December 17, 2014

Who Is Brooke?

Yep. It's time for a random collection of facts and thoughts so that maybe I can answer your question as to who the heck the owner of LookBrooke is.

Brooke is....
  • A Wawa addict, I probably have single handedly kept the Brigantine ones alive with my time there in the summer alone.
  • a Christian. Faith is a very important part of my life, but I also think choking it down peoples throats don't get anything done for either people. It's just important to know that God loves you just like I know He loves me. 
  • clumsy, clumsy, clumsy. Just before sitting down to type this out, I spilt sugar all over me. 
  • having baby fever. Now before you alert my parents that I'm going to something rash no... I just can't help that all my friends are having babies that I am dying at their cuteness. I also maybe might had to stop myself from buying random baby girl clothes from JCrew but like, there sooo cute.
  • going to study Hospitality and Tourism. It was a long road, filled with three practically waisted years at a college that I maybe regret doing a major that will not help me at all with this new venture but I finally am feeling like my life is back together. 
  • super hyped up for Into The Woods and The Last Five Years like my excitement knows no bounds.
  • A beach tag checker, I think I've mentioned this like all the time but for those who are new... that's my summer job.
  • addicted to Trivia Crack, seriously I just downloaded the game last night and haven't put it down.
  • craving seafood mac and cheese all day every day. I spent way too much time at Margaritaville....
Random Facts...
  • Growing up I wasn't allowed to watch Rugrats.
  • Growing up I also thought I was chinese.... I'm not.
  • My Grandma did however let me watch it early in the morning when my parents were asleep during the summer. Grandma B always the rebel.
  • I work along side my Dad every summer which is both super cool and uncomfortable, he is a lifeguard where I tag and can put a big target over my head which says don't try to even talk to my daughter. It's grand.
  • I have an obsession with dresses and peter pan collars, I will gravitate towards anything with that collar.
  • My favorite movies include: Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events, Grease, and I really really love Sugar and Spice.
  • Growing up I thought I was going to be an english teacher, I also thought I would be married by the time I was 22. I have a little over four months til my deadline... come on boys.
  • I didn't have my first kiss til I was twenty years old.
  • I was once sent to the Princple's office by an evil Government teacher because she thought I was out of dress code. (We also wore uniforms) The Principle said I looked like a prime example of what the kids should be looking that. Ha take that teacher.
  • I was a cheerleader for two years, played basketball for one, and played soccer for a... day.
  • I left all that behind when I discovered my true love for theatre.
  • Blasts from the pasts:
Our timing and skill for family photos is unreal. If this doesn't scream photogenic, I don't know what will.

Princess since age six.
Thriving pure thriving going on.
Having to keep an eye on my little sister since '00.  

Was this all just an excuse to show everyone how photogenic The Broomell family is?

You got it.

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  1. Cute post! Nice to learn more about you!


  2. wow so amazing... U were so cute :)
    Would u like to follow each other?
    follow me via GFC and i will follow u back for sure <3


  3. Such a cute post! I love that you thought you were Chinese..haha. It's always fun learning more about the person writing the blog!

    Clothes & Quotes

  4. I am also clumsy!! haha And when I was growing up I thought I was adopted LOL! As kids we think the strangest things :P

  5. Nice post, fun facts and very cute photos! :D

  6. Such a cute compilation of photos!

  7. this is such a sweet post!

    from helen at

  8. Such a fun post to read and great photos!:)

  9. Aww those photos are so cute. WAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It was great to get to know you better! Loved the pics!

    Bella Pummarola


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