May 26, 2014

"We Gotta Sample The Goods" Bachelorette, Week Two

Nothing like beach, snowboarding, stripping, and the races.... and the casual drunk, The Bachelorette has it all.

  • Sooo where do I sign up for The Bachelorette?
  • I would be lucky if just one guy wanted a date with me... Andi is one lucky girl
  • "If I didn't think love could be found here, I wouldn't be here."
  • Some boy take me to the beach and fly kites with me and make sandcastles with me. 
  • So sad, I really would have routed for Eric.
  • BEACH AND SNOW. dying....
  • My soul sister is Andi... 
  • "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world." Now that's magic
  • "He looks hot doing it." And every girl relates to Andi
  •  Her date was better than the date with Juan Pablo, and I was in love with that date... 
  • Eric's story... WOW. 
  • He was an amazing man, his parents really must have been so proud.
  • Imagine picking out eight guys and making them strip for you... Andi is living out girls dreams
  • Still waiting to see what happens with Patrick and Andrew.... ;)
  • I have always wanted to make smores with a man.....
  • The easiest way to impress me is tap dancing right there in front of me.
  • Marcus is pretty precious
  • "Women love firemen.... their fantasy" Mine are chimney sweeps....
  • This date would not get me going. In fact I'd probably end up being turned off by all the guys
  • Add "for charity" and it changes everything
  • GUYS next week is the season premiere of Mistresses... so. excited.
  • Nothing like spray tans on boys....
  • KELLY. 
  • Who doesn't want Andi and Kelly to be their besties?
  • How long is this guy gonna talk about how hot Josh is? 
  • Helllloooo Patrick. 
  • Andrew is sad he missed that
  • "When I got on stage... honestly I just saw her and calmed myself." Now that is what I want.
  • I'd be pretty mad if my first date a guy took me to strip....
  • I've never been so happy for commercials. 
  • I already watched Magic Mike... and never wanted to relive it.
  • Craig needs to get. out.
  • I can't take the opera
  • Andi handled Craig VERY well
  • I give it to the guys and they're handling of stupid Craig.
  • The group date is all examples of what you don't ever want to happen to you on a date or what you don't want others to do on a date
  • I am really liking Marcus
  • I want a date to the races! 
  • Bowties are my weakness
  • Craig was born with beer as blood...?
  • Okay everyone is tweeting about her obsession with "stop" but I seriously don't hear it...?
  • If only we could all have private concerts and helicopters on our first dates....
  • I've always wanted to be serenaded but a drunk I'm sorry and an opera singer is not what I would have in mind
  • If that's your looking good outfit... I'm sorry
  • I want Andi inspired makeup.. and tan
  • I can't tell if I am attracted to JJ
  • So glad Craig is gone but Opera guy.... really?
Cheers To Finding Love

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  1. I have never watched this show but everyone at work talks about it enough I feel like I haven't missed a thing.
    xx, Michelle

    1. For the longest time I never watched it but I got suckered in a year ago, and have never gone back!


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