February 9, 2015

20 Simple Things I Love

Monogram Mug: Anthropologie.

1. The whipped cream left at the bottom of your cold drink

2. The Walt Disney Radio on Pandora

3. That your best friend can be just a phone call away

4. How the sun feels like a warm hug

5. That Iced Mochas are a thing

6. People who use emojis while texting me (granted that they actually can)

7. Those days you get to snooze your alarm and it's a-okay

8. The fact that I can sit in my room and jam out to The Little Mermaid even in my 20s

9. Bacon.

10. That as a group we can pray for one another, and that can make a big difference

11. Sunglasses, tinted chapsticks, and tan lines

12. That Wawa is a real thing and it's just as magical as Disney World to me....

13. That people sometimes let you know they still want to talk to you :)

14. Daddy/Mommy Daughter Dates can be a real thing

15. Puppies!!!!!

16. That The Bachelor is about to come on in less than two hours and subsequently make my boy "problems" seem normal and no big deal.... hahah

17. That writing is therapeutic. It was good to get that off my chest at the time.

18. That Lizzie Mcguire can once again be a part of my life because like I was obsessed growing up k

19. That Panera Mac and Cheese is a thing you can get at your local grocery store (!!!!)

20. This: (yes I am as sick of Frozen as the next person but this is adorable and worth the look)

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  1. Ha yes! I love this list. It's all about the little things in life anyway ;)

    xo http://www.naomiinwonderland.com

  2. Great list! It's important to appreciate the little things in life. I snooze my alarm every day though :D

    Bella Pummarola

  3. i love these simple, honest posts!

  4. Not sure if you'll get a notification that I replied to your comment on my blog... but The Sims 4 is available for Macs as well at Origin.com

  5. I love list posts and this is no exception! Lizzie McQuire is totally my favorite. :)


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