November 26, 2014

Winter Wednesday

November 25, 2014

From The Clearance Rack- Nasty Gal

**This is the first in a new series called From The Clearance Rack to the Shopping Cart, where I pick four items from the clearance or sale from a new brand each week**

Thanks to pinterest, you may remember me talking of my obsession here, I discovered the brand Nasty Gal. I am in love with their dresses, the minute I get my first beach tagging pay check you can bet I will be ordered plenty. Til then I am day dreaming my life away cruising the sale items. Here are four of my picks. 
I love the crazy pattern and pop of color. I am a firm believer that winter needs to be one of the times you bring out color. When everyone is grabbing for the hot chocolate and starting the fireplaces… adding a pop of color to an outfit can go a long way.
I love a good burgundy color, I also have an obsession with lace. It's dainty, adds a little femininity, and  adds a little something to a rather simple design. 
I am obsessed with huge sweaters, it's what I gravitate towards in stores but (sad to admit) never actually go home with. I love the charcoal color and free flowing design.
I have absolutely no clue but while online shopping recently I keep gravitating towards dresses just like this one. I also am a suck for some powdery pink in my wardrobe. Pair with tights, a floppy black hat, a sweater, and tights and you're ready to go. 

Take a look around nasty gal and leave a comment below your favorite pick. 
Happy Shopping… 

Nutella Strawberry Stuffed Calzone- RECIPE

Looking for the perfect desert dish to bring to the family, work related, or friend's holiday parties? Don't want to go with the classic cheesecake or pumpkin pie?? Well look no further…  

**inspired by the ahhhmazinnnn "Nutella Bella" at Carluccio's located in South Jersey**

You'll Need:
-Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust (or any
brand that you'd like)
-Whatever amount of Strawberries is
to your liking
-1/2 Cup of Powder Sugar
-1 Cup of Nutella or whatever you choose

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. While preheating, cut the strawberries. Unroll dough; place on cookie sheet. On one side of the dough, line with as much nutella to your liking then lay on top the cut Strawberries. Fold the half over synching all the corners like a pie crust. Bake between 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. 

I have a true obsession with nutella, ironically about two years ago I hated the stuff til I discovered nutella breakfast wraps. When visiting good friends over fall break we met at Carluccio's and they insisted on buying the Nutella Bella for us. I was hooked- I can't stop raving over this desert to this day and it's been about two years now. 

So began the process to recreate my new favorite desert. It's super good with or without strawberries.

What is your go to holiday desert recipe?? Have you ever fallen in love with an item on a restaurant and recreated it??

November 24, 2014

Saying Goodbye To The Summer Wardrobe

Today was one of those rare days, the beautiful kind where the sun warms up the earth when the past days have been cold and dreary… and the ever so often rain spell. Now I will admit, I love the cold… in the words of Elsa The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway…. But as I knew this was basically the only day to bring out my favorite francessca's sandal… it's time to issue in all the fun winter shoes and accessories. 
Below I share with you some of my favorites!! 

**My personal pick out of the nine is the Steve Madden boot**

**My personal pick out of the nine is the Fringed Houndstooth Scarf. More than my obsession with bows, I love Houndstooth.**

No matter your opinion on cold weather, at least we can still be stylish when we inevitably have to face it. 

November 21, 2014

Snazzy Little Fashions

Some of you may remember my obsession with Pinterest. Recently I am still constantly pinning my life away but I am all about my clothing board. You may also remember how my fashion obsession helped me grab some franlove. Inspired by my constant day dreams of what my closet could be and my obsession with pinterest… I present some fashion I have been pining over for days. 

 One: Where I grew up and went to college at was nicknamed "Drenchburg" I am no stranger to rainy days over and over. With that though came an obsession for umbrellas obvi.

Two: I love collars on dresses. I think they add a certain daintiness that I love to add to my wardrobe. I can already imagine it in my closet. (Did I mention that my new house includes a  walk in. Guys, I am in heaven. This room def beats all.)

Three: What's better than a staple dress with a bow? A sale! I often times forget about the LC collection at Kohl's and guysss I can't do this anymore. It's such an understated adorable line.  I can't lie… I expect this under the christmas tree christmas morning. 

Four: My biggest mascara problem, ruining my eyeshadow with one accidental mascara mark at the top of my eyelid. 

Five: Between moving from dorms, to a house I shared with a group of girls, to the Jersey house in the summer… I have lost tons of earrings. My trademark were basically the endless supply of bow earrings I owned, which really are no more. Plus these earrings are also on sale!

Six: I am drawn to plaid and peter pan collars, it's sooo true. I tend to gravitate towards anything with a Peter Pan collar, this dress is not an exception. It's extremely Rachel Berry-esque (I love season one Rachel.) Last time I did wear a dress similar to this out in public, I did get told I looked like a "sexy ass school girl" so tread lightly….

If you like to follow my progression with this problem feel free to follow here.

November 11, 2014


  • Today is being thankful for all the men and women who proudly serve to keep us all safe. Who sacrificially serve our country asking for nothing in return but allowing us the freedom to sit in our homes blogging of such things are life, beauty, and fashion. They are one of the true role models in this world. 
  • Today is for blasting Taylor Swift's 1989 as loud as it goes and listening to it on a loop.
  • Today is for trying that lipgloss with a makeup look you typically wouldn't do to see if you like it. 
  • Today is for watching The Princess Diaries with a huge bowl of popcorn and your favorite soda.
  • Today is for long talks on the phone with missed loved ones.
  • Today is for changing the whole layout, contact, and about me page of LookBrooke.
  • Today is for dreaming up a plan for this blog and the future. Exciting things are in development (!!!) but with all good things takes patience, diligence, and focus. 
  • Today is for trying out that makeup primer that you just aren't sure you love yet.
  • Today is for lingering on that delightful cup of coffee.
  • Today is for using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Today is for pinning all day long: wishing, hoping, and longing that your clothing board was actually your closet.
  • Today is for journaling. Keeping up with the old, adding in the new, and making sure you never take those blessing for granted. 
  • Today is for eating that ice-cream bar, you deserve it.

What is your today for?

November 9, 2014

Currently: November

*This is a link up with the wonderful Anne and Jenna*
reading: She Reads Truth. I had been looking for a devotional that takes you on a true journey, one that brought me closer to God and closure to feeling like the joyful person I had always seemed to be. This is the devotional for that, I can't wait to follow along to more of their plans. 

wishlisting: Winter drives me clothes crazy. If I could just have a whole new wardrobe each winter, my little girly heart would be so satisfied. Here are some recent pins that I wish were in my life currently: This beautiful Anthropolgie "droplets dress." A reason I have been so MIA lately is because we had been moving to a new home here in our little Virginia and setting up a new room to call my own is exciting, stressful, and drives my creative mind c-r-a-z-yyyy. I desperately want this precious tassel garland above my bed. Boot socks, boots socks, boooootttt sockkkkkssss give me all. 

loving: I live for fall weather, next month I'll be even happier… cold weather is practically my bff. I am also bringing back out the peppermint mocha creamer and falling back in love with that morning cup of coffee and a good journal session. Also for the past two months since leaving Jersey and going home my family had moved to an apartment closer to their work and we were allllll on top of each other… now our house is so huge I barely see them. I love it hahah.

appreciating: My family, it's been nice being home. I haven't truly been with my family for three years since I started college and they left our home to be closer to their work. Life may be confusing but it's joyous lately.

creating: Frozen cupcakes. Breaking in the new kitchen by baking princess themed baked goods… yes please.

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