June 18, 2014


I have actually been twenty one for almost two months now, but with twenty one being such a right of passage I figured I needed to write something. 

I thought I'd post a little of what I have learned these twenty one years of being alive. :)

  • Not everyone will be your friend... and that is A-Okay. I don't want to be super popular or anything but I don't like being disliked. But inevitably it's taken this long to realize but you can't control anyone's opinion and someones bad opinion doesn't make your worth any less. 
  • When you are sixteen men don't magically line up outside your house wanting to date you. Now I won't lie... I expected this my sixteenth birthday ever since I was a little girl. A family rule in our house is that we can't date until we reach sixteen so naturally I expected a parade of men as a birthday present when I woke up vouching for my heart. I maybe may still expect this every birthday.
  • Life's too short... buy the purse. I am way too obsessed with purses, it broke my heart to get rid of some old target purses and my old love.. Dooney & Bourke's the other day while cleaning out the closet. Purses make me smile and I have never regretted spending my paychecks on a cute Michael Kors and then wearing it to the simplest of things such as grocery shopping.  Well because Marilyn Monroe may think diamonds are a girls best friend, but I happen to think it's a purse. 
  • Becoming twenty-one doesn't make you magically more mature. There are plenty of mistakes to be made, and if anything turning twenty-one made me just feel like I was twelve. Like trying to even read a drink menu makes my head spin haha. I still prefer my Shirley Temple please. 
  • Friendship is the best gift the world has to offer. The amount of phone calls, skype dates, and text messages I have saved are just proof of this truth, so many life rocker things happened and I wouldn't have survived the pressure and disappointment without the constant support of my friends. Not only realize your friends are a blessing, realize the blessing you can be in the form of being a friend. Learn from your friends, be the friend they are to you... return the favor. (Use that last piece of advice for positive use not negative.) 
  • Live everyday like your birthday. Okay maybe don't eat cake every day and expect people to buy you gifts daily but do have the confidence you have on your birthday. Every person feels like a princess (or prince) on their birthday and I will tell you I feel on top of the world on my birthday. Let life be your celebration and party. 

What are your most memorable birthday experiences? 

June 16, 2014

Summer Favorites: Lipsticks and Lipgloss

Let's call this this week's Sunday Favorites since Sunday was dedicated to dear old Dad.

I may have a little pink overload problem but as I am learning it really is the best color for me anyway.

What lip products are your must haves?

June 15, 2014

The Magnificent Papa Broom

I remember being read to every night, my poor Dad probably read to me all day long in actuality... I never got enough and while we went through days that he chose and I chose... you could rely on me choosing the same two. The same two that are my favorite to this day, but he never once complained.

Poor guy also was out numbered with girls, never any sons and to top it all off his first born could not do any of his favorite things... swim, bike, or probably even run to save her life. During a zombie apocalypse, I am first to go... start betting now. He got a Disney Princess wannabe whose idea of a good time was sitting watching Beauty and The Beast and Mary Poppins so much she could pretend she was every character... but again he never minded. 

I've seen him inspire those around him when he runs past the young twenty some lifeguards. In the words of my little sister, my dad is "turbo daddy." I remember being young and spending the day on the beach sitting in his stand and I saw him rush out in the ocean and save a little boy. It's one of my favorite memories, seeing all the people cheer him on and tell me how amazing my father was. He isn't just a hero for putting up with me, loving me unconditionally through all my mistakes and meltdowns, no... he's a real hero who saves peoples lives not only on the beach every summer but in school and coaching making sure he impacts every kid that comes his way.

Now this summer along with saving life's he will is going to be pursuing his life long dream of being able to sail around the world. I couldn't ask for a better role model in life then one who actively pursues God daily, chases his dreams, and loves his family more than anything. He has raised the bar high for any man that comes into my life, as it should be. 

Thanks for always inspiring me Papa Broom, I wouldn't want any Dad but you. 

