June 7, 2014

Pinterest Dreams

I am the words biggest fan of pinterest, it's sad I am addicted. Some of you check your facebook once you wake, I pin... I know, I know I have a problem. 

  • One: My life motto right now is add the avocado on everything. So I jumped when I say this recipe... that I am in some much needed help on the creative meals side. Pita's also are the love of my life.
  • Two: With the apartment searching there also comes apartment planning, which brings out my needs for bar carts and coffee carts. I am a huge fan of coffee and tea and this cute coffee cart is exactly what I need in our soon to be little Florida apartment kitchen. 
  • Three: Again when it comes to coffee I don't kid around, I am obsessed. Which is why two of my pinterest dreams include coffee themed items... Coffee Addicts Anonymous anyone? But seriously how cute is that sign, it's a must have!
  • Four: I really want to ombre my hair for the summer. I keep seeing photos of ombre hair and I die a little each time. I am still trying to make the decision on to do or not do. 
  • Five: You know the rules your office isn't a real office unless you have one of these garlands. 
  • Six: Add avocado on everything.

If you like to follow my progression with this problem feel free to follow here.

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  1. Do you watch Gilmore Girls? Your coffee addiction reminds me of Lorelai :)
    I'm obsessed with kitchen carts. so cute. And avocado. hahaa.


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