November 25, 2014

From The Clearance Rack- Nasty Gal

**This is the first in a new series called From The Clearance Rack to the Shopping Cart, where I pick four items from the clearance or sale from a new brand each week**

Thanks to pinterest, you may remember me talking of my obsession here, I discovered the brand Nasty Gal. I am in love with their dresses, the minute I get my first beach tagging pay check you can bet I will be ordered plenty. Til then I am day dreaming my life away cruising the sale items. Here are four of my picks. 
I love the crazy pattern and pop of color. I am a firm believer that winter needs to be one of the times you bring out color. When everyone is grabbing for the hot chocolate and starting the fireplaces… adding a pop of color to an outfit can go a long way.
I love a good burgundy color, I also have an obsession with lace. It's dainty, adds a little femininity, and  adds a little something to a rather simple design. 
I am obsessed with huge sweaters, it's what I gravitate towards in stores but (sad to admit) never actually go home with. I love the charcoal color and free flowing design.
I have absolutely no clue but while online shopping recently I keep gravitating towards dresses just like this one. I also am a suck for some powdery pink in my wardrobe. Pair with tights, a floppy black hat, a sweater, and tights and you're ready to go. 

Take a look around nasty gal and leave a comment below your favorite pick. 
Happy Shopping… 

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