May 19, 2014

"She Is Smiling"- The Bachelorette, Week One

Real Talk: If you don't love Andi, we can't be friends...

  • My thoughts are with Eric's family and friends, just looking over the guys he was my first pick. 
  • Seriously Andi is so adorable, her happiness and over all perkiness... so precious.
  • I am such a romantic at heart that I'd probably through it all away for love too... but twenty five guys arent fighting for my attention....
  • I need Andi's wardrobe
  • I am so glad she went with the other dress because that dress is gorgeous. 
  • I can relate to Andi... i too have said "wow" out loud when a guy has walked out in front of me.
  • The first meets always remind me of speed dating.
  • Aww I kinda like JJ.
  • Wedding planner is a wedding planner for a reason.... adorable.
  • I want a guy to teach me how to surf!
  • Jason reminds me of that guy on glee... socially awkward and a big mouth.
  • "She is smiling." what a compliment
  • Aww I like Dylan
  • Soccer is still my witness... hello Patrick.
  • I don't know if I have been watching too much Mad Men but Emil kind of resembles Jon Hamm a little
  • Every episode, I consider going on the bachelor.... I really do
  • I want to be serenaded... with Tarzan
  • "She looks like a bride!" I am sure the guy that got told to say that felt like an idiot.
  • So muchhhhh long hair
  • Aww my heart flew when Eric came out... he really would have been my favorite
  • My feelings about sushi is just like Andi
  • "the love of my life right now is cookies." me too, me too.
  • bahah the black and white cookie... funny and those are my favorite cookies
  • Okay I take back my impression of JJ.... he reminds me of Bill Nye... that's creepy
  • I want to go to South Africa in the jungles.... 
  • THEY'RE TALKING FRENCH. I only know how to say hello, bread, and.....undress lol
  • I love singers but I am never feeling opera singers
  • Patrick and Andrew are hitting it off with each other more than Andi...... they might have just found love.
  • I wish a guy would come out of no where and try for my heart..... intense.
  • Once as a kid I liked a guy that was in the FFA, so I feel ya Andi. I guess I could be into it too evidently.
  • Chris isn't your average farmer... helloooo.
  • Marcus was cuter when he walked out the limo.
  • I don't remember the guy that's getting the first impression rose lol.... ironic.
  • Aww but he is precious! But in a let me hug you, you are like the quirky side kick in my rom com
  • I hope she lets the Opera guy go, he gives me the creeps and it's not his singing....
  • Patrick didn't connect with Andi cuz he was too busy with Andrew.....
  • I watch too many soap operas and such but Bradley reminds me of the evil guys that show up and cause drama but that's unfair to his face.
  • I don't know that Andrew favors girls.... still skeptical.
  • If you don't follow Princess Problems on twitter you seriously should, she makes watching the show that much greater. 
  • I would have loved Josh and offered to be his wife if he hadn't went on his rant oh wow.

Cheers to the beginning of finding love Andi!

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