June 10, 2014

Taking Stock

*Post inspired by Impeccably Kaili's Post*

Making :  plans for august: I grabbed tickets to a beach concert and grabbed a good friend... now for the rest of the planning.
Cooking : does this even count?... but I really am considering walking in the rain just to buy ingredients to make red lobster's cheddar bay biscuits... I have a problem.
Drinking : Lipton peach tea, just as good as Snapple! *cue happy dance*
Reading: God's Grace For The Good Girl... so amazing!
Wanting: A pink bathing suit hahaha
Looking: For excitement
Playing: with new makeup ideas and a joint blog idea!
Wasting: good valuable alone time with just singing all the time and not being quiet
Sewing: I wish!
Wishing: I was on my way to France like a friend of mine
Enjoying: Andy Mientus tweeted to me... *cue insane happy dance*
Waiting: to make the big move!
Liking: I can't get enough to Newsies, I found my dream role. 
Wondering: What God has in store for me in FL
Loving: New Opportunities (amen Kaili, I am stealing this answer too!)
Hoping: To pick up Les Miserables and read the novel this summer
Marvelling: And Stephen Sondheim's every challenging and beautiful melodies. Into The Woods and Merrily We Roll Along are my jams.
Needing: the beach!
Smelling: My self tanner, it actually smells very tropical! 
Wearing: My beach tag uniform soffees haha and a tank top I got for sale at Old Navy this week! 
Following: Meg and Lex! If you aren't, you really should. They're helpful, adorable, and addictive! haha
Noticing: God's blessings are overflowing even during the down times
Knowing: Advice and inspiration can come in the weirdest and yet simplest ways. Cling to them when you find them. 
Thinking: about my raspberries in the fridge hahah... they're like my new candy
Feeling: like curling up with a candle, a blanket, and a good book.
Bookmarking: new recipes to try!
Opening: target.com to find some bathing suits :) 
Giggling: at my friends reaction to Andy Mientus tweeting me haha....

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  1. Ahhhh all your answers were so cute. Hoping to hear more about your move too. Now you have me craving iced tea and cheddar biscuits.


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