January 21, 2015

For The Romantics

I like being single. I can eat whatever I want, stare at whomever I'd like, and talk to the cutest guy in the room (lol nah that's won't ever be my but I mean I.... could.) Valentine's Day doesn't usually even bother me but this year it kinda is bringing a downer only because I am obsessing over RIFLE PAPER Co's adorable Valentine's Cards and I mean I could send them to myself but that's just not the same ya know. 

So I'll be over here swooning over all the cards. Also I totally chose two cat themed ones for my top four fav... so if that doesn't scream future cat lady to be I just don't know what will.

But seriously check out the cards, they are to die for!! Forget falling in love with love, fall in love with the cards...

((also The Last Five Years is totally coming out Valentine's Day and I am not feeling the whole crying in a theatre by myself))

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  1. I always have a valentine every year, even if it's just a friend. We go on a cute lady date and buy each other presents and everything ;)


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