September 25, 2014

That Time I Left My Number...

It's time for another embarrassing Brooke tries to talk to boys story. So settle back get out that popcorn or better yet that Olivia Pope sized glass of wine (SCANDAL RETURNS TONIGHT WHAT WHAT) and let's enjoy the ride. 

So let's take this all the way back to July 11th, it was my first real day with Bri and Caleb who came all the way to Jersey to visit me. I for some completely unknown reason really wanted to go to this one restaurant in Atlantic City so I pressed going. Low and behold we get seated and our waiter is charming and funny.

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I lean over to Bri and tell her that our waiter is kinda cute. She gives me a look, "Brooke don't you think you better make sure this one isn't gay." Fine, Fine so my track record had been either really super awkward around boys and pining after the unattainable… or simultaneously doing both. So that got the ball rolling and I decided Caleb needed to leave his number. So after long talks and Caleb being afraid our waiter was going to stalk him….  the three of us decided we would all leave our numbers and see who he would text. I'm going to be completely honest, the thought that ran through my brain was that he totally was going to text Caleb…. that's just how my life works. 

So we get our checks and I remember making intense eye contact with said waiter and once he's out of sight we all start leaving our numbers and I included a heart and a wink face… classy. So we start to get up and well he was waiting right freaking there by the huge pole and I am not joking practically ran to our checks as we left. So I did what came natural as a defense to sticky situations- I ran out of the restaurant. I literally ran. 

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As we walk through the actual casino having a conversation about how horrible it would have been had we left our credit cards… I was freaking out at the realization of what I had just done. I loved that restaurant and naturally they would never see the waiter again but I would. I went there all the time, with my family too. As I keep freaking out in my head I realize I am only holding my phone and wallet… my purse is no where to be seen. Guys… I had totally left it at the restaurant on my chair. So commences the water works, I'm mortified- I can't go back in there. Meanwhile on lookers probably  think I'm drunk seeing as I'm crying that hard. 

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Luckily enough Bri is such a good friend she went into the restaurant for me. While all this is going on I finally look down at my phone to realize a random number texted me. 
I was way too happy in this moment, I admit. But I wasn't in the clear yet… I had to make sure he didn't also text Caleb. So after we get my purse back and we finally head to Caleb (who is currently hiding) I find out… The coast is clear! He didn't text him. 

 photo Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif-1.gif

And voila we spent the rest of the night talking.

*** I would also like to put in the disclaimer that this whole night I was not drunk. I told my friend this story and she responded "hahaha the things we do when we're drunk." No, no alcohol involved here… just a drunk personality. 

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  1. This is such a funny story! Congratulations on being the one he texted haha!



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