June 10, 2014

Taking Stock

*Post inspired by Impeccably Kaili's Post*

Making :  plans for august: I grabbed tickets to a beach concert and grabbed a good friend... now for the rest of the planning.
Cooking : does this even count?... but I really am considering walking in the rain just to buy ingredients to make red lobster's cheddar bay biscuits... I have a problem.
Drinking : Lipton peach tea, just as good as Snapple! *cue happy dance*
Reading: God's Grace For The Good Girl... so amazing!
Wanting: A pink bathing suit hahaha
Looking: For excitement
Playing: with new makeup ideas and a joint blog idea!
Wasting: good valuable alone time with just singing all the time and not being quiet
Sewing: I wish!
Wishing: I was on my way to France like a friend of mine
Enjoying: Andy Mientus tweeted to me... *cue insane happy dance*
Waiting: to make the big move!
Liking: I can't get enough to Newsies, I found my dream role. 
Wondering: What God has in store for me in FL
Loving: New Opportunities (amen Kaili, I am stealing this answer too!)
Hoping: To pick up Les Miserables and read the novel this summer
Marvelling: And Stephen Sondheim's every challenging and beautiful melodies. Into The Woods and Merrily We Roll Along are my jams.
Needing: the beach!
Smelling: My self tanner, it actually smells very tropical! 
Wearing: My beach tag uniform soffees haha and a tank top I got for sale at Old Navy this week! 
Following: Meg and Lex! If you aren't, you really should. They're helpful, adorable, and addictive! haha
Noticing: God's blessings are overflowing even during the down times
Knowing: Advice and inspiration can come in the weirdest and yet simplest ways. Cling to them when you find them. 
Thinking: about my raspberries in the fridge hahah... they're like my new candy
Feeling: like curling up with a candle, a blanket, and a good book.
Bookmarking: new recipes to try!
Opening: target.com to find some bathing suits :) 
Giggling: at my friends reaction to Andy Mientus tweeting me haha....

June 7, 2014

Sunday Favorites

It's backkkk! Each sunday it's time to discuss my favorite beauty products. 

I decided to go with some staples I use basically everyday for the new revamping of Sunday Favorites. 

  • CoverGirl Last Blash Volume Mascara: I have probably used this mascara for at least two years, not straight but it's something I keep coming back to. I tend to like bigger brushes, which I know there are ones bigger, this just does the trick. I do typically curl my eyelashes along with mascara but I will probably swear to this one all my life.
  • Arbonne's Perfecting Liquid Foundation: Now while I know I do sell Arbonne products this is not a plug at all. I use to swear by makeup forever, I love their foundation and honestly never thought I would find anything close to it or that I would ever love as much. So when I got Arbonne foundation I didn't expect that much but I kid you not the first day I wore it, I had three different people at completely different times tell me how flawless my makeup was. It covered just as well and was just as smooth as make up forever, it isn't kidding around with the name perfecting. Gosh sorry for my rant....
  • Naked Palette 3: I am obsessed with pink, girly colors so this palette was made for me. The brush is to die for, it's two sided perfect for blending and angling. I can use this palette but yet still be able to change up my eyes everyday and try new combos and the possibilities honestly are endless as cliche as that phrase is. If you want solid makeup, splurge for the eye shadow... you won't have to think about eye shadow again for an extremely long time and the price pays itself when you get twelve new shades.
  • De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray: I chose to get the travel size, which is one ounce and is around fifteen dollars. I love my makeup and it seems like days I really need it to stay it ends up rubbing off or melting off depending on what I am doing before seeing people and since I live on an island in the summer setting spray is needed. The magic plus of this particular setting spray is it also is oil control. 
  • Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder: I have probably tried almost every powder available, I have never stuck with a powder until I met this one. I mean it's a cheap price, I grabbed it at walmart before heading to NYC a while ago and I am in love. Plenty of beauty guru's use it and it's just as good as Clinique or any other brand and over half the price.
  • NYX Butter Gloss: I saved the best for the last, if you know me you'll know that lipstick is my candy. No I don't actually eat it.... but it's something I have to have and crave often. Thanks to my newest blog find, Meg and Lex I have found out about NYX Butter Gloss. I rushed to ulta and picked up tiramisu and haven't put it down... I do my makeup when I am not going anywhere just to wear this stuff. Like it's that bad of an obsession and super pathetic but it's great gloss. Not cakey, not gross, just simple gloss that feel like butter hence the title haha. Five dollars for this tube of gloriousness... it's worth it.

If I could give you one piece of advice... get the Butter Gloss if not anything else from this list. Your lips will thank you. 

Pinterest Dreams

I am the words biggest fan of pinterest, it's sad I am addicted. Some of you check your facebook once you wake, I pin... I know, I know I have a problem. 

  • One: My life motto right now is add the avocado on everything. So I jumped when I say this recipe... that I am in some much needed help on the creative meals side. Pita's also are the love of my life.
  • Two: With the apartment searching there also comes apartment planning, which brings out my needs for bar carts and coffee carts. I am a huge fan of coffee and tea and this cute coffee cart is exactly what I need in our soon to be little Florida apartment kitchen. 
  • Three: Again when it comes to coffee I don't kid around, I am obsessed. Which is why two of my pinterest dreams include coffee themed items... Coffee Addicts Anonymous anyone? But seriously how cute is that sign, it's a must have!
  • Four: I really want to ombre my hair for the summer. I keep seeing photos of ombre hair and I die a little each time. I am still trying to make the decision on to do or not do. 
  • Five: You know the rules your office isn't a real office unless you have one of these garlands. 
  • Six: Add avocado on everything.

If you like to follow my progression with this problem feel free to follow here.
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