December 19, 2014

Salty Air Kisses

This time last year I was getting all packed up to go on our Christmas Cruise 2013.  Now cue my over emotional and nostalgic self (not to mention I troll my iPhoto albums like I am missing that dear old cruise and the Bahamas. Not to mention guys I was sooooo tan this summer and I now look like a powdered donut.... so let's be real I am probs just longing for the sun.

I do have to say it will be really nice to have a traditional Christmas and be in our new (totally decorated (!!!!!)) house with my Grandma this year. There's something special about that and I need to remember to truly cherish it.

Also road tripping tomorrow to New Jersey helps the trip remorse too ;)

December 17, 2014

Who Is Brooke?

Yep. It's time for a random collection of facts and thoughts so that maybe I can answer your question as to who the heck the owner of LookBrooke is.

Brooke is....
  • A Wawa addict, I probably have single handedly kept the Brigantine ones alive with my time there in the summer alone.
  • a Christian. Faith is a very important part of my life, but I also think choking it down peoples throats don't get anything done for either people. It's just important to know that God loves you just like I know He loves me. 
  • clumsy, clumsy, clumsy. Just before sitting down to type this out, I spilt sugar all over me. 
  • having baby fever. Now before you alert my parents that I'm going to something rash no... I just can't help that all my friends are having babies that I am dying at their cuteness. I also maybe might had to stop myself from buying random baby girl clothes from JCrew but like, there sooo cute.
  • going to study Hospitality and Tourism. It was a long road, filled with three practically waisted years at a college that I maybe regret doing a major that will not help me at all with this new venture but I finally am feeling like my life is back together. 
  • super hyped up for Into The Woods and The Last Five Years like my excitement knows no bounds.
  • A beach tag checker, I think I've mentioned this like all the time but for those who are new... that's my summer job.
  • addicted to Trivia Crack, seriously I just downloaded the game last night and haven't put it down.
  • craving seafood mac and cheese all day every day. I spent way too much time at Margaritaville....
Random Facts...
  • Growing up I wasn't allowed to watch Rugrats.
  • Growing up I also thought I was chinese.... I'm not.
  • My Grandma did however let me watch it early in the morning when my parents were asleep during the summer. Grandma B always the rebel.
  • I work along side my Dad every summer which is both super cool and uncomfortable, he is a lifeguard where I tag and can put a big target over my head which says don't try to even talk to my daughter. It's grand.
  • I have an obsession with dresses and peter pan collars, I will gravitate towards anything with that collar.
  • My favorite movies include: Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events, Grease, and I really really love Sugar and Spice.
  • Growing up I thought I was going to be an english teacher, I also thought I would be married by the time I was 22. I have a little over four months til my deadline... come on boys.
  • I didn't have my first kiss til I was twenty years old.
  • I was once sent to the Princple's office by an evil Government teacher because she thought I was out of dress code. (We also wore uniforms) The Principle said I looked like a prime example of what the kids should be looking that. Ha take that teacher.
  • I was a cheerleader for two years, played basketball for one, and played soccer for a... day.
  • I left all that behind when I discovered my true love for theatre.
  • Blasts from the pasts:
Our timing and skill for family photos is unreal. If this doesn't scream photogenic, I don't know what will.

Princess since age six.
Thriving pure thriving going on.
Having to keep an eye on my little sister since '00.  

Was this all just an excuse to show everyone how photogenic The Broomell family is?

You got it.

December 10, 2014

A Letter To My Best Friend That Was

Dear Best Friend,

It all started when a high school classmate got engaged. Sure people our age are getting engaged all the time, even our good friends. But this one struck me... differently, I mean there she was newly engaged surrounded by her family and friends. I couldn't help but then ask myself if I got engaged tomorrow and he decided to round up my friends and family... Would you even be considered?

We always used to joke you'd live in my basement and do my hair and makeup everyday so my husband would never see me "ugly." I knew without a doubt that you'd be the one who did my makeup when the special day arrived. Never a doubt, and yet here I am... doubting. 

I'd want to tell you right away the good news, not have you find out through Instagram or Facebook. Would you even want to know though, by the time the day I always dreamed about came around... Would you even care? I know you'd pop into my head as someone I would want to tell. I also know at the same time it would be pure agony, there I would be staring at the text wondering if I should even push send. 

It's the big things: the big life events and holidays where you realize something missing. Even worse than that, it's the silence. Even when we talk... there it is again, silence... in between the lines and you can tell something just isn't right. 

