May 17, 2014


1. I took a stab at making my first batch of No Bake Cookies via this recipe. I substituted the milk with almond milk because that's all I had and it was pouring so a trip to the grocery store wasn't in the cards. I think i surely would have loved to become a baker in another life.

2.  For me summer has officially started so it's time to bring out the strawberry spinach salads and this makes me incredibly happy!

3. I have been filling my day with Mad Men: I know, I know it's taken me long enough. It is not a decision I regret clicking that first episode on Netflix.

4. This week I plan on doing some major cleaning and trying to read A Tale Of Two Cities. Oh and apartment searching, can't forget that biggie.

5. I forgot just how funny SNL can be, so catching up on that has been a laugh and more.

Hit and Misses of the week:
  • Hit: Yesterday was the last day of the Victoria Secret Swim Sale and I ordered myself a new bathing suit- beach here I come. 
  • Miss: Two days ago I started my shower and was visited by a hornet, don't worry it's Brooke: 1 Hornet: 0 but it took a can of hornet spray and suffocating the poor thing. 
  • Hit: I am already on season three of Mad Men. This could also be considered a hit as I currently have no life obviously.
  • Miss: I have been waiting patiently for my new Lilly dress to come in the mail, turns out my mother forgot to order it... all that patient frantic checking for nothing.
  • Hit: I am pretty sure my birthday wish came true.... :) 
  • Miss: My life is now consumed with two apps: candy crush saga and 2048. 

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