June 15, 2014

The Magnificent Papa Broom

I remember being read to every night, my poor Dad probably read to me all day long in actuality... I never got enough and while we went through days that he chose and I chose... you could rely on me choosing the same two. The same two that are my favorite to this day, but he never once complained.

Poor guy also was out numbered with girls, never any sons and to top it all off his first born could not do any of his favorite things... swim, bike, or probably even run to save her life. During a zombie apocalypse, I am first to go... start betting now. He got a Disney Princess wannabe whose idea of a good time was sitting watching Beauty and The Beast and Mary Poppins so much she could pretend she was every character... but again he never minded. 

I've seen him inspire those around him when he runs past the young twenty some lifeguards. In the words of my little sister, my dad is "turbo daddy." I remember being young and spending the day on the beach sitting in his stand and I saw him rush out in the ocean and save a little boy. It's one of my favorite memories, seeing all the people cheer him on and tell me how amazing my father was. He isn't just a hero for putting up with me, loving me unconditionally through all my mistakes and meltdowns, no... he's a real hero who saves peoples lives not only on the beach every summer but in school and coaching making sure he impacts every kid that comes his way.

Now this summer along with saving life's he will is going to be pursuing his life long dream of being able to sail around the world. I couldn't ask for a better role model in life then one who actively pursues God daily, chases his dreams, and loves his family more than anything. He has raised the bar high for any man that comes into my life, as it should be. 

Thanks for always inspiring me Papa Broom, I wouldn't want any Dad but you. 

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