December 1, 2014

A Room Of My Own

Going from the tiniest little apartment and sharing the smallest room with your thirteen year old sister to a room of your very own is a dream. I am in love with this little room of mine, when you finally find your sanctuary it's a beautiful thing.

Guys I have a walk in closet I am just beaming with joy the minute this room became mine. Just feels like a slice of heaven on earth guys, a true heaven on earth. And you may have noticed that I also have one of Taylor Swift's polaroid's up on my board right now too lol. (If you haven't checked out 1989 you seriously need to.)

bed: company isn't around anymore
bedding: pottery barn kids (it's a throwback lol) similar
decorative pillow: target (?)
pencil mug: tj maxx
snow globe: gift (from Disney World)
flower picture frame: lilly pulitzer
bow painting: hobby lobby
chevron corkboard: hobby lobby

Well you know what they say…. there's no place like home. 

6 comments so far

  1. I want a walk in closet!!!!! Haha. Your room is adorable! My favorite is the bun/bow print :)

  2. How cute! I loved reading this and the pictures are great too. It must be incredible to have your own space and wow! A walk in closet too! x x

    1. Thanks!! It is pretty great to have space!! :)

  3. ahh a walk in closet, that's amazing!!


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