September 19, 2014


Those of you who have followed me for a while and who know me well you know I love Francesca's
They just recently started what I think is the most ingenious way to spread lovers like me's opinions and reward those who are long time loyal costumers of their store. With the new system, #franlove and let me tell you all other stores need to take notice because this is how you spread word while rewarding those who have helped and getting rewards yourself. 

The basis of #franlove is when someone tweets showing their love and support of francessca's usually their twitter will respond with a cute message stating thanks for the franlove DM with your address and size for a special surprise! Like the good old giveaways, this revolutionizes the way stores can use twitter as an advertisement method. 

So imagine my super joy and surprise to have my day made twice in the span of one week! 

If you have ever been to Francesca's you will know that this tweet is nothing but truth, my first experience was in Atlantic City at Tropicana's The Quarter with my best friend. I (no exaggeration) about cried at the sight of all the beautiful clothes and necklaces… I haven't had a single fall, winter, spring, summer wardrobe without all the major pieces coming from Francessca's. So imagine my surprise as I go out to do the laundry and there sitting on my porch is a pretty little package from Francessca's. They sent me a fall sweater, and it's so comfy and absolutely lovely. It's warm and not super fitting like some sweaters are made today, it's just a perfect addition for your fall wardrobe.

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