May 14, 2014

Products I Love: Summer 2014

I know with all the abundance of cold weather and strange snowstorms it does not seem right to start talking about summer... I mean helllloooo where is spring!? But with summer around the bend I had to do a post about some of mu summer essentials (don't worry the self tanner is only until summer really begins) 

1. Essie Essie Essie. I can't praise this nail polish enough. It's my go to polish not only for the color but the consistency and how well it stays on. It's a little expensive but oh so worth it. Once I went Essie, I just couldn't go back. My two top colors are ballet slippers (which for the summer I like more as an "accent" color because it tends to look super white and for summer- I want a little color. Then the other that is to die for is eternal optimist a simple pink that pops but isn't neon. Perfect, it gives a fun color but a more mature edge.

2. Baby Lips. I can't praise this chapstick enough. It gives you the edge of lipgloss but all the nutrients of chapstick. It's a summer go to. Whatever other chapstick your using.... put it down seriously and try this you won't regret it. Did I mention it's the only chapstick I have actually finished til the end!? I was so protective of knowing where it was at all times I never once lost it.

3. Jergens Natural Glow. Now before you bring out the pitchfork and the fire calm yourself down... I know, I know self tanner.... orange who wants that. I was super super skeptical but I promise this is the best self tanner possible out there and the price is just as magical. In the summer I work at the beach so a tan isn't that big of an issue and I think I speak for most girls when I say that a little glow makes me feel a whole lot prettier. I wanted that glow and seeing as work is a whole month and some days away I needed self tanner because tanning beds just aren't my medicine right now. I suggest the three days to glow lotion and then for your face this. I like the product and am happy with the turn out but I will say I don't think it's for everyone but that doesn't devalue the product. 

4. Skin Conditioning Oils. It's a smaller bottle so I recently haven't tried using it on my legs after I shave which let's be honest feels amazing (but I also shave with oils... but that's for a later post hehe) anyway I use this stuff on my hands and the result is amazing. I have smooth hands and arms that basically lead me to wanting to touch everyone with my hands.... good perk or bad perk all depends hahah. For my skin it feels like that long glass of water you need after a day in the sun or a exercising. We shouldn't deny our skin that water either. 

5. Crest 3D White Mouthwash. This might just be my favorite mouthwash, and while I like what they do I have never been a fan. The best part about this mouthwash isn't even the double dose of whitening power along with my whitening toothpaste, it's the fact it's alcohol burn free. That's always been the killer part of mouthwash for me the burn makes my eyes water, I feel sick after it, so basically I have to plan my whole schedule around my mouthwash so I know I have time to calm down after I take it and start to feel sick. Who needs that and who has the time!?!? My friend used this and on an effort to get my body healthier and a happier me.... I picked up some. I needed mouthwash and this one was calling my name and I can honestly say I haven't been happier since. The mouthwash now still has a bit of a kick to it but no burn. Amazing!

Well these are my summer essentials! Not to mention these things make for a perrrrfeccctttt gift! Leave a comment below if you'd be interesting in ordering something Arbonne (doesn't even have to be what is mentioned in this post) please leave a comment and I can get back to you right away! 

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