the more likely you are bound to find a favorite. I really enjoyed the mocha I got from there though hahah. 

What are some of your favorite things to do in the city, I love new ideas!!!

March 5, 2015

Is It Seriously March? ((Currently Link Up))

I swear just yesterday I was getting the house all decorated for Christmas and now I am day dreaming of spring, spending mindless hours surfing Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, and practically planning my summer... whaaaaa. 
Mug: Anthropolgie
Dreaming// Of leaving this little Southern Virginia town that no one knows about and is an hour away from any of my friends lol. I also have been day dreaming of this Lilly Pulitzer Dress for about a full year now. It's my favorite!

Planning// Made up trips to Disney World (I have never been to fantasy land and it kills me lol) this time last year I was heading to Atlantic City/ New York City for spring break so some major trip longing is happening....

Making// Well I made the waffle in the picture above lol but I have been making this amazing taco salad via a recipe from my mom's good friend, it's to die for lol!

Baking// I have been day dreaming about making brownies with the candy cane kisses but I keep being too lazy to actually do it... so for right now, nothing. Tho I am addicted to this app called Cooking Fever and on there I own a bakery so like does that count lol?

Watching// Friends. (obvi I had to now that it was finally on netflix and I could watch it from beginning to end for the first time) Scandal. The Bachelor lol. The Mindy Project. Parks and Rec (I will love you forever). Real World: Skeletons lol. And I did just watch My Best Friend's Wedding (a favorite of mine) and John Tucker Must Die. And I am finally catching up to the real world and watching 30 Rock via Netflix.

Nothing too crazy has been going on, I really am a rather boring person (tho I made a huge typo and said I was boring question earlier... so maybe I need sleep)

** this has been a link up with Anne and Jenna, link up with them too and share what's going on currently**

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