I actually am dreading New Years, flinching as hear of galentines on Parks and Recreation, and I am practically sobbing when I think of my birthday. Remember last New Years Eve? You were twenty one and I was twenty, I felt so bad because I kept holding you back from really celebrating because we couldn't really go anywhere. I remember thinking how I'd make it up to you this year.

It scares me, the idea of my birthday. Birthdays are when it becomes official, that's when you know. Is it just a impersonal post on Facebook, a tiny bit more heartfelt "happy birthday!" text to my phone, will it be like all this distance between us never existed and I will be showered with instagram pictures and texts and snapchats, or what I fear the most... will it be... nothing. 

Who would have thought that me going away for the summer, like I always did... would lead to a friendship just disappearing. I know you've missed some big events in my life and it pains me to know I most likely have missed a ton for you too....

As I looked at the news of that proposal I cried because we are at that age. The age where everything changes: people get married, people have kids, and sometimes your lifelong friends.... aren't lifelong.

When that day arrives I have no clue if you'll be one of the people I text. If my fiancé to be chooses to have friends and family at the proposal ... who knows if you'll be there.

do know you'll cross my mind. I probably will even shed a few tears on the fact life got so in the way. I hope life is treating you well, by the looks of social media it is... but who can really trust that. I hope that I will cross your mind too, I hope it's not nearly as bittersweet or sad but I hope I do. 

Your Best Friend

December 9, 2014

Forever 21 New Years Eve

Guys. Guys. Guys. The forever 21, sparkles, and girly clothing lover in me is screaming and jumping for joy right now. Imagine as I am just checking my email (sometimes such a mundane activity) and there I get the announcement of their adorable one stop click to all the New Year's Eve appropriate attire. I gathered six of my personal favorites but don't stop there... check them out yourself.

*Sequined Halter Dress: Ummm helloooo anything shiny and with the option of berry (they also have champagne and gold) is going to catch my eye. I personally have a love hate relationship with my arms so I'd probably head straight for something to cover them up and this dress provides the versatility to be able to pull that off.

*Sequined Shift Dress: Sparkles. Shifts. My two currently new favorite things. (Seen in Nude/Silver cuz i'm obsessed but it also comes in black/silver) If I am going to be really honest, her makeup also makes me want to wear this dress just to also try out the makeup haha. 

*Chevron Sequined Dress: I have a true love affair with chevron it's a favorite, so obvi... so is this dress. I will be honest, I wish it was longer tho. It's probably the one I would most likely go to if I was shopping at the moment but I know it would end up back on the rack cuz of the height. Sighhhhh Bigger may be better but in most cases, so is length with forever 21 dresses...

*Sequined Tulle Tea Dress: Ummm tulle, pink, not strapless... this is most likely the one I would walk right out of the store with at the end of the day. I loveeee pink clothes but surprisingly enough most of my wardrobe is black, so this would be the perfect addition to my lovely walk in closet. 

*Fringe Overlay Cami Dress: For the flapper inside each of you. I'd totally take over the music, play Taylor Swift's Shake It Off because let's be honest.... this is the perfect dress to dance to that song to. 

*Stud & Mesh Bodycon Dress: Everyone needs a good one shoulder dress option. Plus I am pretty obsessed with the back. 

Cheers to finding the shiniest little dress to welcome in 2015

December 7, 2014

We've All Been There

We've all been there. The butterflies, the getting nervous when his name pops up on your phone, the way they make you smile... that's right we're talking crushes.

Step One: The Meeting:
 photo tumblr_mn08dojs5U1r7ksqyo1_500-1.gif

  • Maybe you're sitting in starbucks and look over to see a plaid wearing god holding a coffee and a snowman cookie and you are completely intrigued. Maybe he's your waiter and between him bringing you fish tacos and the check you completely swoon. Then you end up running out of the restaurant after paying because you don't want to be in the same vicinity as him because you left your number. (Yes that's a real life experience)... 
  • We may be able to make our wish lists on wishbin but it would be a lot easier if you could also be like.... and him, I want him. Please and thanks. Okay now I sounds really creepy but if there could be twenty clones of Corey Cott or Jeremy Jordan or Channing Tatum... don't act like you wouldn't be interested.
  • It's that moment you just know and pray you have enough information (i.e. their name...) to move onto phase two....
Step Two: Internet Creepin:

