May 31, 2014

Coffee Date

Let's put down our favorite book, get out your pipping hot coffee and favorite creamer, and pull up a chair... let's chat.

God has been doing some amazing things lately. I love that phrase, I mean I am not just saying it because I love the phrase it's very true in my life but I love that we have the freedom of speech to proclaim it... at the same time I always think as I type out things, how would non believers view that phrase? Some might scoff, some might accuse, and some might just go about their business as long as I don't accuse theirs. Don't worry our coffee date isn't some huge religious debate or my real thoughts on religion... that's for another time. I just, life is grand.

I was in a dark place, feeling hopeless about life and I even kept getting these horrible reoccurring dreams that the head of my (once upon a time I could have said my) department is chewing me out and saying I will never be good enough to the point I wake up crying... but that is a thing of the past. 

The truth of the matter is in life we will face rejection and at some point you have to 1) suck it up and move on 2) realize that no one is the end all, be all and 3) Everyone faces rejection and just because they don't see your worth doesn't mean no one will.

Gosh it's like dating... just because some guy that's going to end up totally wrong for you doesn't want you... doesn't mean that really hot guy sitting over there won't want to be with you. My whole hearing was like a serious of three bad dates and in the end the guy just didn't want to date me but that doesn't mean I won't get married. 
Highlights of the Week:

  • Exactly three weeks from starting my beach tagging job. This girl is so excited.
  • Shopping trip tomorrow, shopping provokes the best feelings hahah.
  • My sister came and stayed with me for a week, it was one of the best bonding experiences.
  • My candle obsession is in full throttle... someone stop me.
  • I finally saw Walter Mitty, talk about a good movie!
Lowlights of the Week:
  • I am running out of netflix shows to watch, suggestions anyone?
  • Apartment hunting is driving me crazy.
  • Same with trying to find a job at an amusement park starting august. Prayers are appreciative, the waiting game is unavoidable but it's hard to put your whole self out there in a new state without a job first.

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  1. I'm in the apartment search too... Hang in there! If you haven't watched Mad Men or House of Cards on Netflix you should try them :)

    xo, Bekka
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    1. I just devoured Mad Men, I have heard great things about House of Cards, looks like that's next! :) Good luck with your apartment search!

  2. Oh man, I'm the queen of Netflix shows ;) Have you seen Parenthood, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black (the last two are inappropriate!)? I love all of those LOTS. I love your thoughts on life lately... it is easy to get caught up in the rejection without seeing the hope for the future. Thank you for that gentle reminder :) ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

    1. I love that God is doing great things in your life! That's great! Like Jenna above, I highly recommend Parenthood if you haven't watch that! It's my favorite show ever.
      About your reoccuring dreams/nightmares, are you still getting them or is that a thing from the past? I used to have them in college like every night for a year. It was a pretty bad time in my life, but with prayer I got through them. I'd love to pray for you if you are still experiencing them. Just let me know! And thanks so much for linking up with us, Brooke!

    2. I am currently about to press play on Parenthood as we speak! I am also so glad I can be a reminder, it's amazing the little blessings that can be found in a day. As well I would appreciate the prayer soo much! How sweet that we can come together like this!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Great post, so good to know that God is doing great things in your life, God is amazing! When we rest in him, He gives us the desires of our hearts. Happy Wednesday! :) Xoxo


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