December 9, 2014

Forever 21 New Years Eve

Guys. Guys. Guys. The forever 21, sparkles, and girly clothing lover in me is screaming and jumping for joy right now. Imagine as I am just checking my email (sometimes such a mundane activity) and there I get the announcement of their adorable one stop click to all the New Year's Eve appropriate attire. I gathered six of my personal favorites but don't stop there... check them out yourself.

*Sequined Halter Dress: Ummm helloooo anything shiny and with the option of berry (they also have champagne and gold) is going to catch my eye. I personally have a love hate relationship with my arms so I'd probably head straight for something to cover them up and this dress provides the versatility to be able to pull that off.

*Sequined Shift Dress: Sparkles. Shifts. My two currently new favorite things. (Seen in Nude/Silver cuz i'm obsessed but it also comes in black/silver) If I am going to be really honest, her makeup also makes me want to wear this dress just to also try out the makeup haha. 

*Chevron Sequined Dress: I have a true love affair with chevron it's a favorite, so obvi... so is this dress. I will be honest, I wish it was longer tho. It's probably the one I would most likely go to if I was shopping at the moment but I know it would end up back on the rack cuz of the height. Sighhhhh Bigger may be better but in most cases, so is length with forever 21 dresses...

*Sequined Tulle Tea Dress: Ummm tulle, pink, not strapless... this is most likely the one I would walk right out of the store with at the end of the day. I loveeee pink clothes but surprisingly enough most of my wardrobe is black, so this would be the perfect addition to my lovely walk in closet. 

*Fringe Overlay Cami Dress: For the flapper inside each of you. I'd totally take over the music, play Taylor Swift's Shake It Off because let's be honest.... this is the perfect dress to dance to that song to. 

*Stud & Mesh Bodycon Dress: Everyone needs a good one shoulder dress option. Plus I am pretty obsessed with the back. 

Cheers to finding the shiniest little dress to welcome in 2015

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  1. Oh New Years, one day when you can glitter yourself as much as you like :)

    Love the second dress :)

  2. Good ideas :)

  3. Totally agree that F21 is having some great stuff lately!

  4. That chevron dress is GORGEOUS!!!! It is entirely too short, though. I'd love it as floor length for a wedding I have the day after New Years! Haha I feel like I need to wear a NYE themed dress to this wedding but notttt all scandalous like that. If it's too short for you too the pink tulle one is def my 2nd favorite!

    1. I agree, it would soon gorgeous floor length! Sometimes I wish they gave two options because so often the dresses I love from there are just way too short.

  5. beautiful dress!
    Passa a dare uno sguardo al mio nuovo outfit;)
    bacio Faby

  6. Great selection!!!! Love sequined dresses! :D

  7. These dresses are so pretty. I need to get one of those :)

  8. Pretty dresses!


  9. All these dresses are so lovely! F21 always has such great stuff! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle


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