 photo Tuesdayam.gif

  • If you recall I once posted about some great Facebook interactions of my own)... either your stalking your crush, a friends crush, or the next thing you know you're stalking some random stranger after stalking five other random strangers before them and when it started it was all sooo innocent. 
  • Then the worst comes and you accidentally request like five random people, while accidentally making your status that cute guys name and everyone now knows you're in love with that hot football player. That's never actually happened to me, but I bet it would. 
  • I am a little ashamed to say that fb stalking is my specialty, I can find almost anyone knowing very little about them.
  • Also in the year 2014... you have access to plenty. You can basically google anything, anyone, any place... and find more than enough info. You are just innocently googling this guy you met to make sure he isn't you know a serial killer and before you know it you've seen his old myspace, pictures of his neighbors dog, randomly all his best friends face books, and his address... the internet is a scary place.
Step Three: The Big Moments (that aren't so big)
  • You are lying if you didn't (at least as a child- not like I did this two weeks ago) identify with taking a flower in your little hand and ripping out the petals one by one saying "he loves me." "He loves me not." And doing it over and over til you got he loves me.
  • When you find out that you have something in common, I mean sure it's just that you both like the same restaurant on Facebook but whatevs... it's a sign.
  • When you finally work up that courage and talk to them. I once wrote a whole blog post on how that goes. (just swimmingly) My personal fav is when they talk to you and you're so shocked you just walk away. Saying nothing. (yep. personal experience.)
  • When the two of you finally hang out and it's adorable and awesome. You go home and happy cry all night long while singing "A Lovely Night" from Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella.... nope just me. I'm dramatic....

Step Four: Confessing Your Love

  • You think it will go like this: sitting in a boat telling the person of your dreams how gorgeous, funny, talented, adorable, and everything imaginable they are but you're actually just talking to....

that last piece of cake in the fridge. 

Moral of the story is we've all been there and in the end, all you actually need is cake. 

December 4, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Guyssssss Christmas is here and it causes for leaping, screaming, singing, and dancing. I am so excited for cookies, cake, hot chocolate, and christmas movies! Christmas time is a dream come true for me, I swear it's heaven on earth. And yessss we even have a gorgeous Starbucks ornament for the coffee lover in me…. basic white girl extreme. 

December 3, 2014

November Favorites

Can you believe it's already December, I feel like just last week it was the fourth of July… time is going by sooo fast! Here are some of my favorites this past month….

Clothing Favorites:
Cascata Top: Anthropolgie (I also like this top)
"I NEED COFFEE" Sleep Shirt: PINK by Victoria's Secret (similar here)
Plaid Peter Pan Collar Dress: Forever 21

Jewelry Favorites:
"My Princess" Ring: Pandora
Bow Earrings: Forever 21 (I also like these)
Teardrop Statement Necklace: Forever 21

Beauty Favorites:
Eyeliner: Buxom
Buttergloss (Raspberry Tart & Eclair): NYX
Rejuvenating Shampoo: Macadamia Natural Oil
Color Correcting Primer: Smashbox
Noir Tease Spray: Victoria's Secret

Fun Fact: When I wore the Peter Pan Collar Dress this summer to a casino in AC this guy did a full 360 spin and then proceeded to say "Damn you look like a sexy ass school girl." So be prepared if you order that dress lol.

What were some of your go to favorites this month?? 

December 2, 2014

Holiday Guide for Her:$50-under

** See my review on the sea salt scrub here**

How fun is gift giving… seriously?? It just makes me smile and giggle thinking to myself about the smiles that these gifts can cause. Whats your favorite out of these gifts? 

December 1, 2014

A Room Of My Own

Going from the tiniest little apartment and sharing the smallest room with your thirteen year old sister to a room of your very own is a dream. I am in love with this little room of mine, when you finally find your sanctuary it's a beautiful thing.

Guys I have a walk in closet I am just beaming with joy the minute this room became mine. Just feels like a slice of heaven on earth guys, a true heaven on earth. And you may have noticed that I also have one of Taylor Swift's polaroid's up on my board right now too lol. (If you haven't checked out 1989 you seriously need to.)

bed: company isn't around anymore
bedding: pottery barn kids (it's a throwback lol) similar
decorative pillow: target (?)
pencil mug: tj maxx
snow globe: gift (from Disney World)
flower picture frame: lilly pulitzer
bow painting: hobby lobby
chevron corkboard: hobby lobby

Well you know what they say…. there's no place like home. 

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