January 27, 2015

Why Liking Someone and Technology Just Won't Blend

* Inspired by true events: my awkward self and the very awkward social media dos and donts that rule our world today. *
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You see the worst thing that could have ever happen to me in middle school before technology, I wasn't allowed to use myspace hallelujah, was when it was my birthday and everyone sang happy birthday and my "friend" stood up in front of all the 5th-8th graders and proudly proclaimed "Conner* sang it too!"And everyone then proceeded to know (tho they already did) that I loved this Conner.* They also started a rumor that I once stole his notebook and called it Conner*'s wishy-washy notebook. (WHO MAKES UP THIS STUFF!?) And yet I have to say it only got worse when technology was involved... (* indicates that the name has been changed... sorry all you Conners who got excited thinking I loved you....) 

This is a recent story... in fact it happened Christmas Day. I had just stayed up talking to a guy Christmas Eve and it was going pretty well. It ended on a good but odd note and I was a little confused about something he said and the way he meant it, but we had said our goodnights and I went off to dream land. Of course then the morning came and after opening presents, right before the big Christmas Breakfast... I ran upstairs with my sister to discuss the previous night. (For Christmas I had received the Iphone6 early as a present) So as I am scrolling through our texts, I look down to realize I had just recorded part of our conversation... and with that realization I somehow sent it to him. I start hyperventilating and crying and wishing I was anyone else at this point. I am praying to God, texting friends, and still hyperventilating and considering throwing my phone out the window. I just knew this was it, I ruined everything and was never going to hear from him again. (I even maybe had shed a few tears over how stupid I can be.) Well, what do you know he surprised me by texting me (what?? I truly did not see that coming) and a simple "Merry Christmas!" at that. We then held a nice little conversation and the grand little voice memo was never brought up, still to this day. Praise Jesus!!
We've all been there, hey I even wrote a blogpost before about it, you are doing a little innocent internet creeping and the next thing you know you are in way too deep. It happens to the best of us, you're innocent on instagram and keep clicking and the next thing you know you're stalking some random girl who lives in Richmond and you have no clue how it got this way. You just open google and type in the name to make sure he's not a total creep and the next thing you know his mother's pinterest pops up with a whole board dedicated to him and it's just too much information you should have never seen. The internet is filled with great inspirational messaging, too many common white girls and their starbucks (me included!), but it's also filled with sites that can show you their instagram, Facebook, address, myspace, etc. The world is a scary place we live in. And let's not even talk about liking a photo when you're down to the 75 weeks ago photos.... tragic. 

Two years ago the boy I had the hugest crush on (I'm talking a good six years) finally "made his move" and liked my Facebook status (lolz). I hyperventilated and could barely speak at first I remember shutting my two friends up and banging on the table exclaiming look at my status. Tears of joy were shed (lol) I mean I started screen-shoting that moment, texting it to a good friend from out of town. I then proceeded to scream and to waltz around the room like a disney princess. The status was seriously nothing special, yet it basically had made my life. (I mean everyone knows liking a status basically meant a marriage proposal right? duhhhh) Our mind can get excited over the simplest of things, and personally I love that fact. Now, no I don't think that because he liked my status it means that was a proposal and he basically has always been in love with me but it was a crowning moment in my clearly pathetic life hahah. About a week ago I found this buzzed video and couldn't help but burst into laughter a) because like duh this it totally our inner monologues when it comes to good ole insta and b) it totally reminded me of my Facebook status experience I just shared above. 

I don't think I'll ever get technology to "work" for me and my love life but I also think that's the beauty of it all... I get to share fun embarrassing stories like this for everyone on the internet to read (and I pray they can relate too.) So for now here's to the snaps we get when we have no makeup and am laying in bed in unwashed hair from our crush, may we never accidentally add our crushes Dad on Facebook, and here's to the countless conversations you have in your head figuring out just if and when is the best time to add that guy on Facebook and instagram even though you guys text and snapchat. Ugh finding love is hard ;) 

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  1. Beyond grateful that my dude has literally no social media because it scares the crap out of me, haha

  2. hi sweetie :)
    you have aamazing blog!!
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    Let me know, please , I always follow back :)
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  3. This post is so funny! & I know if a boy ever liked my instagram pictures or anything like that I'd think they liked me lol!! Social Media is a cruel world aha :) xx


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    Kiss from Rome.

  5. Your post was to funny & cute!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. Lol! Loved reading this post. I'm extremely thankful social media wasn't around when I was in high school (with the exception of MySpace) I can ONLY imagine the things that would have happened.

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  7. Such a cute photo! Could not agree more about social media.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  8. Haha this was really entertaining :) Technology IS scary....

    Bella Pummarola

  9. Very interesting read, thanks for sharing your thoughts! <3

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  10. Omg, I'm honestly crying :') hahaha, this is so hilarious, but ya know very unfortunate.
    If it helps any, your misfortunes have put a great big smile on my face xoxo

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    1. hahahhaha I swear you couldn't make this stuff up!

  11. aahhh really interesting points on social media!! this is so great to read!

    happy february!
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  12. Can't imagine how school kids deal with school now there is social media!

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  13. Technology does make everything so much more complicated!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  14. This is so funny! Is it just me who hates responding to snaps? Think about it - if you have to respond, you have to take a selfie for every response. After a while I find myself taking photos of my couch up close so that it is just a black screen :'D


    1. P.S I followed you on bloglovin and gfc, I really like your blog!


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