September 15, 2014

Unpopular Mondays: Basics

Welcome to a new Monday tradition, Contrary to Popular Opinion. Here I will be sharing some of my views on some popular opinions from popular stores, restaurants, down to of course some beauty products. Let's get this first Monday rolling….

  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes: I know, I know if I go into Starbucks right now and I don't get a PSL am I still even considered white? Contrary to popular opinion, I think it tastes kinda like bland and gross. I'll leave my need for pumpkin through my love of Cinderella or the Pumpkin Spiced scented candles but I will leave the lattes for the rest of you. 
  2. Pants: Okay before you think I go running around in my underwear and you hit that pretty red ex at the top of the screen, I am kinda kidding with this one. I mean I really don't like pants, I kind of hate them and avoid wearing them as much as possible. Pants and shorts are different in my mind, so this pants call out really goes for winter. I am a much happier person (and probably means my laundry has been done recently) if you see me in a cute little dress with tights and booties versus me in pants when it's cold. Pants just aren't my friend…
  3. Monograms: I like a good, nice monogram as much as the next person but when you monogram everything you own it's a tad bit obsessive and I think can ruin some cute things. Simplicity sometimes is the most beautiful after all. My future husband to be better not be proposing to me with a monogramed Marley Lilly ring is all I can say about that. Though I wouldn't mind a cute simple monogramed bow…. 
  4. Coke (the Unmexican Kind): I am a die hard Pepsi fan, which is weird coming from a family of Coke addicts (the soda). If it's not in a glass bottle made with real sugar, I am just not about it. And people who say there isn't a taste difference…. oh there is. 
What are some of your unpopular beliefs??? Let's share!!

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