June 18, 2014


I have actually been twenty one for almost two months now, but with twenty one being such a right of passage I figured I needed to write something. 

I thought I'd post a little of what I have learned these twenty one years of being alive. :)

  • Not everyone will be your friend... and that is A-Okay. I don't want to be super popular or anything but I don't like being disliked. But inevitably it's taken this long to realize but you can't control anyone's opinion and someones bad opinion doesn't make your worth any less. 
  • When you are sixteen men don't magically line up outside your house wanting to date you. Now I won't lie... I expected this my sixteenth birthday ever since I was a little girl. A family rule in our house is that we can't date until we reach sixteen so naturally I expected a parade of men as a birthday present when I woke up vouching for my heart. I maybe may still expect this every birthday.
  • Life's too short... buy the purse. I am way too obsessed with purses, it broke my heart to get rid of some old target purses and my old love.. Dooney & Bourke's the other day while cleaning out the closet. Purses make me smile and I have never regretted spending my paychecks on a cute Michael Kors and then wearing it to the simplest of things such as grocery shopping.  Well because Marilyn Monroe may think diamonds are a girls best friend, but I happen to think it's a purse. 
  • Becoming twenty-one doesn't make you magically more mature. There are plenty of mistakes to be made, and if anything turning twenty-one made me just feel like I was twelve. Like trying to even read a drink menu makes my head spin haha. I still prefer my Shirley Temple please. 
  • Friendship is the best gift the world has to offer. The amount of phone calls, skype dates, and text messages I have saved are just proof of this truth, so many life rocker things happened and I wouldn't have survived the pressure and disappointment without the constant support of my friends. Not only realize your friends are a blessing, realize the blessing you can be in the form of being a friend. Learn from your friends, be the friend they are to you... return the favor. (Use that last piece of advice for positive use not negative.) 
  • Live everyday like your birthday. Okay maybe don't eat cake every day and expect people to buy you gifts daily but do have the confidence you have on your birthday. Every person feels like a princess (or prince) on their birthday and I will tell you I feel on top of the world on my birthday. Let life be your celebration and party. 

What are your most memorable birthday experiences? 

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  1. So beautiful! And so much wisdom. I hope 21 is the best year yet!

  2. Great post! I agree, friendship is the best gift and family. Xoxo


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