May 15, 2014

Let's Get Crafty: Candy Greeting Cards

I LOVE giving gifts but I think a real passion of mine is making gifts out of nothing like they're a scrapbook so when I needed an idea to give my dear friend after seeing him in Mary Poppins I knew I had to think on my toes. This crazy, thirteen year old just happens not to like chocolate so we had to find anything sweet. 

After weeks of trying to think of an idea the memories of candy card greeting cards came to my mind, and I decided to roll with it. For those of you not familiar with the idea it's basically cute sayings like I thought I would take you in a shopping spree and there you have sprees waiting for the person. A play on words with candy! 

We luckily had card board and decided to buy some cute scrapbooking paper and glue them to pieces of cardboard and write on them, and stick the candy to it. It's a fun way to show someone how much you care and I who doesn't want loads of free candy?

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